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Map v5: Drafts & Guidelines

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello y'all. Second version of the 5.0 map update. I couldn't do as much as I would of liked, with several parts of the to-do list still incomplete, and possibly going to be moved to the 5.1 map update. However I won't waste your time any longer, so this is the 5.0.2 map (draft)!

5.0.2 Map


5.0.2 Changelogs (02/04/2021 - 04/04/2021)

A couple nations have been added to the 5.0.2 draft.
@Tagmatium Rules's Akwisia.

But as we congratulate our new graduates from the academy, may we have a minute of silence for those passing through our doors - permanently or temporarily.
- @Morheim
- @Kaitaine
- @Selayar
- @Fjallshima
- @Little Flau

Rest in Peace, their souls gone to the Mun.

Similarly to the 5.0.1, there have also been modifications to pre-existing nations. One that affects multiple countries is the adding of a tag under cities that are controlled by a foreign nation.
- @Metztlitlaca's Kaseka under Seylosian control
- @Vostau's Bab-al-Bahr also under Seylosian control
- @Variota's Lukinagrad
Other changes include:
- Renaming of @Haruspex's "Korinon" to "North Korinon"
- Adding Akwisia's capital's endonym name.
- Swapped Lysia and @Social Democratic Confederation back around. Lysia to keep its new name.
- @Westzeeland's southern city correctly positioned
- Kaseka correctly labelled as a port city
- @St Francoisbourg changed to an @Iverica NPC.
- Moved Dolchland's capital to the city
- Labelled Bashan under @Gallambria's name.

And my eternal battle with the map's funky geography rages on with several geographical changes.
- Several rivers were not reaching the coastline and were short by several pixels, this has been fixed
- The Zitan Sea was renamed to the Turtle Sea
- Naming the Chenshas Sea was attempted. Possibly reverted in the next draft.
- Labelled Mesothalassa as now multiple active countries are in the location.

5.0.3 To-Do List
Note: 5.0.3 is most likely going to be the final draft (unless @Orioni requires some changes), so anything not completed in the 5.0.3 draft will most likely be moved onto the 5.1.1 draft.
- Meetings for multimember Aurelian NPCs to occur post-5.0 map due to complications of meeting dates.
- Europan NPC talk to take place post-Anglia event to prevent metaconflict.
- Attempt to set up an Alharun Meeting (split between Mesothalassa/Tropical Alharun group members and Arid Alharun Group members) on multimember Alharun NPCs
- Attempt to set up an Argisian Meeting for Multimember Argisian NPCs

I'd like to apologise for this draft's lateness, hopefully the next will have more material to show for these delays :).

5.0.3 - 5.1. To-Do-List
- Improve those mid-oceanic ridges (the "staircase"). Have a look at this particular style. Connect along the poles. Use a gradient stroke to better blend the colours.
- Try a different color palette for the simple climate.
- Cleanup wavy or low-res flags of: Astriedan, Byzantium Nova, Wendland.
- Europa borders redraw for more realism (use pattern)
- More small lakes (where it makes sense)
- Rivers redraw (use pseudo-random pattern, less meandering the higher up you go)
- Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png"
- Timezone update based on new nation borders. When choice is undefined, location of capital decides the timezone.
- Kur Mts between Yuropa, Assurym, Arrif.
- Anglia annexations

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Alright! The final draft (if no issues are brought up by the community) of the first map update involving me in the process. I must thank Orioni for teaching me the ropes of properly editing the map using photoshop and keeping to the map guidelines to make sure my involvement in the maps is seamless with minimal theme clashing, as well as being incredibly patient with my blunders and mistakes :). If no other changes need to be made, the v5.0 map will (should) be posted sometime in the upcoming weekend.
(Also the "Draft 5.0.X" has been officially standardised, huzzah!)

5.0.3 Map



5.0.3 Changelogs (11/04/2021 - 13/04/2021)
Only one nation was removed this time around, that being the small Marenesia Minor nation of @Kualoa, may they rest at sea, and have been replaced by Area 51.

There were some geography changes, mostly minor tweaks.
- Added the Kur Mountains to Azanian Europa
Changed Nusantara Islands to Nusantara Island Chain

And changes to the Legend situated in Antargis
- Moved the Legend's text to accommodate the below changes:
-- Added the North Adlantic Union to the Major International Organisations
-- Added new types of NPCs to Legend, instead of having (NPC) under their name, NPCs now have an asterisk (*) at the end of their names, reducing clutter on the map.

 The biggest changes for the 5.0.3 map have primarily been in Europa, so let's first start in the New Wurld:-
- Added Ateenia's cities and ports
- Changed @Salvia's city of Trinity to Gaullo
- Tagged Llalta under the North Adlantic Union
And now for Europa:-
- Added Anglia's capital of Godstone
- Added the Anglian annexation of @Social Democratic Confederation. Although this has not technically occurred yet in-canon, I'd imagine by the weekend the annexation will have occurred.
- Changed @Adaptus's southern border to allow for the annexation by Anglia
- Labelled Adaptus’ northern islands as "Adapton Overseas Territories"
- Fixed @Gallambria's Bashan - Qubdi lake border
- Repositioned several Europan flags and names to fit better in their borders
- Changed @Byzantium Nova's flag to be more simplified for the low resolution 30px flags on the map, as well as the original flag originating from google images
- Wendland's flag similarly changed due to its superficial similarity to flags on google images.
- Lewana's flag due to being just Republican Spain's flag
- Removed (Cathunters) tag from Lewana
- Fixed Red Iberic Worker's flag, as it had a horizontal gradient
- Changed Italgria's flag

Backlog (renamed "To-Do" List)
- Redo the Mid Adlantic Ridges to follow tectonic plates and closer to IRL Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Adlantis? Pog?)
- Possibly change Simplified Climate's colour palette / categories to be easier for the lay man.
- Add small lakes where realistic / required
- Redo river systems to be more realistic / follow more realistic paths (River Map?)
- Global Culture Map Pre and Post Colonialism (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Cultures?)
- Time Zone Map (Based on borders, capital cities determine time zone if none given/known)
- Thanos Snap half of all cities of inactive countries.

- Europa Forum Thread
-- Interior Europa Borders Redraw
-- Old Guard Conservation Zones (OGCZs) definitions and locations
-- Revitalisation of Importance of Europa (Long Term Solution)
-- Cultural rework of non-OGCZs
-- Merge lore with the rest of Eurth

- Aurelia Meeting / Forum Thread
-- Mid-Aurelian Multimember NPCs
-- Aurelian League
-- Manamana Canal & Manamana League
-- Great Aurelian Wastes
-- @Asgeirria Solutions

- Alharu Meeting / Forum Thread
-- Multimember NPCs
-- Finalising Cultures Pre and Post Colonialism (Part of greater global culture map)

- Argis Meeting / Forum Thread
-- Multimember NPCs
-- Other Issues(?)

- Marenesia Meeting / Forum Thread
-- Multimember NPCs
-- Other Issues(?)

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Map 5.1.1 Draft

Not much with this map draft as the continental map threads have not begun, but here it is.

5.1.1 Changelogs (19/04/2021 - 24/04/2021)
Nations Modified
- Changed @Anatea's flag.
- Added @Tagmatium Rules's reservation.
- Changed @Metztlitlaca's river systems.

Nation Proposal (Not finalised - opinions / ideas wanted!)
Moved Faramount as an NPC from Alharu to Europa's Azania, replacing the Bulungi NPC. This is to keep Fulgistan's current lore with the nation intact whilst making room for different cultures more compatible with the rest of Alharu and bring Faramount closer to other culturally similar nations.

Backlog for 5.1.2 (Specifically)
- Remove half (or more) of all cities belonging to inactive or NPC nations to reduce clutter. 
- Aurelia Map Thread
- Alharu Map Thread

Europa Map Thread will take place around post-Anglia Event or as its ending, and Marenesia and Argis map threads will be for 5.1.3.

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Woooweee it's been a long time. I'd like to apologise for my lack of activity throughout May as I was doing my College finals, however I am back now. This update (5.1.2) will be the penultimate post before it is placed upon an alter and sacrificed to the great Orioni to be put up on the forum proper. The Continent threads are being postponed for the 5.2 map updates just so the newer members can see themselves on the map sooner rather than later.

5.1.2 Map


5.1.2 Changelogs (24/04/2021 - 20/05/2021)

Global Changes
● Added OCA (Occidental-Azanian Pact) to the legend.

Nations Modified
● Europan-wide city removal to reduce clutter.
● Remove certain cities of Fearannteth and changed Costa Scura to Port Dorcha per @Oyus request.
● Suverina relabelled as “Suverina Protectorate”.
● Added Sitallo’s capital as outlined on the proposal.

Nations Added
@Mokhavia with requested rivers.
@Kertosono with requested cities.
@DPR Velaheria.

Nations Removed
● Asgeirra has been removed temporarily as Aurelian Discussion continues, (see Backlog for further details).
@Prawasia due to lack of activity as a new member and unwillingness to open channels for communication.
@Theaca as per request through Discord.


5.1.3 / 5.2.1 Backlog
● Collect Aurelian nation proposals (both my own and others) and have a vote take place between the Aurelians and any other parties involved for the Asgeirra and Manamana Retcons
● Add Zastov NPC to the map(?).
● Begin the Continent Discussions for Alharu and Argis.
● Update the Terms of Nation Inactivity Erasure.
● Add small lakes where realistic / required
● Modern day Global Culture Map
● Time Zone Map


Early Notice
Terms of Nation Inactivity Erasure will be updated so that - officially - metacommentary posts (posts that are not RP, factbooks, expansion/reserve posts, or similar*) do not count towards time since activity. This will put several nations on the chopping block. If you have exceeded 183 days of inactivity, please notify me (Metztlitlaca) either in the Forum's Messages system or through Discord private messages if you have yet to make a post in Leave of Absence. Currently there are no active Leave of Absence notices at the time of writing.

Newer members who have posted infrequently after joining the map will also be stricter upon due to a consistent level of members being placed on the map and ceasing activity within a month. No official time periods or quotas have/will be set up and instead will be dealt with on a case-by-case scenario.

*Funny enough these map updates from me count as metacommentary, so I have no excuse to become RPly inactive due to performing map updates.

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Unless issues are brought up, this is the definitive map used for the next map update: Map 5.1.3. You know we always do the same thing, I show the map, explain it in the changelog, then maybe show a backlog. Let's mix it up a little. I will show the changelog first and then I'll show the map!


5.1.3 Changelogs (26/05/2021 - 04/06/2021)

Global Changes
● The legend has been re-alphabetised to accommodate the OCA

Geography Changes:
● Added cliff coastlines to @Mokhavia

Nations Modified
● Added cities to @Haruspex’s Zharr
● Changed Suverina’s name and flag to more reflect it’s current geopolitical situation.
● Relabelled @Mokhavia’s city of Ysta due to new geography changes
● Girkmand converted into an NPC still part of TRIDENT / ATARA
● Fearannteth is now the Commissariat of Mesothalassa under Anglia with a new flag
● Renamed Suverina’s capital from Chisnau to Chisinau

Nations Removed
● Greater Serbia


5.1.3 Map

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5.2.0 Map


5.2.0 Changelogs (15/06/2021 - 21/06/2021)

Nations Added
@Hinterlands to central Argis.
@Rhava to eastern Alharu.
@Sanarija to eastern Argis.
@Ochoa to western Aurelia

Nations Removed
● Heiheguo.
● Yeosan (This may or may not be permanent, situation in flux).

Nations Modified
● @DPR Velaheria, city names were edited to fix their text format.

Discussion Threads
● The Europa Discussion Thread has been opened up to discuss the past, present, and future of Europa.
● The Aurelia/Thalassa Discussion Thread remains open to all submissions regarding the Asgeirria replacement and/or the retconned Manamana Canal.

5.2.0 Backlog
● Conclude the Aurelia and Thalassa Discussion Thread.
      ● All submissions will be put to a vote by Aurelians and other nations who have a stake in the change.
      ● Discuss whether or not Zastov should be placed on the map.
● Add @Ochoa's flag (not wavy) to the map.
● Global Eurth Culture Map (In Progress).
● Begin the Continent Discussions for Alharu and Argis. (Pushed back to 5.3).
● Lakes and Rivers redone to match new (2020) climates. (Pushed back to 5.4).
● Global time zone map of Eurth (Unknown)

Early Notice
The Aurelia/Thalassa Discussion Thread will be closed on the 26th, with the vote commencing shortly after. If you want the Manamana or Asgerria to be a particular way (or not exist at all cough @Shffahkia cough) then please put your submission in within the next 5 days.

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5.2.1 Map

5.2.1 Changelogs (24/06/2021 - 05/07/2021)

Nations Added:
@Yeosan is back on the map!
@Kromeus's Ulfheimr in eastern Argis.
@Volta in northern Aurelia.
@Hemahat in western Alharu.
@Ekar our first true city state, now in southern Argis!
@Ahrana's Uppsund and Elde NPCs for his expansion has finally been added.
@Anatea's Ruthenian States have also been added after finishing their thread, although are too small to be added individually.
● And lastly Sefesia has been added after the Aurelian Vote.

Nations Modified:
● Grenesia has been reduced in size to roughly half its land area due to inactivity and lack of a date given for returning.
● Qubdi and Euandria's borders have been finalised.
● Suverina put under Anglian control officially.

Nations Removed:
● Westzeeland
● Ochoa

Global Changes:
● Modified Manamana Isthmus following a geographic proposal.
● Added Artificial Canals and City States labels to the Legend
● Renamed Ceris now that Doom of Ceris is effectively finished.
● Added a 2 new points of interest: Liechnenfax and the updated Manamana Canal
● All non-capitals of inactive nations have been temporarily removed due to file space issues. A better solution is being looked into. Byzantium Nova, Adaptus, Ide Jima, Tamurin, Volsci, and Suverina were not effected. 
● Readjusted Europan flags and names

Edited by Metztlitlaca
Formatting (see edit history)
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Back to back, here comes Map 5.2.2 along with a couple other announcements attached including the most up-to-date culture maps of Eurth and the announcement of the Anglian Machine Code Breaker Contest. Also it should please many of you, but I will be moving from Discord image links to Imgur direct image links post-5.2.2 so that the permanency of images are more secure. If no complaints arise about this draft version, it will be sent to @Orioni on the 11th of July, 2021.

5.2.2 Map


5.2.2 Changelogs (05/07/2021 - 09/07/2021)

Global Changes:
● Changed the City State symbol to be more recognizable.

Geography Changes:
● Renamed Monran Bight to Monim Bight and renamed the Marjan Mountains to the Majar Mountains per
Cashar's request.

Nations Added:
● Added Ochoa back to the map.

Nations Modified:
● Kertosono’s capital moved per request.
● Yeosan’s flag and capitals changed due to
recent retcon.
● Renamed Cashar’s capital city to Pavar labels
per request.
● Added to Walneria’s
river system.

Nations Removed:
● Indostan

Eurth 09/07/2021 Culture Complex and Culture Simple Maps

These maps were made with help from across the community and will be used to aid new members to find their footing on the planet and for older members to understand their neighbours a bit more.
These maps won't be as updated as frequently as the normal map.

Anglian Machine Code Breaker Contest
As many of you know, the Kingdom of Great Anglia has
recently posted an internal document on 5 different war plans for 5 different, unique, targets. You will not be given any more information than what's provided on the post itself. The first member of the community to correctly guess all 5 nations on the internal document will be given a prize: One free map of their nation. The map will be completely to their specifications and it's dimensions will be at least 10,000x5000 in size.

When to send your list of nations:
14:00 Zulu Time, 10th of July 2021

Where to send your list of nations:
A new discord account will be created and it's four numbers will be added back to this map submission:
Discord Name: 
(Note that there is a chance the discord might not work for the first couple minutes, please be patient!)

- One list per participant
- Participants cannot edit their list once it has been posted
- Participants cannot (publicly) work together
- Participants cannot post their lists or evidence publicly
- Participants nor Staff cannot leak the unredacted document
- Participant acts like a jerk
If a participant breaks any of these rules of the content they will be disqualified

When will the winner be revealed: 
The winner will be revealed when all 5 nations have been invaded and/or revealed via RP. Most likely the map will begin production post-Anglian Crisis. Don't expect it soon.

Good luck!

Edited by Metztlitlaca
Contest is now open! (see edit history)
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So it's been a while, thankfully it seems like activity on the forums has come back - which means Map V5.3 can finally begin!

5.3.1 Map

5.1.3 Changelogs (24/07/2021 - 21/08/2021)

Global Changes:
● The first wave of the new Europa NPC nations have arrived in Azania. Those being:
  - Wajoka replacing Dragonryders
  - Noble Nykia replacing Jilderen
  - Namica replacing Chrysiakti
  - Mandenica replacing Mawlika
  - Norrium replacing Hakenrider
  - Abantium replacing Sa Hara
  - Yien replacing Mahdah
  - Zavrium replacing Afropa
  - The Jubs replacing Alshamal
 - Pinj Lwo replacing Ayubi
The next batch (Oriental and Buranian) will be proposed in the thread after this draft. (Do note these Azanian nations are not complete will be changed in further drafts - e.g. Pinj Lwo is being reverted post-draft)

Nations Removed:
● And sadly., @Batengdei
@Shffahkia's reserve territory has been removed due to his recent announcement.

Nations Added:
Aurelia has begun to pop off as of late with the introduction of;
● and the return of @Rhodellia to the map.

Edited by Metztlitlaca (see edit history)
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Whoops! It appears I have made a couple mistakes in the last update (5.3.1) in my rush to get it out. So here are a couple changes:

5.3.2 Map

5.3.2 Changelogs (22/08/2021 - 23/08/2021)

Global Changes:
● Qubdi and Euandria's borders have been fixed. These were accidentally reverted due to the use of a backup of an older version of the file.

Nations Modified:
● Pinj Lwo has had its flag changed back and its name reverted back to Ayubi.
● Switched Noble Nykia's flag to an alternative proposal to reduce the amount of green flags in the area.
● Switched Abantium's flag to an alternative proposal to reduce the amount of green flags in the area.
● Suverina's (Anglia) tag has returned.
● Forgot to mention in Draft 5.3.2 but @Andalla and Giokto have officially been made into NPCs.

Hopefully the next draft will be more substantial in content, but I felt it was necessary to get a draft out with some of the issues brought up out as soon as possible.

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Draft 5.3.3, if no issues are raised with this update, it will be passed off to Orioni on the Sunday the 5th.

5.3.3 Map

5.3.3 Changelogs (31/08/2021 - 01/09/2021)

Global Changes:
● Ruthenian States and Ceris States have been renamed to the Ruthenian Nations and Ceris Nations to reduce ambiguity.

Nations Modified:
@Variota's flag was fixed (dimensions were incorrect)

Nations Added:
● Added @San Castellino's Montemadia and San Lorenzo
● Added @Fulgistan's West Ceris Federation
● Sentist State is now shown on the map

Nations Removed:
@Shffahkia was removed after nations in Aurelia and those with lore attached to his nation had discussed the matter in the Discord.

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Draft 5.4.1. Due to delays outside of my control, Update 5.4 will largely consist of guideline changes rather than substantial map updates.
5.5 will come packaged with how to apply for NPCs outside of expansions, the difference between regular NPCs and expansion NPCs, and what bonuses new members will get for allowing their country to be landlocked. All of this has been discussed in a staff meeting previously, so expect for it to come sooner rather than later (hopefully).

5.4.1 Map

Nations Modified:
● The second Europa V5 group of nations - Burania and the northern Orient - have been converted to their new NPC forms.
   ● @Mirian Republic and @Youtabonia have been merged into Mirialoyche - Miria is still the official short name for the nation.
   ● @Koku and @Ide Jima had flags that were ripped from historical or modern nations/regions, thus their flags were changed.
   ● @Jaihu was converted into Inagata
   ● @Qardania was converted into Dolet
   ● Karthenia and Baranchia were merged into Gudewida
   ● Vetok and @Phil VII were converted into Ouzoia
   ● @Mongol-Swedes was converted into Turikel
   ● @Tal Shiar was converted into Nusisium
● Added @Rhava's river and lake as well as the moved cities.

Nations Added:
@Walneria's NPC Dazhdinia
All other NPC requests have been frozen until 5.4.2

Note 1: Anglia's recent take over of Azania has not yet been visualised on the map - largely because the exact borders are not yet known.
Note 2: After the Burania and northern Oriental states have been finalised, we shall be moving onto Amutia: @Cristina, @Tagmatium Rules, @Orioni, if you believe you have information you deem critical to maintaining Amutia's identity and lore (such as key historic moments, lore-important nations, etc.), please reply to [This Thread]. Ex-colonies of Amutia ( @Iverica, @Anatea, @Fravina, and more) your input regarding your exact lore connections would also be incredibly useful as well. This would also be an excellent time to submit possible retcons you wish to make to your own lore, and help create new colonial powers that accommodate for this change.
Note 3: A more user-friendly culture map is in the works, one that doesn't require the use of colour, and would hopefully be a more use than the current one.
Note 4: The next V5 Continental discussion will be Alharu, on the subject of climate and interconnected lore.
Note 5: After the V5 Alharu discussion, Argis will be next. This will be on the subject of missing Germanic and Slavic colonial powers (e.g. the Dutch) and shared NPCs. After Argis will be Marenesia and Antargis - just a check up and a summary of recent events and any NPCs/borders important to the continent(s) that need to be shown. Then the V5 continental discussion threads will be complete. However they will remain open in case anyone from anywhere on Eurth comes up with interesting ideas for the continent(s) as a whole.

[Aurelia V5]
[Europa V5]
[Alharu V5]
[Argis V5]
[Marenesia V5]
[Antargis V5]


Yes to anyone who noticed - this map doesn't have a "Draft 5.4.1" label. I've noticed that people often ask for a non-watermarked version anyways and the likelihood that a draft is accidentally posted instead of the real map is very unlikely nowadays. So I feel safe enough to end the practise of watermarking drafts. All I ask is that you only use drafts for your own personal use and not uploaded onto IIwiki or the forum in any capacity outside of aiding in further map updates.

Edited by Metztlitlaca
Fine print added (see edit history)
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This map is largely one of quality of life updates, as well as hopefully the last 5.4 map. If all goes well then this map should be put up by @Orioni sometime in or after this weekend (9/10/21 D/M/YY).
Also expect map updates to slow down as I've now began university, perhaps only occurring once every 1 1/2 months or so. And lastly, Maps 5.5+ will be post-flattening. As in, all layers of a similar type (flags with flags, names with names, etc.) will be flattened down from numerous layers down into single layers to cut back on file size. This should counteract my inactivity by a bit as it'll take less time to implement changes to drafts.

5.4.2 Map

Global Changes:
● Borders have been redone!. There were numerous breaks and issues with the borders after years of changes, so I went through the whole map and fixed the borders to be more clear and not have any breaks in them, as well as fixing a couple errors in the borders such as borders with slightly different shades of red. All borders now share the same colour red (HTML: a7220d), which is slightly lighter than the current red.
● The FCNI (Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium) has been added to the Legend, as well as the "Scientific Outpost". The Legend text has also been moved to accommodate the changes.
● Colony Flags (flags of pre-existing nations around islands or non-mainland territories with no names) have been shrank from 30px in length to 20px in length to make the difference between colonies and nations even clearer, as well as just looking nicer and taking up less space.

Nations Modified:
● Burkini and Rohini have been put under @Orioni (ORI.) as I had forgotten to do so previously.
● Zevrium's name has been reverted back to Afropa
● Ryder has been re-reverted back to Wajoka
@Seylos's city of Loughrea text has been flipped to make New Cussia more obvious.
● After 3 years of being missing from the map, @Prymont's island has been returned!
@Iverica has been shrank in size.

Nations Added:
● The Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium's constituent states of Verde, Vasqqa, Narva, and Galicia have been carved out of Iverica's pre-5.4.2 borders.
@Andalusia Francien has been added to the map in northern Alharu.

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Sike! We have one last draft!. Some last minute staff and forum requests have slipped in. Though to avoid any more delays this is the definitive final draft for 5.6 (5.6.3).

5.6.3 Map

Nations Modified:
● Fixed Giokto's capital symbol
● Added San Jorge's capital of Santa Isabel
● Added Rohini's capital city of Vali
● Added Burkini's capital city of Cronulla
● Reverted Daini's name back to Damak Var
● Reverted Baini's name back to Bainbridge Islands
● Reverted Tamarini's name back to Tamurin
● Reverted Tamarini's capital city back to Alaghon
● Changed Ayubi's capital city to Alhafa

Geography Changes:
● Added the Cetan Sea in northern Adlantic
● Added Wampanoag Sea in southern Aurelia
● Added Safijeran Sea and Atsaven Kelp Forest to Marenesia Minor

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This is not only the first map draft of 2022 but also an important cartographical announcement!
Throughout December and January I (with the oversight of the staff) have been working on a Eurth Map Link Hub which centralises all the v5 map information including:
• Starting Stats
New map application form
• All current v5 Continent Discussion threads
• Guides on expansions and NPCs
• Guides on inactivity and termination (← the time frames for inactivity have also been tweaked slightly!)
• How to make good looking requests
And more!
The information in these docs and threads are subject to change, especially as we start to use it for the community and roll it out across more of the forum.

5.7.1 Map


Geography Changes:
● Gotneskan's rivers were modified.
● River Fiaru's name was fixed.

Nations Added:
@Mito to western Aurelia.
@Xio to western Aurelia.
● NAFS/Free State (@Rhodellia's expansion NPC) to central Aurelia.

Nations Modified:
● Changed @Delamaria's flag.
● Fixed West Ceris' name to be an NPC.
● Reduced Variota's territory.

Nations Removed:
● Sayf
● Grenesia

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I would like to apologise for the significant delays to map drafts and January's map update being missed, University is a b*tch.
Either way, this will be the final draft for 5.7.1 so those who have been waiting since this time last month won't be skeletons by the time it's up on the forum :).

5.7.2 Map


We're had a surprising amount of newcomers this month, please welcome:
@Kharai and @Bahiristanto eastern Alharu.
@Kori Chi to southern Marenesia.

We also have two new NPCs added to the map:
@Ateenia's Safjal to northern Argis.
@Zaxar's Cote de Fourrure to southern Aurelia.

Nations Modified:
● Swapped @Rhodellia's Free State flag.
● Added @Orioni's Mekabiri flag (iiwiki).
● Swapped Kotowari's flag (iiwiki).

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This is the last draft of map 5.7 (5.7.3) as I will be handing over the map to @Orioni now.

5.7.3 Map

Geography Changes:
● "Marenesia Major" text shifted to accommodate Roqoo.

Nations Added:
@Roqoo to southern Marenesia.

Nations Modified:
● Changed @Rhava's flag and cities.
● Moved @Xio from the Aurelian Shield to western Aurelia.
@Qarau lost half of its land due to inactivity.
@Shapashun lost half of its land due to inactivity.

Edited by Xio (see edit history)
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5.8.2 Map

Geography Changes:
● Added @Mahana's Mt Monjara
● Added @Xio's Mt Dhiive
● Swapped D'Kalla mountains for the Dhiikala mountains
● After much back-and-forth on the Discord, the lake around @Transbaltia / @Baltica /  @Fina has been named Lake Amber

Nations Swapped:
@Oyus as been swapped to Fubukino in northern Europa

Nations Modified:
@Mito's name on the map has been fixed.

Nations Removed:
● Mauridiviah from southern Alharu
● Qarau from northern Alharu

Current Academic Slots Available:
● 1 member slot available for Argis
● 1 member slot available for Marenesia
● 2 member slots available for Aurelia
● 6 member slots available for Alharu
● 2 member slots available for Europa

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Heads up-- this is the last map draft for v5.8, as it will be given to @Orioni this weekend. If you need any last minute changes request them now!

5.8.3 Map

Nations Added:
@Ngoc Luat to eastern Alharu.

Nations Modified:
● Shrunk @Cashar
● Swapped Cashar's flag to iiWiki version.
● Shrunk @Kahnikstan
● Added @Zaxar's reserved area.

Nations Removed:
● Magnus from northern Argis.
● Forgot to remove Oyus from previous update.

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