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Map v5: Drafts & Guidelines

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Several last minute changes popped up (along with Orioni currently being OoA) so the publishing of map v5.8 has been delayed. Below are the final additions to the 5.8 drafts:

5.8.4 Map

Nations Modified:
● Fixed @Kertosono's capital city placement.
● Fixed the Bashan-Qubdi-Suverina borders
● Merged Bexshaw with Fearannteth and fixed its name.

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Time for v5.9, however first I would like to remind people of Eurth Ethnolinguistic Project. If you're from Argis you don't have to worry about posting in the thread as Seylos has already made a map of Argis ethnicities which I can use. However for everyone else I will be relying on your IIwiki pages and your original map applications if you do not post on the thread. Currently I am working on the Germanic and Greco-Romance maps, if your nation has either of these cultures but is not ethnically homogenous, please reply in the thread in the near future so your nation isn't misrepresented.

Whilst the Eurth Ethnolinguistic Project is taking place, I will also be releasing maps of ethnic groups alongside the usual drafts. The same will also be done with the time zone map in the near future so remember to stipulate your time zones here.

Lastly I will be doing a full activity check of all members this week, so I'd recommend pumping out a post or two. If you can't we have a dedicated thread for members who can't be active for a prolonged period of time. If you put in a post on this thread your inactivity timer is halted for the duration of your inactivity.

5.9.1 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
● Added @Gotneska's mountain.

Nations Added:
@Feldora to Amutia, Europa.

Nations Modified:
@Ateenia's map reserve has been added since the start of his expansion thread.
@Baltica's map reserve has been (temporarily) removed.
● Changed @Tagmatium Rules's city in Akwisia.
● Rupes Nigra has been re-added since Area 51 stole their island. The war of the hidden nations rages on.

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Heads up - the expansion and NPC guidelines were updated to better clarify the differences between generalist and expansion NPCs. As a reminder the guidelines can be found by:
Map > Map Rules >Expansions and NPC Guidelines (link).
Also due to recent shifts in activity, the number of member slots for each continent have been changed. You may also see a reduced number of map drafts & updates in general as I (the cartographer) put more effort into the Alharu rework to ship it out faster.

5.11.1 Map Draft

Guideline Changes:
● Expansion NPCs (ENPCs) and Generalist NPCs (GNPCs) can now be fully distinguished by whether or not they are owned by a member. ENPCs will always have an abbreviated name or initials in brackets beneath the NPC name, GNPCs will not have such names. Fringe Cases, such as @Walneria's Dazhdinia, have not yet been converted.
● All NPCs must now also have a capital city and a flag at a bare minimum. Any that do not by the end of the v5.11 update will be removed.
● Changed how City States are formatted, flags now show by the symbol not by the name to reduce ambiguity.

Geography Changes:
● Added the Green Sea.
● Renamed the Kendovstrunmahhe Mountains to the Yetis Mountains.

Nations Added:
● Added Malskia (GNPC) to central Argis.
● Added Thransaltz (GNPC) to central Argis.
● Added West Sanarija (GNPC) and East Sanarija (GNPC) to eastern Argis.
● Added @Chyrcassia to central Amutia, Europa.
● Added @Bergenaria to southern Amutia, Europa.
● Added @Renolion to central Amutia, Europa.

Nations Modified:
● Converted Ulfheimr into Ulveim, an NPC (ENPC - @Gotneska @Nyanta).
● Reduced and converted Transbaltia into an NPC (GNPC).
● Reduced Safiloa and updated their flag to their iiWiki flag.
● Reduced Capponia.
● Added Arrus' capital city from iiWiki.
● Updated @Feldora's name to Fedora on the map.
● Renamed @GrecianJorge's city names in Porto Greco.
● Changed how south Europan and south Marenesia borders are shown using the new smaller flags to reduce clutter.
@Baltica has been reborn!- cities and new flag have been added to reflect lore changes.

Nations Removed:
● Drakon and Obbola due to lack of use.
● Sanarija has been removed from the map due to inactivity.
● Andalusia-Francien has been removed from the map due to inactivity.

New Academic Slots Available:
● 2 member slots are available for Argis. After that, unless there is a purge of inactivies & NPCs on the continent, Argis will be relocked for the foreseeable future.
● 1 member slot is available for Aurelia.
● 2 member slots are available for Marenesia.
● 2 member slots are available for Europa.
● Alharu will no longer have a member cap like the other continents, any amount of members (for the foreseeable future) can join the continent.

Edited by Xio
Rewording (see edit history)
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5.11.2 Map Draft

Nations Added:
● Iwenland (GNPC) to the Dolch See, Argis.

Nations Modified:
● Reduced Roqoo.
● Added the Capital of Casilla to Insmerda.
● Added the Capital of Berined to Bouenezenn.
● Added Nanaviit's flag.
● Added San Giorgio's capital.

Nations Removed:
● Fravina due to inactivity, requested early termination.

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Last draft of this month as requests have dried up. I will be passing this map down to Orioni this weekend, so if you have any last minute requests send them now :).

5.11.3 Map Draft

Nations Modified:
● Changed Iwenland's cities after a Discord discussion on alternatives.

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A couple requests have come in last minute. This map draft (v5.11.4) will be sent to Orioni tonight (2022/08/27).

5.11.4 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
● Added elevation to the Spring Isles off the coast of Ulveim.

Nations Added:
● Karberg (GNPC) to central Argis.

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Another month, another update. Not much has occurred this month outside of a couple graduates earlier this month, so it's likely this update will be finalised earlier than others.

5.12.1 Map Draft


Geography Changes:
● The Aurelian Shield climate has been updated to be less arid.

Nations Added:
@Ochoa has returned to Western Aurelia.
● Added @Ionio to central Aurelia.
● Added @Volta's Kolhar to the Aurelian Shield in Thalassa.

Nations Removed:
● Capponia has been removed due to inactivity and requested an early termination.
● Removed Volta to be replaced with Kolhar.


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This was quite the uneventful month outside of Aurelia, so this'll be the last draft before I send it to Orioni in the weekend. Enjoy!

5.12.2 Map Draft

Nations Removed:
● San Castellino
● San Lorenzo
● Montemadia
● Eldorado

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5.13.2 map Draft

Geography Changes:
● Added @Louvier's Mt Cernier.

Nations Added:
@Florentia to Cashari Island, Alharu.

Nations Modified:
● Added @Aurivizh's city of Pulezh.
● Added an asterisk to the Ruthenian Nations name.
● Added @Xio's reserved territory.
● Reduced Kretanizam due to inactivity.
● Reduced Kharai due to inactivity.
● Reduced Fina due to inactivity.
● Reduced Cristina due to inactivity.

Nations Removed:
● Karberg (GNPC) per Discord request.
● Removed Sefesia (GNPC), merging it with Xio's reserved territory.

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The great NPC eradication has come! It is likely NPCs will continue to come and go and they're individually inspected, but in general there are far fewer NPCs on the map now. Hopefully this month (November) more of the map rules will be looked over and changed to better reflect Eurth's current position. It's likely the rules to expansions will be changed in the coming weeks, which will be packaged with the new NPC rules as a greater 'map rules' update.
Also remember! Just because an NPC is not on the map doesn't mean you still can't use them for RP!

Alongside this map draft is a new Koppen Climate Map, which in the near future will also be paired with a more user-friendly climate map that doesn't rely on precise definitions and boundaries.

There is also a new tectonic map with the incorporation of Alharu's new topography. The tectonic plates were greatly simplified to reduce ambiguity and avoid turning Argis into a Pacific Ring of Fire. Fault lines that diverge from the map tectonic boundaries are not shown on the map along with minor plates that move in the same direction as one another merged into single plates (similar to how the Indian and Australian plates are shown on maps). This allows for a bit of ambiguity and thus freedom for individual members, who can customise their local fault lines with their neighbours.

Lastly is a blank map, because why not? All three of these maps have been uploaded to the Eurth iiWiki page along with an updated sea map.

This map draft will be given to @Orioni this weekend, so if you want some last-minute changes for this month, request now!

5.13.3 Map Draft

EY00pZi.png  KQWKTdk.png  a3QcS2H.png

Nations Removed:
● Nuthahan
● Malskia
● Ulfheimr
● Arrus
● Safjal
● Namdatka
● Sawbrania
● St Francoisburg
● Stemas
● Estimeria & West Sanarija have been given an extra 2 weeks to be adopted.

Nations Modified:
● Transbaltia has been adopted by @Ahrana.
● Transbaltia's flag has been updated.

Edited by Xio (see edit history)
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This final map draft will be given to Orioni tomorrow, if you have any grievances please ask today as this update needs to be pushed out asap.

5.13.4 Map Draft

Nations Added:
● Added @Legnut's Gaellicia to the Occident, Europa.
● Readded Ulfheimr as Nyantastan's NPC in eastern Argis.
● Added @Baltica's reserved expansion land.

Nations Modified:
@Baltica has officially adopted Estimeria.

Nations Removed:
● West Sanarija

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This is the last 5.14 draft, I'll be giving it over to @Orioni this weekend / next week to update.
A reminder to everyone: if you have not completed the December 2022 Census by the 1st of January, and hadn't provided a Leave of Absence or requested for extra time, your nation will be reduced or removed (depending on which is easier).

Also, an additional requirement/rule has been added to expansions - you can only do an expansion after 30 days of being on the map (either from graduating the academy, or restarting your nation).

5.14.2 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
● Fixed continental shelf around northern Cashari.
● Added new rivers in western Alharu.

Nations Added:
● Re-added @Cashar to western Alharu.
● Re-added @Roqoo to northern Alharu.
● Replaced Transbaltia with Volhynia (@Ahrana NPC).

Nations Modified:
● Changed @Orioni's Burkini and Rohini to only have 1 city each.
● Changed @Littland's city of Frankerup to Nebel.

Edited by Xio (see edit history)
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To everyone who did not see the announcement on Discord earlier this month, if you had not completed the census by midnight of the 31st of December, 2022, your nation will be temporarily reduced/removed. If you complete the census this month and ping the cartographer (myself) on Discord that you did it, your reduction/removal will be reverted. If by the end of January your census was still not finished, the reduction/removal is permanent.

Now that's out of the way, here is map draft v5.15.1!

5.15.1 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
● De-crazed some of Alharun lake coastlines, so they're not too spikey.

Nations Added:
● Added @Pretanic Isles to off-shore Aurelia.
● Added @Mahana's Zekistan to eastern Europa.
● Re-added Oyussa 🧜‍♀️

Nations Modified:
● Added @Walneria's South Antargis station.
● Added @Advocatius and @Ionio's reserved spaces for expansions.

Nations Removed:
● Fubukino per request.
● Ochoa due to inactivity.

Temporary Removals:
● Safiloa
● Kharai
● Eulycea
● Kretanizam
● Fina
● Cristina (converted back into a city state under Mantella)

Temporary Reductions:
● Aendoan
● Delamaria
● Ebrary
● Feluga
● Porto Greco

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5.15.2 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
● Fixed the large river delta that flows into the Jasmine Sea, Europa.

Nations Removed:
● Feluga (requested).

Nations Modified:
● Compensated @Advocatius's expansion request due to the placement of the Pretanic Isles.

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చօąհ! ղҽա ʍąք ժɾąƒէ!
With the 5.15 map out, all reductions & removals from the December census have been made permanent.
(Also this is my 500th post)

5.16.1 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
@Nyantastan's mountains have been labelled as the Gelmir Mts.
● Volsci mountains, requested by @Gaellicia, have been named the Matryaus Range.
● The Canamo Canal has been added to the map.

Nations Added:
@Garindina to western Argis.
@Aurivizh's Skibbenon to eastern Argis.

Nations Modified:
● Wajoka, Noble Nykia, Yuropa, Norrium, Yien, Afropa, and Abantium have all be shrunk and moved to better accommodate future Afro-Asiatic and Subsaharan African nations. All Azanian nations still possess the same population and GDP from before, so their military strength remains the same.

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5.16.2 Map Draft

Legend Changes:
● The legend key has been updated to show the new flag placement template. This should hopefully make things clearer regarding who owns what. Several members had their nations changed to fit the new legend key. Master national flag is always to the left, client/colonial/co-member flag is always to the right.

Nations Modified:
● Prymont has been made into an NPC and his border with @Ateenia fixed.
@Iverica / FCNI has been changed to fit the new key.
● @Iverica's North Oriental Ocean islands have been named.
● @Seylos's / NAU has been changed to fit the new key.
● @Haruspex's flag has been updated to their iiWiki version.
@Haruspex has been changed to fit the new key.
● Corinium/Korinon's border has been changed to better match the provided map.

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My internet is bugging out and keeps disconnecting, so Imma keep this changelog short: probably last update for February / early March, giving the map to @Orioni this weekend (Sat/Sun). If you have any last minute requests post them asap or be forced to wait until the end of March / early April.

5.16.3 Map Draft

Geography Changes:
● Added @Garindina's Chernyye Gory mountain range.
● Added @Garindina's Mt Blekrod to the new Chernyye Gory.
● Centred Marenesia Minor's subcontinent name to better encompass the island area.

Nations Added:
● Added @Guthheimr to eastern Argis.

Nations Modified:
● Updated @Gallambria to fit the new legend from the prior update (v5.16.2).
● Updated @Gallambria's flags to match their iiWiki versions.
● Updated @Adaptus to fit the new legend from the prior update (v5.16.2).

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This'll be the last map draft for v5.16, just so we can finally get it out there and not have new graduates waiting an eternity to appear on the map. I'll be giving @Orioni the map today, to be posted this weekend, as I'll be off for the weekend up until Wednesday.

5.16.5 Map Draft

Nations Added:
● @Garindina's NPC Ómaksa.

Nations Modified:
● Updated @Gaellicia's flag.

Nations Removed:
● Renolion (requested early termination).


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