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A Seizure from the Founder

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I am glad to come to all today as the victorious owner of Europa.

After contacting the appropriate authorities at the European Union I have seized control of this website in order to make sure that the true Europa can flourish.

After careful consideration I've decided to ban all members who existed before... oh I don't know 2017. Especially the like of @Orioni, @Tagmatium Rules, and @Haruspex. These deplorable people destroyed me and led me to reclaim the true Europan region on Nationstates in order to ensure that our real legacy carried on.

Suffice to say the current administration will be reshuffled, certain people like @Seylos, @Gallambria, and @Iverica will be removed from their positions considering their poor performance in such roles.

As such I will be bringing back Fleur De Lys as my principle advisor through this transitional period.

Do not question this change.

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