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Map Thread of a Cartographer

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    • By Mokhavia
      Hello again, i would like to request an update to my topography. I have taken some inspiration from the western canadian coast in wurldbuilding my culture so i think having a 'rocky coast' might help with the realism of some things, so i've decided on pushing my hight to the sea in the region pictured below, with the red (50-500m) color going to the coast (the map i drew has it neer the coast, but it like the bigger red spot to reach the coast itself, while the smaller one, to the east, be more back, like in the map), the blue (500-2000m) color is also pulled towards the coast a bit. Thanks in advanced!
      Map (note: please dont mind that sploch of greenish-blue, i messed upand forgot that area was part of the river delta):

      Here are some pictures of what i generally want that region to resemble:

    • By Mokhavia
      Hello, I would like to canonise the Unduk lakes (pictured below) and a visible widening of the strait conecting them to the Canamo sea (@Prymont has said in the discord that they aren't opposed to this)
      The Unduk lakes (could you meassure them please) :

      The strait mentioned with a suggestion from me, also if you're able to slightly widen the strait neer the port of Ysta in Mokhavia that would be apriciated:

    • By Mokhavia
      Nation in eurth/NS: Mokhavia
      Capital name: Moshkal
      Capital location: On the thightest area of the lakes (see bellow).
      Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mokhavia
      Newsroom link:
      Culture: Mokhavic (based off of various Uralic, Turkic, Tungusic and Paleo-Siberian cultures)
      Climate: Subarctic/Boreal
      I've added two more rivers, if its possible for them to be added on the map that would be great
      I've also included cities, if they are too many, and also for discussion please DM me on discord at Paprkia#0196 / Mokhavia on the Eurth server (or ig just here on the thread...)
      Note  for less confusion: Ateenia is my northern neighbor, the country is Mokhavia
      Also if possible to imitate my drawn borer as much as posible.

      Statistics: Population - 0 ; GDP - 1 ; Land area - 2* (posible expansion with an exclave neer ahrana in the future)
      PS: Is there a way a break away state can be displayed on the map? becouse there is one in the nation (mentioned in the rp post) that i would like to add.
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