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Korninon; The Expanse

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Northern Cunetio
Haru Embassy

Newly appointed ambassador to the North Korninon Protectorate (NKP for future reference), Sengar d'isto (Noble rank, equivalent of Major) Fasri'Nu Hallas stood upon the balcony of the suite, and looked over the construction of a more permanent border wall and the city on both sides. The banners of the Imperium draped across the front of the building, and upon flag poles alongside that of the NKP fluttering in the wind. A slow exhale of a reddish smoke, slow lean against one arm as he settled against a banister for a moment.

From his perch, he could see the newly made government offices of the nationalist party, a joint garrison and others. The two fleets would be docked within the Northern ports, ready for service should it be required. Which meant officers of the admiralty would be present, his coworkers really. He'd met both of those to be deployed here, charming fellows, though young. At least younger then him, he envied their rise, the navy really did have it easier he thought with another exhale.

Yet, he'd call upon them only in the most dire of situations. The peace here, it was to be held. Regardless of what others beyond thought of them, the Empress's words were divine mandate and having been sworn to her vision, he would fall upon the sword if need be. Still it was nice that his wife and daughter would be joining him here, it would make this a more bearable posting indeed.

Lights at the border switched on, and into the night did the engineers carry on, eventually the starry night sky wouldn't have to compete with the glare, he muttered, " just a bit more..", to no one in particular as a knock rapped against the frame of the balcony entry. A slow turn about, noting Yuta and Daya both waiting politely.

Come friends, what news do you bring? He spoke towards both, allowing either one to take the lead. It was Yuta who spoke. Ah sir, your wife and mine boarded a transport craft and will arrive with children in tow, in a day or so. It'll be nice to see them on a regular basis, I guess a perk for taking this deployment.

Daya chimed in; My wife will also be arriving, she was rather cross that I might be deployed here for years. Fasri chuckled a bit. Probably just wants to see you in an apron again Daya. I would be a fool to stand against her as well. She is right fierce. Rather face down a regiment of Tagmatine spear chucker's.

A bit of a quiet laugh from the woman before she continued as placing both palms to the balcony rail and relaxing a good bit. Danla is returning to Ulusk, she's been chosen as a Shield Maiden in Kaorin's service. This time Yuta laughed. Well that's only natural, tis her idol after all. But good for her, she's qualified for the position a few times now, just took a civil war to earn the approval of the right sorts now that the wrong sorts are dead.

Fasri took a drag upon his cigarette, pausing only to flip open the case and offer one to Yuta, who graciously took one while Daya politely declined as Fasri spoke. Most of the hardliners from the previous regime have been indeed removed, some turned at the last second seeing the change in the wind, we'll have to root them out eventually. In any case, different topic, have you met the naval and legionnaire officers to be stationed with us?

It was Yuta who replied first. I spent most of my day today with the imperial army legionnaires deployed here. The majority of them are building the border wall that starts here in this city and will go down the point of separation of the island between the NKP and those that allied themselves to the Seylosi and so forth. They are all fairly young as far as I could discern, but their officers are experienced, I would wager a great many of them were in the northern campaign.

Fasri grunted slightly as Yuta would continue. Those not building the border wall, checkpoints and security areas, are about the island with the NKP security forces erecting air defense vehicles about an airfield in the central valley area. At first I thought it would be a resupply point..but its to big.

Fasri nodded and pointed to a pile of dossiers under a paper weight. Its a joint military and civilian airbase in the works. There will be a deployment of land based HAD aerocraft eventually, as well as trainers for NKP pilots in the future. It will also host a training facility for NKP self defense forces, as they are to be equipped with modern equipment and armaments should there ever be an aggressive push from the South or anywhere else. 

There was another knock, this time at the entrance to the suite. A junior officer got up from a desk and opened it, standing to one side and pointing towards the balcony. Very shortly, new faces appeared to the collection of diplomatic officers present. 

Prata-Kahn's Yephira, Yarna and Garis, of equal standing from differing houses, and with the first two commanding a fleet that would remain stationed within the waters of North Kornino, while the last was in charge of the garrison imperial army legionnaire forces, stood at leisurely attention before noticing Fasri's dismissive gesture to act natural. He addressed his aides and directed attention to the three military officers. These are our counterparts. They who arrived with Vice-Admiral Tor'Van, and brought ships and troops to the island. 

It was Yephira that broke the ice that lingered after that. Kaorin warned me that you were carefree, you will find me a stern taskmaster to the admiralty. She gave an imperious gaze towards Fasri, one that made him wince a bit. That blasted woman, always giving him the troublesome ones! Worry not friend, while I would love to just drink wine and play the violin, we sit astride a powder keg. We must keep good relations with the south while maintaining security. He briefly caught Garis sighing in relief, and that of Yarna keeping to a prideful, proud stance. Warriors. The kind that could get them all killed for glory, just the sort of thing he had to manage to keep distracted.

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North Korinon
Cunetio City

It'd been about a week since the meet and greet of the other officers and staff assigned to the North Korinon territory. His wife had come, with their two children. His son was old enough to understand, but his daughter was still feeling defeated as all of her friends were back in Tavor.

So today was a bit of a father and daughter day, relaxing at a small coffee shoppe, where he was attempting to liven her mood up at the moment. My dear, I know this isnt what you desired, but do try to make the best of it, we will be here for a good long while. She huffed a bit and poked at the desert pastry upon the plate. I just don't know why you had to be deployed here, didn't the ministry have anyone else?

He chuckled a bit, pausing to take a sip of cappuccino before replying. Mm, perhaps, but my record despite behavior, speaks for itself. The admiralty and some of the house lords want someone they know I suppose. Besides, those boys in the city, they were getting far to close for my liking.

Father! Please! So embarrassing! Mother has been telling fibs again! She crossed her arms and pouted a bit so that he gently chastised and offered a smile. Now, now, don't be like that, you'll get wrinkles. Bit of a grin sliding into place as other patrons chuckled. Such instances were well known to fathers the wurld over. Mm...speaking of your mother..

Could feel the glare of Treika a mile away, so deadly. My dear, we saved you some tea and a seat. She replied; Of course you did husband, you do value your life. The woman settled down besides her daughter, fostering a smile, and appearing in a modest attire of pencil skirt and blouse. Has he been teasing you dear? Adamant response from their daughter; Yes Mother, terribly so! A soft laugh as she spoke; Ah, such a rogue. Projecting again dear, don't want her to elope into the night like us? His right brow shot up as she suggested the unthinkable. Gods woman, your family was a nightmare, I'd like to spare at least one of the children from that affair.

Rubbing bridge of nose a bit at the thought of his in-laws. At that moment his phone beeped, a text message from his adjutant Yuta. Ah, we'll be having a bit of company my darlings. Do play nice. He quickly typed a response and sure enough, a dark grey staff car rolled up and parked across the street from them. The tall and older Yuta slid from the drivers seat, with fellow staff officer Daya exiting the passenger seat. They both approached with a languid pace, probably adopted from her husband thought Treika. 

Before her husband could exchange pleasantries, she did so. Daya my dear, I saw your wife earlier, she is most forgiving it would seem of this deployment. A slight glance towards Yuta. Yours on the other hand, seems quite harsh of such. I wager you will have to sweeten her up with a gift or two dear. She could see Yuta wince and Daya lightly flush as the two offered polite bows of head before settling in at the table.

Daya replied. Oh he is in the dog house. He didn't tell her until a week ago that this was a long term assignment. Treika winced for Yuta, he apparently was gleaning to much of her husbands procrastination. 

Please ladies, let me suffer enough as it is. Yuta exclaimed before he politely changed the topic. Sir, there is news from the homeland and the admiralty. He slowly slid a teletype over and explained a bit as the contents were being read by Fasri. Anglian forces have forced capitulation of the SDC territories, officially, the Throne and the Council have said nothing, but word through the upper ranks is that many of the fleet-lords are approaching the Empress's advisor Kaorin and pledging support for military action, whatever she decides of divine will, to authorize.

Treika gently covered her mouth, the thought of their son who had come with was of legionnaire age, indeed he was an Imperial Academy cadet doing his tutorship and training with the newly arranged NK Protectorate Military Academy. Gods..she uttered then composed herself.

Daya seemed to agree as her superior merely acknowledged it with a slight hrmm sound. He spoke however after a time. We'll inform the Nationalist Party leaders, our counterparts, and continue on with our duties here. The Empress will make the right choice, we just have to watch. Also, should be interesting to see what the Tagmatine and the Seylosi..he gestured with a head movement towards the city-border wall as to them. Do over this.

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North Korninon, Verlucio Port
Luhtun (Condor), Fast Strike Carrier Class (FSCC)
1st Protectorate Defense Fleet

Prata-Khan Yarna stood upon the bridge of the Luhtun, and yet there wasn't much for him to do aboard the ship at the moment. They were docked within the port, and as said docks were built to handle high volume tenders, they had been reasonable able to accommodate the naval warships that had become apart of its day to day operations.

If anything, the Luhtun had become a central operations vessel in this berth, able to force project beyond patrolling via its cohort of VTOL aerocraft that it possessed, as well as the troop and logistical components it had deployed soon after tethering up. 

His direct counterpart of the infantry legions had arrived to sequester his aforementioned cohort of naval legionnaires in due order. Prata-Khan Garis had been taller then he had thought, and yet swarthy. He had the auburn hair of the Augustines, the Cussian-Haru mixed bloodline, and the grey-blue eyes that seemed to be the normal of such, angular cheeks, almost hawk like of nose and stern of gaze, the atypical mountain steppe native representation of Tiksi. A prominent mountain border city-state that did not advertise itself all that well, really only the @Tagmatium Rules border town of Kalamanon seemed to know much about it, which was odd. Especially since his own hometown of Belaya was near it and Prathen was south of it.

The former horse lords, raiders and pillage cavalry of the days of yore had become staunch unification leaders. Some would even say a powerbase to the council as the city was as old as Prathen was, and of cultural importance in the old days as Ulan-Ude had become now.

Amusing to a degree that he was a legionnaire officer then, although one of his subordinates mentioned he'd been a light armor vehicle commander, so perhaps his cavalry bloodline had been honored. A faint shrug however as said steppe native had duly relieved him of his onboard cohort and that of the transport tender's contents in short order.

Two-thousand-five hundred logistical, medical, legionnaires, and vehicle operators had thus been deployed. Most of which had left Verlucio for the highlands, either to participate in the airfield building, or to establish anti-air defenses to keep the territorial airspace of the NKP its own. Not that he believed the Seylosi would keep flying patrol aerocraft across the territory, but perhaps a warning tone by a SAM lock would keep someone else behaving properly. Realistically he just wanted to be in his quarters, playing the fiddle and relaxing with some tea.

And then there was Prata-Khan Yephira. Gods she was way to gung-ho about this assignment. Perhaps the rumors were true, she hoped to secure a high profile husband in the ruling imperial house via performing well. Which could explain why she was so highspeed, all the time! Even now she was commanding the 2nd Protectorate Defense Fleet on maneuvers about the island. Screening ships, sending aerial drone patrols and so forth. The fleet leave would be immense, NK tourist spots and bars would see a massive increase. 

He leaned back upon soles of feet and glanced towards his subordinates Tahor and Tahr. When Yephira's fleet comes back to dock, send word to the legionnaire securitas to keep them behaved here and in Durnovaria. They are going to be heated and needing comfort and soothing. I will do my best to keep Yephira occupied...gods help me.

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North Korinon 
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ
Office of Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas

Stared at the teletype and felt his shoulders sink after reading aloud its contents to Yuta, Daya and himself. It was Daya who let out the curse first. Fuuuuck. We are so f*cked if we dont get this right. I bet those naval officers are in some sort of living hell right now, they cant be happy right? Right Yuuutta, they cant be!?

Now, now Daya, compose yourself. Yuta managed to be the solid stone of the meeting. Fasri appeared to be waning and waxing in the briefest of light that spilled through a window. Eventually he squatted down, both hands to the sides of his head mumbling something about how it was all going to come down, his easy life and carefree days.

Ahem. Sir. Please stand up, our counterparts will be here soon. Fasri arose, and nodded his head a bit, still sore about the dreaded news. It was then that Prata-Khan Yephira arrived, nearly kicking open the door. Did you see!? Our divine source is coming, the Empress is coming here! My legions will be in parade dress, I shall white glove them until they beg for death! She glanced at the diplomatic officer. Why arent you out there, promoting her arrival!?

Just shook his right hand at her, almost dismissively and at this exact point, Garis and Yarna arrived. Garis looked dreadful, as if he had been up for hours, without any sleep. Yarna was a nervous wreck, his OCD gone into overdrive.

It was then that Fasri managed to climb out of whatever funk and asserted himself. Briefly. Comrades, we must come together, to show the Empress what a wonderful place the North is, have her meet dignitaries of the Protectorate's Assembly and of course, promote the security and safety of Her Divine Person at all times. Prata-Khan Yephira, under Naval Command Code 23-NUA-34/N/3/1-A, I am hereby placing your fleet on Securitas of the North Korninon sealanes and territorial waters. I have been given authority by the Naval Command, as well as that of the Imperial Throne itself. 

Furthermore, Prata-Khan Garis, you will first get some sleep man. Then, when rested, you shall deploy Legionnaire Securitas in full, at every point of inspection of the Empress's itinerary, as well as at all risk spots regardless. You will deploy all border securitas and activate island defense protocol Penastar. 

Prata-Khan Yarna, for the love of the sea man, lower your caffeine intake, rest a bit, and then as Garis, fully rested, you will work with the North Korinon media and security apparatus to protect the North's information services, as well as deploying territorial aerosapce defense units. You are authorized to deploy drones, yet do not make the lives of the citizens difficult. This goes for all of you. 

Siet Khan Yuta and Daya, you shall work with the NK Ministries of Peace, Prosperity and Tourism to arrange for a route that the Empress will take through the three cities. She has expressed interest in visiting a few notable Ahroman religious sites apparently, probably for her own personal love of architecture I have been told. In any case, we have a week until she arrives, carry out your orders.

And for all the gods of the sea, dont foul this up. If we do, they'll send us to the Argic research site, where the sea freezes and so does your blood. Dismissed!

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North Korinon
Verlucio Port

While North Korinon already had a sizable fleet presence, it became an overwhelming sight. House Elemmiire banners were hanging from buildings, attached to flagpoles, sharing space with the NKP emblem, fluttering in the breeze as NKP police officers and para-military were out in force, either in dress uniforms or patrol gear. Newly acquired hardware from the Haru on display, taking point as this was their home after all. 

In the shadows, just under the layer of this security were the Elemmiire commandos of the 1st Vanguard Regiment. Those assigned to the Imperial Throne as dedicated protection detail to the Empress and family. Not to mention, the already deployed and stationed naval legionnaires at the ready. 

Aerocraft tore across the sky, trailing coloured smoke contrails for both the Protectorate and that of the Imperium. Citizens lining the roads of Verlucio or watching from balconies, tiny flags waving as the open roofed vehicle carrying Empress Kira'Karn began to edge its way out of the port city, on its way towards the city of Durnovaria, and then eventually to that of Cunetio. 

Kira resided in the back of the sedan, and offered smiles and waves to the citizens. A slight nod of head as listening to her wife and newly crowned Vice-Empress Ayn Gende Elemmiire. Her dark eyed counterpart carried the complexion of a Zharrian heritage. She to offered waves as the entourage slithered about the streets as if a serpent. With a similar vehicle just behind them, the leaders of the NKP resided, and then it was other officials behind that, followed by security vehicles on both ends, in the lead and at the rear. 

A slow sigh as Kira studied the architecture and above all else, the endless blue sky. The weather of North Korninon was quite a bit more severe then the Northern Territories, sharing more in common with central steppes Imperium city-states, or even that of Ulusk in the Northern Territories A slightly nervous hold of Ayn's left hand as the show continued. Nervous? Ayn offered a slight smile as continuing to project calm. A bit. I'm told that the head of the diplomatic corps is a bit odd. More for his violins then for a sword. 

Well, it would be a nice change of pace from all the rest. We could use a bit more of that back home as well. Ayn continued her role of stabilizing her beloved, keeping her lover, the Empress focused, as she needed to be. 

This is a lovely country, I would imagine this place will reap ridiculous profits as a tourist trap. Such elicited a chuckle from Kira, a sign that she was back to normal. I hope so.

North Korinon
Cunetio City

Outside, standing before the SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval) HQ, the highest ranking of the island country of North Korinon, superseding the status of the naval commanders, Sengar d'Isto. Fasri'Nu Hallas stood with his gloved hands behind back, already missing the more relaxed pace of the previous weeks. The officers service dress hadn't changed since the Long War with Beautancus, wool uniform consisting of a double-breasted tunic with a round collar and matching trousers, a pair of black boots, a belt, and a kepi cap. 

Much like him, his adjutants of Yuta and Daya were equally outfitted. Where as the diplomatic corps, and traditionally the legionnaires of the various Houses wore all black versions of this, the naval officers were a different hue. As evidenced by the senior naval commanders present. Prata-Khan's Yephira, and Yarna wore a light blue version of their own. Prata-Khan Garis represented the Imperial standing legion, and thus his uniform was that of a khaki colour. 

Fortunately this greeting was not limited to just military or diplomatic corps. Their families were also present, Fasri's own wife was currently briefing that of Daya's and Yuta's. Children trying their best to be on good behavior, whilst the securitas legionnaires forces kept to their stations. A number of the NKP officers of the para-military and protectorate legionnaires were also present. 

Yuta approached and grumped as he spoke. I've been informed that the Empress and her entourage will be arriving in a bit. They are still a few kilometers away, seems the stopover in Durnovaria took longer then expected as the Empress and Vice-Empress visited a few historic sites and buildings important to the citizenry here. Hearts and minds I'd wager. 

I will be interested in seeing her reaction to the wall, I'd wager that in the coming months it will be torn down. Still there is the happenings back home that are worrisome. The southern border is being reinforced, the far southern regions are under occupation. 

Angelians. I don't recall them, but then, anywhere near the EOS is basically a place we don't involve ourselves in. Yuta rolled his shoulders a moment. Word through the halls is that Kaldana has asked for supplementary legions and equipment. If such is true, it will pass through here eventually.

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This is Mikale Alexandrios, Reporting live in Cunetio for NKTN (North Korinon Tele-News)

Thousands of people are expected to line the streets of downtown Cunetio Thursday to welcome the Empress Karn and Autokráteira Karn.

But they'll have to look fast. Empress Karn and her wife, Autokráteira Karn, will be in town for barely half a day and most of that time will be spent inside the Hotel Royale on Front Street.

If it's a nice day, we're expecting anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 people downtown, said Cunetio Police Inspector Andre Doran. That's a lot of people, so the securitas services are aiding us in keeping the peace.

The royal couple's visit, part of a four-day junket to North Korinon and the Kaldana colonial territories, will have the ruler of the Imperium conferring with local leadership. The best vantage point for anyone to see the Empress and Autokráteira, and take pictures will be along Front Street in downtown Cunetio and at Velstad Pavilion, where they will be welcomed by the local diplomatic ministry staff and their families. Security will be tight but those areas will be open to the public.

After their welcome at the Pavilion, the royal visitors will proceed towards the Royale Hotel once more. Some of the topics whispered has been the royal court's disapproval of the barrier barring NK from the South. Word has it that the legion military command authorized this without asking the court, and that the Empress will reverse this partially.

The Arrival

Sengar d'Isto. Fasri'Nu Hallas stood with that ever somber, near sour look. He was outside in the cold, collar up and yet the wind managed to sneak its way inside and cut as sharp as any blade to his ribs. 

As the entourage of escort vehicles and so forth pulled in, there was a news van in the distance and throngs of people, everywhere. The sound of cheering and so forth as the Empress emerged from her vehicle, offering waves and tossing trillium's towards the crowd before making way towards him. 

The dark haired Autokráteira locked eyes and offered a slight smirk, before slinking up to be beside that of Kira. He gave a rigid salute before speaking. Welcome to Cunetio Majesty. He gestured towards where the rest had taken shelter, in the bar area of the hotel amidst the river of securitas and NKP that had made a casual barricade about the hotel without turning it into a fortress. 

As he strolled beside the two most powerful people in his wurld, he spoke as they made it past the lobby doors, pausing only to remove his greatcoat. What do you think of North Korinon so far Majesty?

Kira shed herself of her own coat and proceeded to enjoy the respite from the cold within the Royale Hotel. Her attire modest and yet a bit of fashion to it, in keeping with the Imperium's take on such. A slight splay of right hand as she strolled towards the bar area, rather wishing to be free of the securitas and in a more casual environment. Its a lovely place, save for that eyesore wall the admirals have authorized. Consequently officer Hallas, you will begin removal of it. 

Autokráteira Karn spoke up then as if reading his mind. You will keep a light security fence up, but the heavy barrier is to be removed. Increasing checkpoint crossing points, and passports to be issued for those who wish to go across etc. We have already spoken with the ruling party and the prime minister of the NKP. 

It was a lot to take in, he could only imagine the teletypes that were going to come flooding in as he nodded and slowly waited until they took to a seated position before doing so himself. A tilt of head, and rubbed bridge of nose before speaking. My wife and the other families will be here shortly. Your order is heard Majesty, and shall be obeyed. 

The goddess of the sea never fails to throw obstacles. He could only imagine how the legionnaires who put it up were going to act now to tear it down. A pause some and then a bit more of a sensitive question. When can we expect troops to come through for Kaldana?

Kira having settled and a bit of wine made available, stared at the glass before speaking. Days, weeks at the latest. We are sending four legions of House Zun to Kaldana. 

Fas'ri blinked, and at that moment Yuta showed up with Daya in tow. It was Daya who broke the silence. Four legions? Forty thousand troops are going to the colony? Autokráteira Karn motioned for the others to settle in as she nestled in besides Kira and sighed a bit. Given the Anglian crisis in the southern Occidental, we are strengthening our territorial claims. And, eventually we shall expand the hold in the former Zharr expanse as well, may as well have a force present for such.

Daya nodded and looked wistful a moment. My wife is of the Zun House, her brothers are all in the house legions. Kira replied. Many of our kin will be sent, eventually the Buki Elghinn and Elemmiire minor houses of Vek, Ela, Hallas, and Risae will be given the chance to earn their honor. 

Ahem. Yuta cleared his throat. What of the Tagmatine, are we going to act as their force projection? Really? We may be allies but we've never been equals. Why help them?

Kira took a slight sip before she replied to the older man. I understand your concerns. I do. But, I would rather have at least one ally, then none at all. And the Occidental is their home as much as it is ours, we cant let an usurper swallow up our lands, our people, nor that of our allies. We must honor the pact my father made, for it is in blood spilt and spent. That is why we must be ready to act on behalf of the @Tagmatium RulesGHET, should the call be sent. 

My apologies your Majesty. Kira smiled. If none ask why, we may lose what makes us what we are. Always be ready to ask. If I've an answer, I will give it. 

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Royale Hotel

Kira glanced over at Fasri, his family as had others had joined during the gathering within the lobby of the hotel slash embassy. A bit of chit chat with his wife was entertaining before returning to the diplomatic staff and their leader for concerns.

Even as her own wife leaned over to whisper softly and hold a teletype of communications from the House Lords, the Council of Nine and others of high status of the Imperium. I have reached a comprise with the Legionary High Command. The wall will stay in the portions beyond Cunetio, but the city itself shall be spared such. She raised her right index finger as if to ward of Yuta and Fasri alike for but a moment more. You will maintain a light security border however, checkpoints at the border that has been created. The heavy defense border however will be removed. You may station troops as you so wish, while work continues to fortify the western and eastern approaches of North Korinon. 

A slight gesture to the naval officers waiting their turn, who had just arrived, become relaxed but only so. This comprise also extends to the naval forces, you will continue your work upon the ports, in both the defensive, offensive, and creation of our Adlantic entry submarine basing. 

Since North Korinon's main trade route heads through the Adlantic to Kaldana, it will bring us near Anglian areas of oversight and operation. The 1st KCIN will begin patrolling the commercial sea-lanes, and at a trade off point, the NKIN support fleets will take over. 

This will be to ensure safety of the lanes while the crisis of the Southern Occidental continues in whatever direction it does. Furthermore, an office of the Naval Command and Control will be established in the city of Durnovaria. 

Fasri listened of course, while both the Prata Khan's of the naval self-defense force fleets offered nods and so forth. It would stand to reason, or at least to him that it was probably going to be Yarna's fleet to be the first take over relief force. Yephira had already been tasked with the lighthouse and other areas of patrol.

Not to be left out, the legionary's highest ranking officer on the island, Prata Kahan Garis had been in the lobby for awhile now, and with collar unbuttoned, had relaxed quite a bit. Yuta had drifted over towards the younger man and they were both unwinding.

It was the Autokráteira that dragged his attention back once more. He should be relaxing, in the next few weeks, the legionary on the island will be reinforced by the newly formed NKSDF, as well as Buki Elghinn regulars and two engineering legions as he will be heading the military construction effort.

Fasri leaned back and sighed a bit, the poor lad was already in dire need of sleep on a regular basis, however Karn's next words brought him out of his dazed revelry. Your son, has been reassigned to Faide in the Zharr territories, he will be stationed with his platoon in the city itself. The council saw that your efforts have been highly positive, there is no need to see your son sent to the frontier forces at the border, though he did protest such.

Treika smiled a bit as she sat next to her husband. He is very much like his father in that regard, stubborn. He'll be the envy of his company, getting to stay in the city and flirting with all those dark eyed Zharrian girls. 

At this Karn laughed, leaning back a bit. True. The women of Faide are known to have a particular love of the hawk like features of mainlanders, something about the grey or light hair hue seems to just be a lure as the old wives always told us.

Fasri mumbled, his son was going to be knee deep in a different type of danger all its own. To youth, may it be our saving grace. He offered a toast and took a sip of his brandy at hand.

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North Korinon
Cunetio City
Royale Hotel

There was a chiming sound, and a young man stepped within, wearing as per usual an Imperial Navy gaberwool uniform consisting of a double-breasted tunic with a round collar and matching trousers, a pair of black boots, a belt, and a kepi cap. A series of three red, and three blue pips as befitting the rank of Prata-Khan. The trousers were flared in the hips and thighs, narrowing at the cuffs so they could be more easily tucked into her boots, of which he wore a pair of black, steel-toed knee boots with turn-down topside cuffs. 

A sigh of vexation slipping free from between lips as he headed towards the collection of high ranking officers, and of course the Empress and Autokráteira. He came to a stop, gave a brief salute and then slid gloved hands behind back. 

Majesties, we are behind schedule, your transport to 1st Grand Ranke Fleet under the command of Grand Admiral Tiyu Vasai Elemmiire. She awaits your presence as the fleet has moved in tandem with your progression upon Korinon, and is currently waiting just beyond the territorial waters of Cunetio. The fleet is currently broadcasting its IFF signal as we must pass the Seylosi horn of the island and so on.

Kira sighed a bit at the rather overly serious young man, but decided not to chastise the officer as duty was duty and while she thought it a bit to much, a slight realization that she inspired such by being outside of the protected powerbase of the Fatherland. She relented and offered a nod. Then by all means, report to the Grand Admiral that we will be rejoining her once more.

A slow stand, rising to her feet after smoothing her attire a bit and waiting for jacket to be returned. Her entourage also doing so, guards whispering into microphones as preparing to move. Tilt of head towards Fasri. Do keep up the good work, hopefully with a less intrusive border security apparatus, you will acquire Seylosi diplomatic ties. 

If not, at least the eyesore within the city shall be removed. A faint glance towards the head of her Securitas cohort who nodded back in return as she was helped back into the coat she wore earlier, as uniformed and plainclothes clad legionary led her out of the Royale Hotel to the waiting vehicles rolling forward to a pause.

The lead vehicle bearing the NKSDF emblem, sped towards the helio-port within reach of the city. The armored car on six wheels while not the fastest, was a force denial vehicle. As it slew slowly to one side, the other vehicles following in a slow curve. Doors opened, Securitas personnel spilling out and arraying themselves about the naval version of the HIA TR-02 Aykma (Eagle) VTOL.

Kira and Ayn headed up the metal steps towards the helio-pad, towards the boarding ramp as the sliding door was yanked open. Two light grey clad pilots helped the Empress and Autokráteira, alongst with a few other members of service before the doors were locked shut again. About thirty seconds went by, before the four rotor craft lifted into the air, the propellers tilting, sending the aerocraft forward and towards the sea and the waiting fleet as gunships of the NKSDF flew escort.

Fasri stood next to one of the SUV's, watching the transport leave as a cigarette came to rest between his lips rather limply. Cupping hands to shield it from the wind as he lit the tip. A slow drag, then exhale, he'd been left with work, orders, and even more to do then before she'd arrived. 

He twirled his right hand's fingers, time to pack it up and head back to Cunetio. Cripes it was particularly cold today he thought.

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  • 2 weeks later...

North Korinon, Cunetio City
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ
Office of Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas

Only a few days had gone by since the Empress and entourage had left the island of North Korinon. Things had settled a bit, the wall in the city had been torn down, although the checkpoints had remained, light security fence if you will. In other places however, the wall had been reinforced, and troops of House Dolis Vek had arrived to take part in occupation and policing duties, although the requirement was to be light on the eyes of the citizenry. 

This was mostly to keep their presence known to the @Seylosi, whilst other places on the island were being built up with both industries geared towards civilian luxuries and that of the military complex. Various naval officers from the engineering, construction and so on branches had been visiting, explaining their orders and setting off to work. 

The NKP was getting the sort of attention that Kaldana had only been receiving, like two children of the Imperium now. As Fasri slowly leaned back, reading absently the teletypes, he was struck by how much of it was to mundane, to by the book. That never happened. Any military was ordered sure, but there was a sort of tempest, a chaos that churned away. These reports had none of that. A slow sit up, even as Daya and Yuta entered within, hanging up their coats and grabbing a cuppa of tea. 

Daya, I seem to be misreading, there is a report here that says the NKP is receiving forty-thousand engineers from Houses Mzil Velven, Mzil Alek, and Mzil Vale. Another one has twenty-five thousand cooks and service support from House Idari Elemmire, and Vek Elemmiire, and this one here. He flapped the teletype a bit in one hand; Says that thirty-five thousand Tagnik Zun doctors, surgeons and health staff are headed here. Along with a list of lorries, misc transports, and so forth.

Daya calmly took it all in before plucking up a sealed tube with a wax marker upon it and handing it over with a somewhat steady hand. This arrived before all of those, from the Council of Admirals.

He took it, already dreading its contents. A slow slide of the tube apart with a letter knife, the parchment within was another teletype but it was filled with stern words and orders. Many, many orders. At its end, signatures of the Admiralty and the Empress.

By the gods, they..they cant be serious, can they? He looked at both of them. We just tore down the wall for crying out loud, are we suppose to cross the border once this happens?

Yuta spoke. It doesnt say, but it will be a trying time for the NKP, who's leadership has pledged support to the admiralty and the empress concerning this. Fasri shook his head a moment, then slowly slid to a stand, donned his coat and went onto the balcony, lighting one of his long stemmed cigarettes. It'll be madness you know, the wurld will turn against us, probably. 

The real question, is will the Seylosi suspect with all the ships in the area, there will be much more then normal. Not only armed ships but transports, and troop aerocraft are being prepped at the newly made airstrip. Flights of craft are incoming from Kyussia as well. Daya offered as she came to a lean against her right hip upon the edge of her own desk.

I dont think they are idiots, but they will probably assume something is askew or afoot, by the time the true target is known, it'll probably be to late, hopefully our neighbor @Tagmatium Rulesdoesnt intend to get in the way either, they have sharper eyes upon us more then anyone else. Yuta slurped his tea a bit and apologized with a hand motion as he dabbed a napkin at his chin for a few seconds. Damn hot.

It would appear that the eventual target is the river passage that heads to the Canamos Sea, while capturing, consolidating, and fortifying areas, before proceeding it would appear. Although any such landfall and establishment of presence is going to make some heads spin. Fasri sighed again, exhaling a bit of smoke. Alert command, notify we have received our orders and we stand by.

North Korninon, Verlucio Port
Luhtun (Condor), Fast Strike Carrier Class (FSCC)
1st Protectorate Defense Fleet

Prata-Khan Yarna, head of the 1st NKPDF was standing in the command and control of the Luhtun, bathed in the soft blue light of a security alert and was reading the transcribed message as it printed out. His second in command, Siet-Khan Alego nearby, as were most of the officers of the fleet.

He handed the sheaf of papers to Alego. Read. The younger man nodded and after adjusting glasses, read the contents of the missive. To the 1st Protectorate Defense Fleet, your status has been changed. 

You will process the arrival of HIN troop carrier vessels and supplement warships to your operations area. 7th Ranke Submarine Squadron will be arriving first, followed by elements of the 8th, 11th, 3rd, and 9th naval taskforces out of Ulusk, Hades, and Perya. 

A contingent of troops from multiple houses will be apart of this, as will equipment. You are to mask their presence as much as possible until the operational deployment is enacted.

Deploy as you require.

Council of Admirals
HIN Naval Command and Operations Control

Yarna looked upon those present. I will begin issuing orders over the next few hours that are to be carried out, this buildup should last a few weeks, perhaps even a month or so, many of you may even be deployed to the eventual combat zone. Remember, there is a hostile force within sight, remain overt in any action, downplay any query of activity. Dismissed.

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North Korinon, Durnovaria City
Party HQ, Office of the Vicarius Imperator Mertz

So it's true? Incredulous look towards the Vice-Lord Ragul Yevitz, deputy leader of the government, and a senior member of the Korinon Nationalist Party. A small, slightly rotund man with rather larger glasses. Yes Imperator Mertz, a sizable contingent of the Haru has already made landfall, more to their numbers, but we've word from their government, that what was being planned, is no longer the case.

He shuffled some papers. However from what I hear, there is a bit of an interior conflict going on. We will have to confirm with that diplomatic officer of theirs, Sengar d'isto Hallas. He visibly had to sound out the title to make sure he got it right, still a bit jarring to adapt to the language used by their partners now.

More shuffling and then the deputy continued. Still, it's not a dark day or series of them. We've been getting immense employment projects and Haru companies are coming here in droves to set up, following our guideline of not ruining the nature of the island we call home, and that they must employ locals. 

And this went well? Yvetiz smirked a little bit. Mm..as good as it can. They somewhat bucked against it, but in the end offered a solution of 80/20. With the latter eventually falling to 95/5 with the advent of training and tenure etc. Meanwhile, their is a surge in our youth to join the self defense force.

While not a large force, it will serve as intended. Still, the newly minted general's are keen in participating with Haru forces, as a means to build reputation and acquire equipment via less public channels I suppose.

We'll have to keep an eye on them of course. Still, the recent developments of an air field, complete with civilian uses is rather lovely. Our engineers are working with the Haru to build reliable rail and other transit. 

Mertz leaned back in his office chair, letting the supple leather comfort his back as he briefly rubbed the bridge of his nose. What about the submarine base that is being built in Verlucio? 

With that Yevitz fumbled around with a bit of paperwork before finding what he was looking for. Ah, they are not to far off with completion. Our engineering staff, their engineers and so forth have been working nearly night and day to construct it. As soon as it is ready, it will have several of the Haru deep sea naval vessels docked, as well as the three submarines that were our price, to be docked as well. The training vessel and the two sealane patrollers.

They are as requested, diesel electric and capable of using Haru armaments that we've been receiving as well. We've also received four light cruisers, our sailors are being trained in a joint affair in Ulusk, and then returned here to serve on the ships we've received as part of the co-prosperity sphere agreement.

Mertz grumped a bit, the island was getting a major boost in equipment, training, industry and retained it's 40% tariff to make profit on trade as well. It was a win-win, so why did it feel..he coulnt place it at the moment. A slow slide of hand around the ring of the mug before him, and a bit of a sip of the tea within it. 

And the Seylosi led party in the South, what of them? Ah. Said Yevitz. They seem to be concerned with this Anglia business, and more or less applaud the take down of the wall in Cunetio but observe the Haru with a wariness. Expected I suppose, they are two powers of differing beliefs. 

Its nice to see the city be open though. A faint bob of that round head. It is indeed Sir.

North Korinon, Cunetio City
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ

Fasri internally moaned, it was such a racket in his head, he'd sought out his subordinates in their shared office space. A bit of tea was poured, if the Tagmatine @Tagmatium Rules knew how much their northern neighbor prized it, it would be such a bargaining chip. Sighed a bit, inhaling a bit of the jasmine before taking a quiet sip. 

Tell me again Yuuta, what is going on? The tall, yet slightly older man yawned a bit, covering it with right hand before blinking a little bit as reciting what had been sent by the Zero Circle. Ah, it says here that several admirals within the Council of the Admiralty had been summoned to Prathen, and that after arrival, were arrested for inappropriate decision making and other offenses. 

Daya chimed in from her heretic cup of coffee. Admiral Tiyu is among them, and as such council as it is, has been completely thrown into disarray. However..She paused a moment and brought out a differing teletype. Fleet-Lord Kaorin, commander of the Northern Guard Legionary and the port of Ulusk, has nominated Grand Admiral Xun Higari Zun as head of the REHL (Haruspex Imperial Naval Command), with newly promoted High Admiral Tor'Van as a vice commander of the Imperial Navy, followed by Admirals Talis Yorn, Akasin Hallas, and newly promoted Vice-Admiral Ure'Dane, and newly promoted Commodore's Hyago Yarna, and Stiya Yephira making up the command element, thus doing away with the council of previous arrangement.

This was spearheaded by the Office of Naval Intelligence (UHE), and the Zero Circle. She took a much needed break to drink more of her heresy and settling into the warm embrace of chair, her desk was quite neat compared to the near slovenly, papers everywhere pile that was Yuuta's.

So the troop and naval deploys cease? Yuuta glanced over, then towards Daya before back at Fasri. Ah sir, they dont cease, but they wont be as large as we had first heard, coming here anyways. They'll be heading to Kaldana and passing us by. 

Fasri sighed a bit and settled into the chair he'd claimed. So how many will be making landfall here?

Yuuta glanced at another teletype. No more then five-thousand, three hundred. Mostly engineers, two dozen or so medical staff, and the rest will be naval personnel and or pilots. We'll still be getting a few more ships though and as the submarine base in Verlucio nears completion, the North Korinon Protectorate Fleet (NKPF) will have three subs with the four of ours on rotating deployment.

Another bit of a sip from Fasri's cup. So that means, the nearly sixty thousand troops are headed to Kaldana. It cant just be, because of the DeCon expansion plan...the colonial territory is fairly near Anglian ones now I'd wager. 

Daya spoke up. With the Empress cleaning house of anyone who might oppose the Fatherland's transition to good relations, she is still mindful of the threat being posed, and our sea-lanes to Kaldana pass by the Kingdom as well. Our build up cant be for any other reason, its not like the NAU or anyone is going to invade.

Plus; Yuuta began. The recent fostering of better relations with @Ateeniaare probably going to be a good thing. We'll be in that Argic passage quite a bit more then normal, sure to ruffle feathers. It'll be good to have a naval presence within the Argis territories to secure shipping. 

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  • 6 months later...

North Korninon
Veratio Mountain
Joint Facility

The officer staff car motored on up and towards the nearly complete radar and communication facility that was in the process of being built within the mountainous region of North Korninon.

The vehicle was an odd design, almost a reference of a sort to the old German Horch troop transport, save that it was a hard top and more modern within the interior while retaining the archaic look. This particular vehicle was modified to be more of a staff car then the troop carrier variant. 

Fasri, senior diplomatic officer within North Korninon, was settled within the back seat, and beside him that of the senior most imperial legionary officer, Prata-Khan Garis. Across the way from them both, was the brooding diplomatic officer Yuta. 

He figured he'd be annoyed to if his leave was cut short to see an inspection of the facility. The vehicle grumbled along, the road was only partially built as well, mirroring the facility. There were legionnaires everywhere though, and mingling amongst them, were that of NKSDF as well. He could tell them apart by the field kit and the hue of the uniform, though it mirrored that of the Haru legionary quite well. 

A faint nod as the transport heaved to a stop at a checkpoint, where the guards stationed there, proceeded to check ID's, and the barcodes upon wrists that members of the legionary or citizenry, regardless of service, possessed. Once cleared of the first hurdle, the driver shifted into first and the grumbling engine resumed its protest as they ambled up the rough road towards the summit.

Fasri glanced over towards Garis, idly commenting. Its amazing that we haven't had any security breaches while this is being built, nor any protests. Garis nodded. Yes, the Seylosi have been oddly quiet, but perhaps they are distracted. In any case we are looking at completion of the facility within the month, the road soon after. Glanced toward Yuta noticing the slight grimace from the jarring ride.

Fasri chuckled, leaned over and patted Yuta on the left shoulder. Come my friend, this will be over soon, and you will return to leave. Daya should be free and able to handle affairs while you are gone. Yuta spoke; Thank you Sir. Clearing his throat soon after, tilt of head to watch as a security gate slid open to allow them to enter.

His newest driver, a Hult'ah by name of Takra, neatly parked the transport. He exited the driver seat and pulled the rear door of the transport open, standing with boots heel to heel.

Stepping down and out, Fasri took a few more strides so as to not block the exit, stretching arms outwards for a few moments before gaze would collect Garis and Yuta exiting and doing similar motions. A nod to the driver before speaking. You may relax Takra, there is a drivers waiting station across the lot. I will alert you as we make our leave. Yes Sir.

A place of hands behind his back, starting to walk towards the third guard post that shielded the actual entry point into the facility itself. While there was a large set of hardened doors next to it, those were secured and locked unless a parts delivery or other sizable vehicle came.

At the station, Fasri placed his hand upon a reader and as the light went green, he passed through a detection arch. Following was Garis and Yuta. Garis spoke as they passed into the building itself, heading up some stairs towards the second floor. While the facility itself is still being built, we are online and already using the towers and dish. The casemates with the SAM and other anti-aircraft positions have already been built, so the aerospace over this facility is protected. Further legionary casemates, pillboxes on and in the mountain are currently under construction as is the underground portion of this place.

He continued as they reached the second floor, heading towards an overlook area, under of which the spread of computers, storage machines and radar stations. This will help our naval forces and those of the NKPN vessels. I see, said Fasri as  he came to a stop, looking over a railing and seeing the layout on the first floor. 

Eventually the staff here will be composed of technicians from the Korninon Naval Academy in Verlucio that will have a class enrolled in March, and upon graduation, several of them will serve tours of duty here, spoke Yuta.

Garis spoke after the diplomatic officer's comment. We also share security duties with the NKSDF, of whom shares a garrison with legionary from the regiment on the island. Yuta chimed in. When the facility is finished, it will have additional add-on's near the aeroport as well. A faint sigh from Fasri as he leaned backwards somewhat.

I'm hoping that it aids in the peace of the area rather then the offensive actions. There is enough tension because of our push into Kabarria and the Frontier. Worry over Anglian interests and or those within the region poking their noses into it, has the crown and the council worried quite a bit.

Yuta grumped. As well they should be worrying, every transport on its way to Kaldana has to pass the horn of Anglia, and our forces are in an area of contention, at least in some aspects. 

Fasri offered a faint nod before extending his right hand towards Garis's forearm. I am impressed comrade, I shall leave you to the oversight, I dont want to incur the wrath of Yuta's wife however, by keeping him too long.

Garis nodded and spoke to Yuta. G'luck comrade. A chuckle followed as Fasri headed back towards the stairs, in a rather fast quickstep, pausing only to use a secure wall-mount phone to alert Takra to get the staff car ready. A 'yes sir' echoed through before he hung up.

Pushing through security, once more following the same steps as before, albeit a bit of a quicker process as the weather had gotten a bit colder then before. A tilt of head as the rear door was already being held open. Thank you Takra, take us back to Cunetio. Takra nodded and closed the door as soon as Yuta boarded before taking to the driver seat and proceeding down the mountain towards the roadway that would lead back towards the coastal city of Cunetio.

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The Cup and Saucer Coffee House
Outdoor Table

The weather was acceptable, it wasn't raining, the sun was out a bit, few clouds but otherwise a rather lovely day. A rather piping hot bit of coffee and a bagel to be given his attention soon enough, once the days news was digested.

A slow, deliberate push of one page to the next of the newspaper. Anxiety however rising, before he finally sighed and set it down, folding it up appropriately. Both hands coming to rest upon the table as if by magic, the form of Daya had appeared. 

Well, out with it. Cant let a man enjoy the simple things even for a moment. What is so important?

Sir, we received a tele-communique from the council. A new house is being born.

Slowly leaned back, one hand still upon the table, the other lightly strumming against his chin. Of what line does it hail from?

Tagnik Zun. It is the newly created house of Keric Zun. Frontier keep of Veska, Zharrian Expanse.

A sixth house serving the main line? That's insane. There is no way that the throne can not give Aria whatever she wants now, even if she's outnumbered in the central territories, she has the numerical edge based on the splinters. The voting power of the houses is where she's gaining.

Daya nodded. With Keric Zun establishing itself in the frontier, its extending the reach as well. Digging the talons into the land ahead of the crown. Sir, do you think Aria has intentions on the throne?

Hmm..perhaps at one point, it could not be ruled out. Now though, I doubt it. She's seen what it does to those who either cant handle the responsibility, or dont want it in the first place. From what I've heard, she was only just barely roped into leading the house that is hers now.

Not to say of course that she wont do what she can to ensure House Tagnik Zun is not taken care of, nor is anything less then a powerhouse for some time.

A waiter came by and delivered a tea of some sort. The brackish scent made his nose twitch, even as he watched Daya drink a good slurp of it. After a moment, she set a printed out tele-type. Please read that Sir.

Eyed the junior officer, then the piece of paper as if it had dubious intent. Slowly reaching out, collecting it within fingers and bringing it to his gaze. A lot of it was the usual fluff, but it was at the end, almost thrown in as an afterthought.

They cant be serious Daya..Its one thing to give the NKP trainers, its quite another to base modern aerocraft here. It will irk our neighbors more then a bit.

In confirmation Sir, we did try to notify them of this, but the High Command is worried over the shipping lanes and so on. Not to mention the New Wurld powers have never been apart of their planning. 

When do they arrive? I assume they are already on the way.

You are correct Sir, they should be arriving by end of the week, with all eight planes flying directly from the Nerak'Yar airbase outside of Hades City-State. They will land at the newly created aerobase here in NK. The aircrews are NK pilots that have been doing months of training on the mainland.

This is going to go over well. Like a slug in a salt mine.

Indeed Sir, indeed.

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"From what we've seen so far... regardless of the military pretense it's nothing short of a Haru colonization." The Seylosian ambassador to Corinium, Nigel Chance, said directing his comment toward the Corinian Prime Minister.

Regulus Iovianus stared out the windows of his office and looked back towards Chance with sorrow in his eyes. He had never believed that Corinium would have come to this. The island was small, only a hundred and twenty thousand people lived there, but he could only describe what had happened in the north as nothing short of delusions of grandeur. He was a southerner, and as such he had been raised more towards the simple life. The people in the city of Corinium never had many thoughts more than living their lives, but in the north the Haru propaganda had spread, eating up the populace demanding much more than the Corinians could ever hope to obtain. The lines had been drawn between north and south, and from Iovianus's position, it had made no sense.

"How much is sitting across the border?" Iovianus asked, sighing while sitting down in his chair.

"Haru houses continue to bring over personnel of various flavors. Several somewhat prominent families have settled in the north, and of course with them come their civilian retinues. Since Haruspex's military strength is derived from its Houses, of course large quantities of military personnel have followed. The build up is... immense, but nothing short of what we would have expected. If anything this is normal behavior, and with the state of the wurld, it's oddly comforting." Chance replied.

"Why... are they doing this? They must know we pose no threat to them."

Chanced nodded, "They know that for certain. I doubt the Haru have ever expected the Union to strike a first blow. But this show isn't for us, it's for their own people. There's an element of Haru politics we aren't wholly privy to that is driving much of this. From what we can ascertain we highly doubt that they plan any sort of military action against the Republic."

"But their construction...?" Iovianus started to ask.

"Massive in scale for sure," Chance replied, "We've kept track of their various fortification efforts, but at the moment we don't believe any viable threat from them."

"I'm going to be honest..."Iovianus started, putting his hands to his head, "I feel over my... head with this? I'm unsure of the Anglish."

Chance nodded, giving a smile, "I'm sure this isn't what you signed up for Prime Minister, and I don't want to start putting Seylosian strategy in your head. My best advice is to listen to your people, you are much closer to them than any leader in the NAU would be. I can only imagine how terrifying this situation would be for everyone here."

"They are scared Ambassador, they see what is happening across the border as almost... an erasure of the Corinian people. They bring more ships, more soldiers, more people to our island. Will this happen with the NAU?"

"The only thing I can tell you Prime Minister, is you are at the head of a sovereign nation, and a member of the North Adlantic Union. Your people decide your fate from here on. Despite your size, the NAU can't work without listening to its member states."


"Guter Herr! Why did we have to hike all the way up here again?" Wähner said, tossing down his pack and an annoyingly large plastic foldout chair.

"To do this!" Dodge replied, unfolding her own chair and planting is squarely on the ground making sure it had a good view into the north before almost falling into it, "You know reconnaissance."

"I feel like this is the worst recon mission of all time," Wähner said unfolding his own chair and sitting down, sighing as he finally got the chance to sit, "We are just sitting on the top of the mountain down what? Watching them?"

Dodge pulled up a pair of binoculars looking through them north, "Watching them build their fancy bunker with all its missiles of course."

"Ja, ich weiß. But we already knew they were doing this, why bother?"

Dodge put down the binoculars before opening a bottle of water, "I imagine to let them know we are always watching."

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Lonely in the rain....

Fasri was standing in the rain, it had gone from just falling from above like one would expect, to sideways, and then seemingly from the ground as ridiculous as the idea was, he wouldn't put it past nature on this island. Fortunately he'd taken refuge in a transport similar to one he'd been in going up a mountain rather recently.

And why pray tell was he beside a runway next to a pact of hangers partially buried in the ground, and a host of legionnaires and so on? Why to welcome the newest arrivals, and the formation of the first wing of the NKPAS [North Korinon Protectorate Aero-Services], as the jet engines screamed across the sky to announce their arrival, prior to the screeching of rubber meeting tarmac.

Fasri had always thought of the S34 Jahus (Venom) as a plucked chicken in appearance. Perfectly suitable as an LSF [light strike fighter], and it would meet the needs of the NKPAS, but couldn't shake that image out of his head. As they began to taxi, one by one, the first pilot had already climbed out and was on approach by a tram truck towards his own position, flight helmet in the crook of arm on the open roofed vehicle.

He sighed again, pausing to light one of the long stemmed NK cigarettes, before continuing to emerge and place himself within sight of the arriving officer. When close enough, he spoke. Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas, of the SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) located within Cunetio.

The relatively close in age officer gave a salute, and replied. Prata Khan Hilon Kurns, Aero-Wing Flight Lead for the NKPAS. Hilon glanced about noticing the intermixed legionnaires, and his aero-wing being shuttled into the hardened hangers. An awful lot has been prepared for us.

To be fair Prata Khan Kurns, your aero-wing will be both a boon and a disruption. It will add to the strategic ability of the NK, but shall break a bead of sweat on our neighbors of the NAU. Still, I'd rather have you then not myself. The prime minister has been adept at securing arms from houses of the Imperium. I imagine more aerocraft will join yours soon enough.

Good to know. Spoken as a pair of TE-01B Dymuh (Talon) VTOL Gunships thundered by overhead, heading towards the mountain top radar-communique station for patrol. 

Fasri bade Kurns towards the closed top vehicle as the tram whined away. Settling into the somewhat comfortable seat, Tatra making sure the flight officer was in before closing the door before returning to the driver seat. A slow exhale, tapping ashes into one of the trays built into the vehicle. Beyond welcoming you, I've orders to drop you at the JNASS command. I'm sure you'll have fun.

Great. Flight debriefing and probably a scheduled rotation. Where to and where not to fly. I'm assuming the lighthouse island is not a good idea to buzz?

I mean, I wont say so, but it would be amusing to watch our observers have a bit of panic. In the end though, for the relatively short amusement would be a mountain of paperwork, followed by diplomatic sessions, and apologies on behalf of both governments. Soo..in that regards while I would find it funny, please dont. I'd rather just enjoy a bit of tea on the not border.

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North Korinon, Cunetio City
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ
Office of Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas

Fasri settled back within his high backed chair and casually sipped a bit of highland Tagmatine tea. A slow stir of a small spoon, as reading the latest teletype from central command. His usual staff of officers and so forth were busy at their desks, the sound of mechanical keys being tapped was quite the music. Last week he'd welcomed a new addition to the island, a pilot and trainer for the NKPAS aeroforce. Now a contingent of the light strike fighters resided in hangers near an airstrip. 

The missile defense system was on target for both time and readiness. The communique tower and terminals were busy already, and the NKPL were a thing now. For every one HIL, two NKPL were right there. The man that had been a party leader, now a prime minister, and he was noisy. The rhetoric was like being back in Prathen with the orators for the new order and what have you.

Sighed a bit and glanced at the words on the paper. Something something BYFC (Phased Array Warning System) warning radar and computer system developed to 'detect and characterize a missile attack against the North Korinon or HIL facilitie'. Probably the latter he thought first. With the first solid-state phased array deployed, the system will use a pair phased array radar sets at each site to cover a wide azimuth angle of 240 degrees.

Reading further down, he noted the planned sites. Both were uninhabited, or at least not in direct path of the civilians which was good. Operation would be commanded by NKPL officers and HIL legionary technicians. Hmm'd a bit at that but it was over his paygrade. Another sip, relishing in the simple yet pleasing taste. Scanning a bit more.

The beam of the phased array radar is steered electronically without moving the fixed antenna, so it can be pointed in a different direction in milliseconds, allowing it to track many incoming missiles at the same time. Which meant the whole thing turned..? A slight scratch of chin as he continued to skim through the briefing..

The functioning of the radar is semi-automatic with computers doing the brunt of the work, but technicians responsible for manueal operations. The software used divides the beam time between "surveillance" and "tracking" functions, switching the beam back and forth rapidly between different tasks. In the surveillance mode, which normally consumes about 11% of the duty cycle, the radar repeatedly scans the horizon across its full 240° azimuth in a pattern between 3° and 10° elevation, creating a "surveillance fence" to immediately detect missiles as they rise above the horizon into the radar's field of view.

Something more about the array walls mounted thirty or so meters to prevent electromagnetic issues with local citizenry. That was a bit troubling, yes he'd be staying away from those, that sounded just awful. A slight shudder ran through him for a moment before glancing towards another set of messages.

The submarine docks at Verlucio had been completed, and the first of several NKPN diesel-electrics had arrived, fresh from the storage-mothball yards in Perya. Formerly HIN 023, 019, and 012 of the Hinca Cryng (Nurse Shark) class. Venerable late 80's built vessel, mostly used for training anymore. Better to use for service then sitting in the storage yards he supposed.

NKPN had renamed them. HIN 023 was now the Achelous, 019 was the Adrastos, and 012 now the Agenor. He mused slightly at the individualist nature of the naming, but the submarines were theirs now he supposed. He didn't quite get the names, maybe Aroman in nature perhaps? A faint shrug of head, and then set his teacup to the side as it was empty.

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  • 2 weeks later...

North Korinon, Cunetio City
Cunetio Dockyards

Sengar d'isto Fasri stood upon the central dockyards as workers operated cranes and moved about, although several dozen meters around the area he happened to be standing in. A few Conex boxes were being secured as he slowly exhaled a bit of the bluish smoke of his cigarette. 

The rain had let up for a little bit, but the cold wind continued ever so. Under the heavy leather coat reaching down just before his heels, a tilt of head cast towards Daya as she stood next to a few legionary middle-ranked officers.

A transport ship was docked at the moment and these special crates were taking equipment and vehicles to Kaldana, specifically Kanamar City. They'd been shipped here to Korinon first, part of an act of subterfuge to keep some eyes distracted.

Cruise missiles and the mobile launchers that would carry them were being loaded in secret. Concealed within the Conex boxes, under wary guard by NKSDF legionary and ECC officers. 

It was all rather boorish for him, he'd much rather be trying to initiate friendly contact with those across the tentative border, but the times were not going to make it easy. A squash of the cigarette butt under right heel before he waved Daya over.

Is it done?

It is Sir. The orders have been authenticated, and as soon as the cargo is loaded, the ship will head out. Frigates 022 and 020 are on sea-lane duty, and this vessel is slotted to become apart of their convoy to Colonial waters.

Very good. Let's head out. There is more business today.

Takra. Yes Sir? Get the car ready, we're heading back to Headquarters. Yes Sir. 

Daya smirked a bit watching the young Hult'ah sprint towards the axillary vehicle earmarked for the diplomatic officers. He's such a kid. 

Fasri chuckled a bit as he meandered under a covered area. Were we any older when we joined? Daya laughed a little. You were already an old soul by the time we were deployed. 

He grumbled jokingly a bit. I heard from Yuta, his wife delivered their fifth child. Says its a girl, he's losing his mind about the future. 

Daya laughed again. Serves him right, having all those boys made him numb. Boys are easy to raise. Did you give him any advice?

Me? Gods above no. My wife is speaking to his, I just told Yuta to do as she says. Happy wife is happy life goes the saying.

Toyra wants to adopt. 

Oh? Would she move here then?

Maybe. I doubt Korinon will become a battlefield, if not for us, there is the NAU and the others in the area. So we are discussing it.

A consideration I mulled over myself you know. In the end, my wife and daughter came, as did a few of the House. Of which I've been meaning to speak to you abo..

Takra and the staff vehicle pulled up. The young enlisted man jumping out and opening the rear door. Fasri paused his words and climbed into the back followed by Daya who took the opposite seat across from him as the rear door closed, Takra reassuming his place as driver and shifting into first gear, as the heavy vehicle lumbered away from the docks.

You were saying Sir? Daya spoke.

Ah yes, I would like to offer you membership within House Hallas Velven. I spoke with the matriarch, the ever graceful Maori Hallas Velven. She approves of you and will accept your nomination to the house if it is desired.

Daya wiped tears away, a bit of red staining both cheeks as she took a moment to gather herself. Clearing her throat before properly replying. 

I am most honored to accept this nomination. 

Excellent. This applies to you and Toyra as well. 

Fasri leaned over and grasped Daya's right arm in his own to the end of the forearm. A soft pat by the other palm before he spoke.

Then I welcome you, Daya Firsk Hallas Velven, as my kinswoman and sister, daughter of the matriarch and house. 

He released Daya and settled back. Pulling a small box from his right pocket, and handed it over. 

You've been promoted. You will be the second in command of the HQ here, with the rank of Prata Khan. This is also a boost to your CT[citizenship tier] to that of 17. A few levels up I believe.

By the gods...

It is impressive but, also much more work, not that I dont think you can handle it. Already been doing the role of adjutant for some time now anyways. You'll get your own office, and a staff of your choosing. Several officers from the mainland headquarters are interested in being deployed here. I'm sure you know a few you'd like. I leave it to you.

A glance outside, towards the scenery passing by. I've two replacements I've had an eye on for a bit that will be joining as Yuta will be mainland side for the foreseeable future.

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North Korinon, Cunetio City
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ
Office of Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas

Fasri leaned against the balcony, the black root cigarette hung limply between lips, a slight exhale of bluish smoke while the weather was fair for the moment. No rain, just a bit cold as the summer had begun to wane, finally.

A faint glance to the right, keeping his newest office acquisitions in sight, of whom were diligently keeping to task. Both were newly minted Ji's, the first of the officer ranking within the Haru legionary services. Ji Hyan represented the atypical Elemmiire, tall, thin, hawk like features, eyes of light blue, brick hued hair. 

Her counterpart was the somewhat shorter, almost almond skinned Ji Trusk, a Yarisian city-state native. Black hair, heavily inked around the right eye, down the temple, towards collarbone. Almost a fire hydrant like build, and yet despite his looks, they were the same age, barely in the twenties.

Quite a bit different from his former compatriots Daya and Yuta, of whom when all three were together, were almost seen to be related in a way, despite Yuta being the oldest of them by a few years.

Another bit of a sigh as he waited outside. After a few moments, Trusk approached. Sir, we are ready to send a diplomatic courier to the South Corinium government office and consulate of the NAU. 

Very well. He strolled from the balcony to the interior of the office, as the balcony door closed with a soft click. A stubbing out of the cigarette as Trusk assumed his seat, fingers poised on the computer before him. 

To: The esteemed neighbors of South Corinium, specifically Regulus Iovianus, Prime Minister

To: Supporting presence, @Seylosian ambassador to Corinium, Nigel Chance.

I am Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas, Senior Diplomatic Officer to North Korinon, head of the SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs).

It is my intention to better relations with South Corinium and by extension, the Seylosian government. This endeavor has been endorsed by the Royal authority of her Majesty, Empress Kira'Karn and equally by the Vicarius Imperator Mertz of the North Korinon Protectorate.

This visit would consist of myself, a subordinate and a small honor guard, the intention is to not make a sizable impact into the lives of those within the South, and to build a bridge of relations to ease tensions, considering the times we currently live in.

With respect, I await your response.

He paused and glanced at Trusk. Leave relevant information on how to contact my office. The courier should be in an official vehicle, assign a driver and an escort in the same vehicle. 

Yes Sir, it will be done. Trusk printed out the paperwork, placed it within a attaché case of which was then handed to a Kenyet of the diplomatic corps who then attached it to his wrist via a pair of handcuffs. A salute to Fasri before he headed out of the office, Trusk following to assign a vehicle, a driver, and a legionnaire guard.

Crossing the Cunetio City Not-Border-

Kenyet Fel sat within the backseat of the general purpose HIL officers staff vehicle. The four wheel-drive car drove past the checkpoint, over the invisible barrier and headed into South Corinium. His driver happened to be the same Hult'ah who ferried his lordship Sengar d'isto about the North. Fel was from Korinon, had been apart of the KNP (Korinon Nationalist Party) as a teenager, and had recently just graduated into the diplomatic service. 

This was his first real deployment and he'd not been to the southern territory even before the secession and formation of the Protectorate, for a few years. His mother had separated from his father, and just a reason for him not to go further South. A bit nervous, the legionnaire seated across from him however, radiated a sense of cool and calming aura. It was quite a relief. The Liet-Khan had seen combat, and yet was probably the most laid back individual he'd ever met.

Liet-Khan Freck was not of Korinon. He'd grown up in the rough and tumble city-state of Belaya, had served in the Northern Campaign, then been to Kaldana, recently saw action with Ateenian troops and had been personally recalled to North Korinon by his lordship, Fasri. 

Freck had been battlefield promoted, a non house, career legionary field officer. His command respected him, and he'd made sure as many of them as possible, had also come to the NKP. Fasri, had personally requested him for this visit, and as a man he could trust, he'd accepted without qualms or gripes.

The other two in the vehicle though, made him at the ripe age of thirty-two, feel ancient. Young bucks, barely past twenty, looking to him for leadership, it was empowering and terrifying to a degree, he'd seen plenty of these faces in battle. A slow slide of right palm over his head, missing the attire that generally went with his uniform. The mask and kepi cap, keeping the appearance that went with Haru legionary.

Vaguely aware of the small talk from the driver, a Hult'ah. Its weird, we're not even a dozen kilometers from Cunetio, but the makeup of the South is almost completely different, like small town vibes that one finds in Ulan'Ude or even Laveen.

Oh, been to the colonial territories? 

Yes Sir. Two tours into the DeConn before the Kanamar front existed.


Yes, yes it was. Fourth Daughter Helia brought me to North Korinon though.

Oh, are you of the House Jargo Vlos?

Yes Sir. I was inducted a year ago by her ladyship Helia.

Hmm. It would seem Fasri has been collecting quite the retinue.

Oh, yeah, hah..I suppose so Sir.

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There was a knock on Prime Minister Iovanius's office door, and an assistant poked his head in, "Prime Minister, we've received a message from the north."

Iovanius raised his head from his work and lowered his glasses. Despite the stress he had been under since the split of Corinium, he still gave off the perfect image of a jovial old man, "Come come, what's this message?"

The assistant opened the door and stepped through holding a single sheet of paper which he handed to Iovonius. He spent a minute studying it before gesturing at the seat in front of his desk. He had fostered a very cordial relationship with his staff, a feat that wasn't particularly difficult on an island as small as Corinium. At least in the south, it wasn't hard to find shared extended contacts, and as a result it seemed like everyone knew at least a little about everyone else's personal life.

"Tertius right?" Iovanius asked, making sure he remembered the man's name right.

Tertius nodded, "Yes sir, Tertius Valerius."

"Not a very common last name here is it?"

"No sir," Tertius said with a smile, "I think it was my grandparents who moved here from Adaptus. My grandfather worked for a major shipping company moving goods through Corinium. My grandmother says she prefers the cold anyway."

Iovanius laughed at that, "Well she has certainly fit in better here than those poor Union people. They're far too used to the heat of Seylos and Ceris."

They both laughed for a moment before Iovanius let out a sigh and looked back down at the letter again. There was a part of him that was glad to see the North reach out, but another part of him that still couldn't help but be heavily suspicious. The reality of the situation had finally settled in for him, that the north wasn't coming back, or at least any time soon. To think that now he had to speak to a Haru representative in order to communicate with his fellow Corinians still hurt him deeply, but he had come to peace with the fact that this was their new reality.

"This representative coming, Kenyet Fel, do you know anything about them? I'm hoping at least, since you're both the same age."

Tertius nodded, "I knew him a little before the split. We both went to university in Corinium city for a bit, but I'm not entirely sure what happened. I remember he joined the KNP just a year in and then he left to go back north again. I wouldn't say we were friends, but we had a lot of the same classes and got along fine enough. I guess he changed his name at some point though."

"Well hopefully when they arrive we can rekindle some of that old relationship," Iovanius said, almost hopefully, "The other two with him?

"From the paperwork given to us, a veteran legionary as an escort and the driver works for one of the more prestigious houses that have settled in the north. For the Haru, this at least signals some level of seriousness on their part."

"That's good," Iovanius replied, "But let's not have them reach me first. We'll meet them exactly in kind with our own representative here. I'll ask that Seylosian, Captain Lennox, if he's be willing to leave his ship for a bit for a diplomatic meeting on behalf of the NAU. Gather anybody you would like to help you with this, I'd like you to be the one to greet them."

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Meeting of Subordinates

The staff car had ambled along, following traffic at speed, watching onlookers gawk and point here and there before the destination at hand was arrived at. Fel felt the vibrations of the staff vehicle cease as the engine was turned off, the light clacking of the driver side door being opened and then closed, the sound of boot heels against pavement.

He was already swinging himself towards the rear door as it opened. There, Hult'ah Takra stood, door with one hand, the other in a salute of head at a slight bow. 

Fel stepped out and onto the ground, a place he'd not been to in years, probably thought he'd never return to. A slight bit of fussing over his uniform, and making sure the case that was secured to his wrist was infact, still there. A few movements of feet forward, so that his escort, and senior officer, Liet-Khan Freck could also emerge.

Its been a long time sir. I never thought I'd come back here. Fel spoke to the senior officer who was serving as his escort.

Freck grumped a bit. Lad, eventually we end up in places we never thought we'd ever be. His head snapped to the right. Look sharp. Company.

Fel glanced over and was mildly amused, of sorts. Tertius Valerius. Its been, what a few years now. To think you'd be my opposite here. He could see the others recognition after a time. I guess I should have contacted you, but events in the North got pretty wild you could say.

He paused a moment, sliding a pack of cigarettes from right pocket and with one hand, managed to place one between lips. A few moments of rustling before finding the lighter and managing to get it lit.

No one remembers me anymore, changed my name. Mostly because I married into a Haru line, my wife is back in Durnovaria City, she's pregnant and I thought the battlefield would be terrifying. 

A few puffs of his dark root and tobacco blended cigarette before he continued. Anyways, not to be rude. To my right is my superior and escort, Freck, Liet-Khan from the 7th Hallas Velven Guard Legion. Our driver, is Takra, Hult'ah and retainer of House Jargo Vlos. 

Freck offered a bow of head, with arms at his side in a most formal mannerism reserved for affairs that a dress uniform such as what they were wearing, would be readily seen within. Takra did the same, a short, curt nod in response to being identified and introduced.

I for the record am Fel Aier Duathe, Kenyet, and service non-commissioned officer of the SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs), also representing Merchantile House Aier Duathe. 

He managed several inhales and exhales of his cigarette, weeding it down to a stub before he removed it and ground it beneath his left boot heel. A final exhale before continuing.

I am to deliver this attached case to a representative of the Corinon government, and if possible a ranking member of the NAU and to await a response to carry back to the head of the SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs). This ranking individual would be the Sengar d'isto, our lord, Fasri'Nu Hallas, of House Hallas Velven.

Furthermore, for any questions concerning it, I am unaware of what is carried within this case, only that I was ordered to bring it to those here of the authority to read said contents.

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Sengar d'isto (Noble rank, equivalent of Major) Fasri'Nu Hallas stood within the (NKPSD) North Korinon Protectorate's Self Defense Force HQ, and looked over the gathering of senior officers and so forth. Outside, The great flags of the Imperium and the NKP were draped across the front of the building, and upon poles alongside the walkway were those of house banners and those of the military regiments fluttering in the wind. 

A slow exhale of a reddish smoke from the mainland blend that sat between his lips limply. The commotion of the hour was the deployment of naval vessels of the 1st fleet.

Gentlemen. Came a loud but gravelly voice, of which could only belong to Vicarius Imperator Mertz. I understand the concern, that the NKPN and the SDF are for the protection of our territorial waters. He made a wave of hands some, before resuming.

This will not change, in fact, it will be stepped up. Our comrades within the HIN are training crews on frigates and cruisers to maintain the security of the shipping lanes. A portion will head towards the now named Greater Kaldana Territories in support of efforts to continue the expansion over the Kabarrian frontier. Our end, will be the deployment of defensive forces to the sea-wall and bunkers meant to keep our territory safe as per the norm.

Several agreeing nods happened and the commotion came to a quiet. Fas'ri decided this was his moment.

As his grace, Vicarius Imperator Mertz so says. I have been sent orders that concern the house troops present. As well as naval assets. The majority of the 1st Grand Ranke fleet will move with our transport assets to the Kaldana territorial waters because of the OCA presence within the area.

Slow drag upon the cigarette before continuing. The 8th squadron will resume positions in and around the Geltic Sea, and act as our intelligence on the area. If need be, we can strike, whomever may be identified as hostile forces.

A naval officer of the NKPN spoke up. What then? Neither we nor the mainland have a treaty of any sort with the OCA. Wont they take this as provocation?

He stubbed out the cigarette into a standing disposal tray and dump bin. He glanced at the officers gathered, the speaker for the Protectorate and continued though he did not relish the words he was conveying.

There is a chance that the OCA could see additional forces in the area as a provocation. However the High Seas Command believes they are currently more worried about Bashan then anything related to us. Still our forces shall maintain and observe for any change in behavior.

The forces at hand shall constitute a total of eight thousand troops. Two full legions. House Varic Zun's legion is two motorized rifle regiments, House Renor Vlos is two mixed regiments of IFV, Light Tank, SPG's and mobile AA units. The fleet will consist of thirty vessels. Two troopships, one two hospital ships, and the entirety of the 1st Grand Ranke fleet that is currently holding station in the territorial waters of the NKP. Now the defense of North Korinon however is still paramount and elements of the 2nd Grand Ranke fleet has been dispatched, and will arrive here as the taskforce leaves.

Another officer spoke. So its really happening, we're expanding in the face of what's happening to the South-East of us, like its not our problem?

Fas'ri sighed a bit. Seems we are indeed. At least for now. We'll see how the talks go with our neighbor nearby.

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Communication Tag

After the introductions Takra had returned to the staff vehicle and at that exact moment a blinking light began to pulse. He reached for the handset and plucked it up. The voice on the other end was a staffing officer within the diplomatic corps headquarters. Yes sir, it will be done. I shall convey the orders to the courier and escort sir. Yes sir.

He leaned back up and adjusted his tunic before clearing his throat which drew the attention of Freck and Fel. Sorry Sirs, HQ has just contacted on the car-set. We're to return immediately, and to leave the case with them. Gesturing to the Southern Korinon individuals. 

Freck grumped some and shrugged shoulders. You heard him Fel, leave the case. Whatever reason they have for summoning us back must be important.

Fel seemed surprised but offered a bit of a wry smirk after a few moments. He gingerly set the case down uponst the sidewalk. Be seeing you Tertius. Come across the border with the response or whenever. My wife does like to meet old friends. He gave a polite tip of head to the individual who was sent to greet him.

A slight glance to the other two by the vehicle. Come on, we cant keep them waiting.

A nod from Freck, holding the rear door open for Fel as Takra had already climbed into the driver seat. After Fel climbed in, he remained, staring at those present and then a sweeping glance to the buildings in this Southern town. May your days be well gentlemen. Spoken towards the greeters before climbing in.

The dark grey vehicle rumbled to life and then pulled away from the curb, swinging about and rolling back towards whence it came. The car-set handset was given to Freck who spoke to the same officer and could be seen nodding his head by Takra in the rear view mirror. Fel seemed nonplussed and calm. 

Glad someone is, thought Takra as the vehicle picked up speed. 

North Korinon, Cunetio City
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ

Fasri stood within the motor-pool area behind the headquarters, the black root cigarette hung limply between lips, a slight exhale of bluish smoke while the weather was fair for the moment. No rain, just a bit cold as the summer had begun to wane, finally.

A faint glance to the right, Ji Hyan and to his left Ji Trusk. Both of his aides were present as the security services milled about, guarding the exterior. The NKSD on high alert of late, HISS forces out and about, Fas'ri presented a target he supposed but would rather be outside where he stood now.

Daya emerged from the security entrance and brought a clipboard to his attention. A glance at the files presented before he gave a thumbprint to the reader at the bottom. Waiting for it to chime, eventually it did so. A glance to his former subordinate as he stood there, she to handed off the clipboard and stood there, holding hands behind her back.

How serious do you think it will be Fas'ri?

Oh, well if they've gone this far, what is a bit further really.

Hm..so you think the transmission is real? I knew she had trust in the gods, but the fury?

There are those in the court whom share your view Daya, but I took the gamble that she did indeed have their fury.

When do they arrive?

Fas'ri exhaled slowly, the plume of smoke passing his lips. You weren't told, but they've been off the coast, holding station in the Cetan Sea. A slight squish of the cigarette under his right boot heel as the staff car that had gone south pulled within. He watched Freck get out of the back, rather complaining about putting up with Takra's goodie-two shoes driving methods and the ever calm Fel. 

Daya grumped. I know, but even I wasn't told until Vicarius Imperator Mertz brought me into his office and we had a talk. The Empress is promising sizable reinforcements for North Korinon and more. Mertz said the NKSPD is mobilizing and deploying to the sea wall defense points and key areas about the cities.

It looks like we'll be going to war. The council has advised for a strategic strike against the Anglian homeland, with colonial naval forces preparing to form up in the Amnalos Sea. Once the strategic strike is launched, the naval forces will begin bombarding Frunzivka, setting the stage for a sea-borne invasion. 

The strikes and the invasion force however hinge on politics. He spoke as he lit another cigarette. The empress is employing the foreign affairs directorate to contact the Ahromans and ask for a very serious permission.

Oh, Daya turned her head somewhat.

She plans to ask for permission to use the rail lines along the Adapton border, towards the point where Ahroman and Lysia meet. 

You cant be serious. There is no way the Khil'tine will agree to such a proposition! 

Fas'ri chuckled. Oh, I'm sure she will do so. After all, the Khil'tine are interfering in Anglian plans, how long till they declare war on the Fatherland's good neighbor hmmn? Still they will have something to worry over, as the Empress plans to make a statement soon, and all of our lives change.

How could it get more lively? Heard the words coming from between her lips even as her friend, former superior and more has kept that infuriating Cheshire grin upon his face.

The crown intends to declare war upon the Kingdom of Anglia. They have dishonoured the Occidental, seen the rise of usurpers within the Cij'aney(Suverina), the eradication of the true noble line that has led them up until this dark chapter of history. 

It has been a long time since we have fought a battle in the Occidental. Not since the days of the contact wars with the Cussian's under Janus.

We shall see. 

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Tea and Crumpets
Cunetio Border
Cup and Saucer Inn

Fasri reclined slowly into the wooden chair, a rather comfortable yet refined sitting position. A local paper upon the table before him, anchored by a thin plate with a few crumpets upon it, tea cup and saucer plate to the right. 

An ashtray just a bit further away, and as was customary for him, an exhale of reddish smoke slowly trailed away with every other exhale or so as he contentedly puffed upon the thin stem of a cigarette.

This was a routine, and one he rather enjoyed. Basking in the moderate weather of Korinon, allowing for his secondary hobby of observation. The Cup and Saucer sat astride the border, just a few steps and he'd be within the Southern lands.

It was fairly amusing to him, even with the check points, that the other land was just..there. As he leaned back into his seat, a faint glance and the dull silver watch that resided upon left wrist.

Not long to wait though as footsteps heralded the arrival of his subordinate and newly minted staff member. A lazy gesture towards the young man who nodded and settled into a seat to his right, back towards the inn, so that he to, could face the southern view. 

I'm sorry we had to pull your meet with the Seylosian's and from what I'm told, someone you knew Fel. Slow exhale after his words, reaching for a bit of the breakfast tea within the cup.

Ah, its quite alright Sir. It was not unexpected that a welcoming committee would have someone I might know, or knew, still it was an interesting experience.

Fel politely ordered a cup of espresso and a few slices of lemon cake from the waitress who nodded and headed back inside of the inn. Fel turned towards Fasri. I'm told you wanted to see me today Sir?

Oh it's quite alright, just wanted to get your lay of the land so to speak. He turned a bit, stubbing out the cigarette, he'd light another in a bit. A rueful smile sliding into place. The ministries back home just love to throw wrenches into our efforts here. They say, make gestures of peace to the South, only to hamper our efforts by pulling us back at the last second.

He made a had waving gesture. Its always the same. I suppose the good of it would be the Seylosian response whenever, but they are distracted as are we by Anglian events.

Fel leaned in and spoke softly. Are we still attacking Lysia Sir? I mean..that's the scuttlebutt about the interior and so on.

Fasri grumped. It was top secret, so naturally everyone knew. Hmmph, keep your wits about you Fel. Still, from what I've heard and seen thus far, its highly doubtful that's going to happen, at least a portion of it.

It was Fasri's turn to speak softly, little more then a whisper, letting the noise of the city life nearly drown out his response to Fel. The Admiralty Council is up to something though, our patrols are being routed around areas of the Cetan Sea. He raised his voice soon after. Keep your eyes open Fel, try not to get caught with the gossip for news. For now though, enjoy the day. You can take the next few days for leave, I'm sure your wife would be happy to see you.

Fel groaned a bit, slightly rubbing the bridge of his nose as he replied. Ah, she's been rather impatient on finding out what my schedule is Sir. He had a slight flush to his face, hiding it in the espresso cup after it was set down.

An almost immediate response from Fasri, it almost sounded as if it was one of mirth. He reached over and gave a slight pat to the young man's nearest shoulder. I'll introduce my lady to yours Fel. Should make the transition to Korinon a little bit easier if she's involved. Soiree's and party's abound for our other halves while we work.

Bit of chuckle from Fasri implied he was joking before another sip from his tea cup.

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"They pulled out?" Iovanius asked, his face deeply concerned.

"Well not so much pulled out as..." Tertius started, he thought for a moment thinking about how to best phrase it, "So much as had other political concerns which seemed to end the conversation early."

There was a knock on the door, which quickly opened revealing Ambassador Chance, who had been invited to the meeting. He stood alongside Tertius addressing the Prime Minister.

"I'm sorry Prime Minister I was a bit delayed. But I had heard about the meeting, I don't think you have anything to worry about." Chance drew his coat closer around him, "I know Corinians and the Haru find this pleasant weather, but goodness it's still hard to get used to the cold."

Iovanius raised an eyebrow, concern was evident on his face, ignoring the diplomat's complaint, "Nothing to worry about?"

"It's... a sort of normal thing to happen with the Haru Prime Minister," Tertius jumped in, "I don't believe it was intended as a diplomatic insult, but something else seems to have taken their eye."

Iovanius looked down at his desk for a moment thinking before addressing the two, "Anglia? Or something else?"

"If you're worried about an attack on Corinium I don't believe that would happen," Chance said, "As much as either side doesn't like each other, the Union is a tolerable presence to the Haru, but Anglia is an entirely different threat. With Anglia on the defensivce, and despite the lack of military presence here now, they know that attacking Corinium would only draw unwanted anger from the rest of the wurld. As much as it may feel uncomfortable, they are.... informal allies for now."

"I don't like being... so helpless right now Ambassador." Iovanius said, feeling frustrated he couldn't do more to figure out what Haruspex was up to.

"I... understand the feeling Prime Minister. I've already gotten word from Lewisport. We've begun our engagement with Anglia. I imagine the outcome of the battle will shape how the Haru view the NAU's position in the region from now on." Chance replied, showing more emotion than he intended. "As much as we'd like to know what they are planning, or if they are planning anything, the Union is too focused on Anglia right now. How things go here will depend on our defense of Cascadia. I can only hope the Haru see the strength in a victory."


OOC: My apologies for neglecting this @Haruspex, I hope to continue this going forward.


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Cunetio Border
Flyleaf Cafe

There was a grumbling issuing forth from the gentlemen at a particular table. Newspaper folded and set down with a prim nature yet the focal point of annoyance could be felt from the individual in question. As the server set down another cup of espresso however, the politeness of the naval officer with diplomatic corps rank pins remained.

Thank you dear. Would you bring me a bit of peaches and some creme please? I've been most eager to try this dessert.

The server's visible relaxation, the smile sent forth made the rest of the patrons sigh with relief. Of course sir, I'll be back with it soon.

Careful to make sure that none other had gotten close to his seat, mostly because as a smoker, he wanted to not ruin another's outing on a rare clear day. Free of overcast clouds, a mild sprinkle had happened earlier but that was of barely any importance.

This cafe was a new spot, mostly to make the NKSD lives a bit more difficult, but also to try the establishments that catered to the general citizenry. His own background was not of noble birth, nor from one of the elder bloodlines initially. Born to a modest family of skilled labor parents, he grew up within Ulan'Ude's fifth ward of Tallinn.

A slow exhale, thin trails of reddish smoke as that brief remembrance had sprung free from his mind as he resided in the confines of an outdoor deck chair, one elbow uponst the rounded table. It'd been quite a long since he thought of Tallinn. Known for its high rises and endless nightlife, crowded thoroughfares and so on. One of the always active wards that light up an entire city-state.

Removed from this moment of reverie as the weight of a body settled itself across from him. Fel, recently promoted to the rank of Siet Khan. A senior officer position, and one that was needed. The SVHY had plenty of Hult'ahs, Kenyets, junior officers because of..reasons in Kaldana.

What he didn't have were competent officers that he could also spare. While the paperwork had been atrocious to get Fel this rather high promotion from his previous rank of Kenyet, bypassing the junior officer ranks and so forth.

How is the new status? Fel looked like he was trying to relax but the uniform bore its own weight, something he knew far to well. Relax Fel, we are just two officers off duty for the moment, breathe.

Yes Sir, sorry Sir. I..I'm doing well Sir. I-I..I was unprepared for this promotion Sir..I mean there are others Sir, like Freck.

Fasri chuckled and then let loose another exhale from his cigarette. Freck would buck at the idea of being in the foreign affairs. He's turned down promotions in the past, prefers to in his words, stay in the field.

A bit of a pause before he slid a small manilla folder over to Fel. Your wife will be angry, but these are your marching orders. In three days a flotilla of vessels will be leaving Verlucio for the Marenesia Minor Islands.

You will be tasked with being our representative of the SVHY, and direct superior for all diplomatic affairs. I don't want to think of anything negative rising up, but I am cautious. 

The server returned, so Fasri simply offered a smile and paused his words as the dish was laid down. Thank you. We'll be fine the rest of the time. Here. He gave a set of NK coins to the server, two eight dollar ones, and a four dollar one for a tip. Thank you sir, enjoy your day. Please leave the dishes in the outside bin when you leave. Of course.

Continued on with delicately plucking a peach slice with a bit of creme dabbed onto it before continuing with Fel as the server moved away.

You will be accompanied by Freck and Trusk, plus a contingent of support staff as is natural for such a deployment. However, there will also be HISS, and the HILSD present. Rear Admiral Makis is coming here as well. He has orders direct from the Admiralty Council.

Fel blinked. What are we doing?

Fasri sighed a bit. I have no idea, but its bound to be something secretive if two security directorates that despise each other, are working together. Nothing good comes from the grey shirts and the trenches working together. (degratory slang from the non SD's referring to the HILSD and HISS officers, soldiers etc.)

I shall be most attentive Sir. If they violate the Admiralty laws of the sea, am I to alert our ministry or the high command Sir?

Fasri hadnt thought of that, slipped his mind he supposed. Us first, we shall then make a blue channel alert to the admiralty council and the naval command.

Yes Sir.


(This is content that will also impact and concerns Southern Trek)

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