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Hello everybody. I must say this site looks very complete and professional. Thumbs up to all who have a part in maintaining this.


I'm on my fifth NS stint here, but a lot has changed since I last played, so it all feels new and awkward. I've played in small and big regions, legalistic and free-form, but to be honest, I've never really found a region that satisfied. They were either too obsessed with UN (or wurld assembly as it now seems to be called) politics or the roleplay was dominated by a bunch of old hands you could never hope to dislodge as a new player. As a player who kept going on hiatus and reboot a nation from scratch every time, this felt like the best I could ever hope for was to play a supporting role in other people's games.

What I don't care about:

- the wurld Assembly

- winning

- competition (unless it's a roleplay competition)

What I am here for:

I want to create and rule a nation that is free and viable. One that rejects aspects of the capitalist system, is sustainable, but without impoverishing the population as a result. We'll see if I can make that happen.

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52 minutes ago, Joosty said:

I can't believe I wrote wurld as if I don't know how to spell wurld... πŸ˜–

You'll get used to it!Β πŸ˜›

Welcome to the region! I've found it really awesome so far, and I'm sure, if you engage, you'll have a great time here too!

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13 hours ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

Welcome to Eurth!

I hope you enjoy your time here!

We're less obsessed with the wider NS wurld here but some can kind of find that a bit suffocating :P

"Wurld" is more of a thing here. A bit of a pun on "Eurth", made as a throwaway line by someone that just stuck.


Yuo wull alsuΒ fund thut it is much eusier tu rulepluy wuth uther nutions thun thuse uther rugions yuo wure tulking abuut. We huve our superpuwers alrught, but thu "uldies" dunt ruign supreme


Hope you enjoy your stay here at Eurth, and hopefully we'll see you have your own spot on our wonderful plunet

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