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Atos binon poträl celöfik Gasedemaresodas Stedoriäna, blinöl nulodis Stedoriäna vole.

C'est l'pwèrtå oficir del Ruslî Presse di Stèdorie, assûnant lis noveles di Stèforie å monde.

This is the official portal of the Press Networks of Stedoria, bringing Stedoria's news to the wurld.

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Just moments ago, the Alzi Language Revolutionary Act has been signed by Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg, marking a significant advancement in the Alzi language movement within Stedoria, officially designating Alzi as an official language of Stedoria, with equal status to that of Stedorian. Official federal and regional governments will now be required to provide services in Alzi alongside Stedorian, though this will not apply to local governments.

After the launching of the “Campagne po l’Alzie” a year ago by the Alzi People’s Party along with many self-described Alzi civil rights campaigners and language activists, the bill within the National Assembly of Popular Power, introduced by members of the APP, passed both the National Dail and National Council with nearly unanimous support, with its only opponents being members of the right-wing Freethinkers' Party, claiming it to be an “affront to Stedorian values and culture”.

The bill will also sponsor the creation of a government-owned Alzi Language Bureau, which will be tasked with the standardisation of the Alzi language, as the language, especially orthography-wise, still remains inconsistent and based on regional dialects.


Posters such as these were seen throughout Alzi speaking neighbourhoods and regions of Stedoria.

Reactions throughout Stedoria, even in non-Alzi areas, have been positive. Small celebrations have broken out in cities throughout the country in which Alzi residents live after the bill’s signing by  Chief Consul Köseg. Celebrations within the Alzi Autonomous Region have been much more pronounced; some inhabitants of Sälno were reported to have launched pyrotechnics. 

The bill also designates an official 30 day transfer period to allow all government buildings and services to begin and finish the transfer to both services in Stedorian and Alzi. Included within the transfer is the Stedorian Broadcasting Company, which, by the end of the transfer period, will start producing article available in both Stedorian and Alzi.

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In a press briefing earlier today, Second Consul Delvaux announced the official formation of a state-run anti-corruption force. The force is to be lead by the Minister of Economics and Development, Djean-Pierre Remacle, and will be tasked with enforcing anti-corruption laws within the Stedorian government in both government and opposition parties and circles. According to Remacle, the task force’s first objective will be to run a full audit of all currently represented political parties’ funding and expenses throughout the last year. The audit is set to begin two weeks as the taskforce is still in process of hiring and assigning auditors.

The taskforce’s creation has come amid more calls, both within the NPLS and opposition parties, to clamp down more on corruption amid gradual increases since the revolution and Köseg’s vote into office as Chief Consul. Although corruption has steadily increased since, living standards along with Stedoria’s economy have also increased, bringing Stedorians a much better life today, free from the shackles of monarchism and tyranny, and into the light of equality and Gemotamism.


Second Consul Delvaux at today’s press briefing

The public’s reaction to the formation of the commission have been met very positively. As seen on social media, many citizens have praised the government’s desire for transparency not only within its own political party but also within the other political parties of the National Assembly of Popular Power. Furthermore, given the fact that corruption has been an increasing problem, many say that the anti-corruption taskforce will help to alleviate the public’s cynicism and distrust in the Stedorian political wurld as they are to be held even more accountable for their actions in regards to taxpayers’ money.

Reaction within Stedoria’s political wurld, especially within the National Assembly, have been significantly less positive within all parties except the NPLS. A unanimous statement from the National Assembly’s parties, with the exception of the governing NPLS, have sharply criticised the government’s decision, accusing the NPLS of allegedly attempting to consolidate its power over Stedoria’s opposition parties and turn them into what the statement calls a “controlled opposition”. The statement also outline the parties’ plans to collectively introduce a bill scraping the Anti-Corruption Force, though this is highly unlikely to pass given the NPLS’ control in the National Assembly.

Though Stedoria under the NPLS is making great strides in its combat against corruption within the nation, it seems the the opposition within the National Assembly are keen on maintaining the growth of corruption within the nation for their own benefit, rather than ensuring a transparent government for all Stedorians.

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Earlier today, a Defence Forces’ spokesman has revealed official details regarding a failed attack on a Defence Forces’ checkpoint by monarchist counterrevolutionary terrorist forces that occurred yesterday in western Stedoria, 25km north of Nolka. According to the report issued by the spokesman, four gendarmes were wounded in the attack, but fortunately no Defence Forces personnel were killed and no civilians were injured. The four injured personnel are expected to make full recovery in time. Counterrevolutionary forces suffered a devastating blow in the attack, with two terrorists being killed, and three being injured and captured after the skirmish.

At approximately 19:00 yesterday, gendarmes stationed at a checkpoint, searching vehicles entering Nolka for weapons and contraband came under light arms fire by what are presumed to be terrorists of the so-called “Royal Stedorian Front of Monarchist Resistance”, a counterrevolutionary monarchist terrorist group responsible for numerous heinous attacks against both Stedorian security forces and Stedorian civilians in their goal for the re-establishment of the repressive monarchy that kept Stedoria under its yoke for centuries. In the cowardly element surprise used by the terrorists, four gendarmes were hit by enemy fire and wounded. After gendarme forces took positions, a small gunfight ensued, five minutes after which terrorist forces retreated, abandoning their own wounded.

The Royal Stedorian Front of Monarchist Resistance (FRSTR), a barbaric counterrevolutionary terrorist organisation created by Stedoria’s former oligarchs and reactionaries after the triumph of the revolution, has long been terrorising Stedorian civilians with killings and terror attacks, especially in the north-west of the country, in their goal to bring the nation back into the shackles of slavery and oppression. In recent months the terrorist organisation seems to have stepped up its terror campaign, though coming at the cost for them of major losses at the hands of security forces. According to the spokesman that gave today’s briefing, it is believed within the coming year the FRSTR terrorist organisation will be eliminated.

In response to this attack, the government has announced a small increase in Defence Forces’ personnel in western Stedoria in order to conduct more searches of the countryside, a location in the west believed to be harbouring many terrorists. Vilfgang Kolmen, leader of the DPB-PÛD, has called for an amnesty on FRSTR terrorists, stating that should the government promise not to prosecute them, they would be willing to return to society. Matyu Fovalt, leader of the Freethinkers’ Party, has criticised both the DPB-PÛD’s decision and the government’s decision, stating that the government must take aggressive measures to destroy terrorists and terrorism in Stedoria. Fovalt has also alleged that funding for the FRSTR is coming from a source outside of Stedoria, though he refused to say where specifically and has not yet provided any evidence of this claim.

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At a speech during an event dedicated to the Society of Friends of the Citizen and the Constitution (SFCC), Chief Consul Köseg reaffirmed the importance of the goals of the SFCC, along with the contributions the organisation has been responsible for in both initiating and upholding the Revolution and the Revolutionary ideals of the Stedorian People's Republic. The Chief Consul also encouraged active members of SFCC to be on the lookout for counterrevolutionary behaviour within their towns and communities in order to ensure the defence of the Revolution.


Fellow citizens, today at this ceremony dedicated to the great achievements and goals of the Society of Friends of the Citizen and the Constitution, we recognise the great role that this revolutionary organisation has played in the disestablishment of tyrannical powers that once wreaked havoc upon our proud nation.  Without the efforts of the SFCC's members, we can say with high confidence that the Revolution wouldn't have been as immensely successful as it was. In making this recognition, I'd also like to reinforce the foundation and goals of the SFCC: despite the triumph of the Revolution and the institution of revolutionary justice throughout the nation since the Revolution, unscrupulous counterrevolutionary fifth columnists remain within our nation, waiting for the moment our nation turns its head away in order to strike, in order to ensure that the will of the people is not carried out. We cannot let these forces of chaos, monarchism, and tyranny once again reign as it so did before. We must remember our revolutionary duty as citizens; especially those of the SFCC, that the Revolution must be defended and maintained at all costs, even death. We must all be on the lookout for counterrevolutionary activity within all sectors of society, to the highest branches of government to the humble worker, so that we may ensure that our beloved nation stays free, sovereign, and independent. Citizens not taking an active role in the SFCC, I encourage you to do so; everyone must contribute in the Revolution for it to deserve the title of Revolution; Reason beckons you to the service of the nation.

- Excerpt from Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg's speech at the SFCC event. 

Approximately 55% of the Stedorian population are members of the Society of Friends of the Citizen and the Constitution. Although this percentage has gone down over the years since the Revolution, it can be stated with confidence that this call by Chief Consul Köseg will without a doubt reignite the flames of fervour within the populace to serve the nation, and that all counterrevolutionary activity within the nation will be eradicated so that peace may triumph. 

The SFCC was founded on the 12th of April, 2009, by now Second Consul Djuråd-Françwa Delvaux who, at the time of Chief Consul Köseg's illegal detention, was living in-exile outside of Stedoria. The movement was formed not as a militant movement such as Chief Consul Köseg's 13th of March Movement, but rather as a secret society in order to ensure the erosion of the monarchy from the inside out. The official purpose of the SFCC as stated by themselves before the Revolution was the "Abolition of the monarchy, establishment of a Stedorian republic and a republican legislature elected freely and fairly.". After the Revolution triumphed and these goals were achieved, the SFCC shifted its existence as a secret society calling for republican institutions to be established to a political club open not only to members of the National Party of the Stedorian Revolution, but to all members of Stedorian society, politically affiliated with a political party or not. The SFCC also shifted its intended goal to the "Advocation and promotion of republican and anti-monarchist ideals, the maintenance of revolutionary fervour, and the removal of counterrevolutionary elements from Stedorian society.".

Since the Revolution, the SFCC has also set up foreign branched within nations with a sizeable Stedorian minority population and in nations with Stedorian expatriates residing within. By doing this, the SFCC not only ensures that the importance of the Revolution is emphasised to those living in Stedoria, but also the Stedorians living elsewhere so that they may take pride in their homeland's fight for liberty and republicanism.


Logo of the SFCC

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This afternoon, a bill was passed by the National Assembly of Popular Power titled the Act to Combat Monarchist Apologism; the bill is expected to be signed and officially codified into law early tomorrow. The bill, introduced by members of the NPLS, passed thanks to the NPLS’ majority that they hold in the National Assembly; members of the Freethinkers’ Party also voted in favour of the bill, with the rest of the National Assembly’s parties voting against the bill and voicing their concern for it. Despite the concern from the oppositions however, citizens need not to be worried about the bill’s parameters.

The bill was introduced in response to the growing monarchist threat of the "Royal Stedorian Front of Monarchist Resistance" (FRSTR) counterrevolutionary organisation that has, since the Revolution, continued to wreak havoc on innocent Stedorian citizens in the name of their fanatical and cult-like purpose of the re-establishment of the monarchy that oppressed Stedoria for centuries. The bill’s intended goal is to discourage the spreading and propagation of monarchist propaganda within Stedorian society, namely the media, so that the institutions of the Republic can be safeguarded for all citizens.

The bill outlines and prohibits various harmful content relating to the former monarchy and the flawed idea of monarchism. Under the bill, citizens, media outlets, and entreprises are officially forbidden from publishing any material or content that defends counterrevolutionary and violent activities by organisations such as the FRSTR and other like-minded organisations, publishing any content that advocates or attempts to promote monarchies over other forms of governance, and publishing any material that advocates for the return of the Stedorian People’s Republic’s former monarchy. It should be noted, however, the bill also notes that an exemption to this law is made in publications of books, or in situations in which acting is involved, so that movies, television shows, and novels still remain available and free to read and write for Stedoria’s citizens. Citizens in violation of these parameters can be found guilty of three new criminal offences: Apologism for counterrevolutionary activities, apologism for the former monarchy, and advocation of monarchism. Those found guilty may receive a fine, potential jailtime, and potential revocation of citizenship for a temporary or permanent period of time, depending on the crime’s severity.

With the passing of this bill in the National Assembly, the NPLS released a statement earlier today on social media, expressing their joy and happiness in the bill’s passing, and have ensure all citizen of Stedoria, weather or not they support the NPLS, that they will be protected from the influence of monarchism in every place of society, and that republicanism shall always remain in Stedoria. The NPLS also stated their expressed desire in ensuring that the ideas of republicanism, liberty, and revolution continue to be advocated to Stedoria’s citizens.

The National Assembly, after passing the bill, released an online publication of the bill for citizens to view in order to understand the new laws and parameters that will come into effect soon.

The bill can be viewed here for citizens and foreigners to read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ACmPmEe-qbs_X2v7mH-ff6pgtUha9pICfPzdAt6ZmbY/edit?usp=sharing

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With today, the 13th of December, marking the 12th anniversary of the Stedorian Revolution, celebration, both official and unofficial, have taken place all across Stedoria by citizens and government officials alike, celebrating the date in which the former tyrannical monarchy was overthrown and replaced by our republic built upon Täläktim, values of republicanism, and fraternity between not just the Stedorian People's Republic's people, but with all Dolchic peoples, celebrating their and Stedoria's achievements throughout history, and political achievements in ensuring that all Dolchic peoples live in politically prosperous societies.

Stedoria, for five centuries, had been ruled by the tyrants of the Kelvön dynasty, who, spent virtually all of their reign leeching off and profiting off the Stedorian people and their hard working labour respectively, only being interrupted twice throughout history briefly until the revolution's triumph in 2009. Today's holiday marks not just the remembering, reflecting, and honouring of Stedoria's heroes of 2009's revolution, but also to the two prior times throughout Stedoria's history in which republican government forms were established.

Honour is paid to the heroes of the First Stedorian Revolution of 1793, responsible for the creation of the first Stedorian Republic. Revolutionaries under the leadership of Hänjen Jildknekt and Natan Sizen not only enacted justice unto the Kelvön dynasty on behalf of Stedoria's people, but they also established the foundations upon which our very republic is based upon today, something that must not be forgotten by this and future generations of patriotic Stedorians. Also honoured is General Läkhart Drejlär, leading the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces of Stedoria and the Independent State of Stedoria between 1971-1980, who was responsible for the creation of our national belief of Täläktim, the creation of the enlightened gemotamist ideology, and the initiation of the civil war after fifth columnist monarchists seized back power from him. This civil war, although unsuccessful, gave birth to our current leaders, Chief Consul Köseg and Second Consul Delvaux, who developed the revolutionary movements that would later be responsible for the establishment of our Republic.


A fireworks display held in Kapojvar after a military parade attended by the Chief Consul

A spectacular military parade was held in major cities throughout Stedoria, most notably in Kapojvar, Nolka, and Sälno. Provincial leaders attended military parades and celebrations in their respective provincial capitals; Chief Consul Köseg attended Kapojvar's military parade and festivities. At the military parade, Chief Consul Köseg gave a short speech, hailing Stedoria's historical republican heroes, gemotamism, Stedoria and the Dolchic peoples' contributions to the wurld, and most notably, Stedoria's determination to stand up for justice against imperialistic powers.


In remembering the great deeds and contributions to republicanism by our historical national heroes, we also make noteworthy the current deeds and acts of our nation; not just regarding internal affairs and the combatting of the counterrevolutionaries who remain, but also regarding Stedoria's place on the international stage. The Stedorian People's Republic, now, in the past, and forever in the future has been and will always be imperialism's most fervent enemy; do not forget that imperialism still reigns in the modern day, that it still destroys nations' independence, and that it causes destruction to whatever nation it wreaks havoc in. Our nation must be vigilant; imperialism can be seen upon Stedoria's and Argis' doorsteps; we mustn't turn our attention away from it, so that it may strike our nation and rob us of our sovereignty just as it has done to nations near and close to us. The people's power, however, is a weapon that not imperialism nor even the wurld's most advanced weapons can destroy, and so long as popular power places its confidence into our government, state, and ideology, so too will these things place its confidence in the people, and ensure that the people can live in security and freedom.

- Excerpt from Chief Consul Köseg's speech at today's military parade

Though not mentioning it by name specifically, it is believed that the Chief Consul's reference to imperialism being seen on the doorsteps of Argis and Stedoria refers to the recent diplomatic tensions between Stedoria and the North-Adlantic Union, which had started only weeks ago due to the latter's continued and unrelenting occupation of certain sectors of the Ceris island, with the alliance setting up NAU-aligned client states. The diplomatic tensions started after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs voiced its concern for the sovereignty and well-being of the Ceriser people under occupation, in line with the recent reaffirment of Stedoria's anti-imperialist policy at the a recent cabinet meeting between NPLS minister, including the Chief Consul.

Nevertheless, the 12th Anniversary of the Stedorian Revolution marks the continued success of Stedorian People's Republic under the NPLS, who have steadily increased the quality of life and economic prospects of all of Stedoria's citizens. Stedoria, along with its citizens, should always remember that today's republic finally brought to life the dreams of former revolutionaries who fought not just in Stedoria's name, but also in the name of Stedoria's people.

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Electoral campaigning throughout Stedoria is in full swing with the advent of the new year as March 16's general elections come closer with each passing day. Vying for the the position of Chief Consul and control over the potentially new government, political parties all throughout Stedoria practically all political ideals, opinions, and beliefs are now engaging in fervent efforts in campaigning in order to swing undecided Stedorian voters towards them whilst also potentially securing new and more permanent political supporters. Such campaigning includes the setting up of posters throughout cities, the release of election manifestos, political leaders and candidates meeting with the public, and more; various political pledges and promises have been made by major parties to especially entice the support of younger Stedorians.

The National Party of the Stedorian Revolution (NPLS), led by Chief Consul Tamäj Köseg, currently already in power and the largest party in the National Assembly, has domestically pledged to expand Stedoria's industry and commercial entreprises further, strengthen the role of the government in the economy to ensure fairness and economic equality, and has vowed to take an aggressive approach towards the counterrevolutionary terrorists that currently still engage in acts of terror against security forces and civilians, vowing to be the representatives of law, order, and republicanism. On the global stage, the party has pledge to continue its expansion in foreign relations with the Wurld's nations, both political and economically, whilst also maintaining a strong anti-imperialist foreign policy in regards to unwelcome foreign intervention within other nations.

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PVRJ), led by Talmät Malsäg, currently the second largest party in the National Assembly and longtime opposition of the NPLS, has made domestic pledges of increasing democratisation of Sredoria's political system, which the PVRJ has claim has been eroding under the NPLS's rule. The PVRJ has also pledged to liberalise the economy in order to apparently increase Stedoria's economic reputation and make it easier for Stedorians to start their own businesses and entreprises. The party has also called on a less aggressive approach towards the terrorists, pledging to offer the amnesty should they lay down their weapons and surrender peacefully. The party has also externally pledged to stop what it claims to be the deliberately diplomatically aggressive actions of the NPLS and to enquire about membership or the creation of any potential economic co-operation organisations. The PVRJ has also made clear its intention to seek a political alliance/coalition with the social-democratic United Development Party (DPB), whose political goals and pledges are extremely similar to that of the PVRJ's; this, however, has worried some that this could lead to potential vote splitting between the two parties.


An election poster from the PVRJ.

The populist-oriented Action Party (DP), led by Henri Jelan and currently the National Assembly's third largest party, has taken advantage of the radically different platforms of the NPLS and the PVRJ, and has pledge a mix of these two parties' various platforms, vowing to continue the economic nationalism of the NPLS whilst also vowing to crack down on what it calls the NPLS's belligerence in foreign affairs so that economic opportunities can be increased for Stedoria and its people.

Though much smaller than the mainstream parties, the far-left Communist Party (KP) and right/far-right Freethinkers' Party (LP) have embarked on a campaign of left and right-wing populism respectively. The KP have pledged to make massive economic changes to the Stedorian economy whilst the LP have used their nationalistic tendencies to their advantage to attract the support of more patriotic and nationalistic Stedorians. Though their vote share remains small in projected polls, the two parties have placed big stakes. Should either surpass the poll numbers, this would send an important message to Stedoria's more moderate political parties.

Current poll projections heavily favour the NPLS, who as of January 3rd, are projected to win approximately 60% of vote-share, 1% lower than in 2018's elections. The PVRJ's vote share has lowered since the previous election, and is currently projected that they will win 10% of the vote-share, a 2% decrease. the DPB's projection has increased to 8%, a 2% increase, whilst the DP's support has considerably risen to 15%, a 5% increase. The Alzi-oriented Popular Party of Alzi is projected to win the same vote-share of 3%. The KP and LP's projection still remains low, albeit increased; they are expected to achieve 3-4% of the vote-share each. Previous turnout was 63.3%; should more voters be inclined to vote, they could make a crucial difference in March.

Whatever the outcome may be, 2022's elections will send an important message to the NPLS and their rule in order for them to determine whether or not the Stedorian public approves or disapproves in their current governance, though the polls seem to very strongly suggest the former.

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This afternoon, the Liberal Party (PVRJ) officially announced through a party communiqué that the party's leader and candidate for the Chief Consulship, Talmät Malsäg, had been detained at his home and his house raided by agents of the Committee of Public Safety, for alleged accusations of money laundering made against him after the Bank of Stedoria reported a record of suspicious transactions made by Malsäg to the Ministry of Finance, with the bank then forwarding the report to the Committee of Public Safety for official investigation. The arrest comes in the middle of the 2022 election campaign, with elections to take place on the 16th of March.

The PVRJ's communiqué also alleges that Malsäg's arrest has nothing to do with any criminal activities or investigations regarding the accusation of money laundering made against Malsäg, instead claiming the the arrest is a result of a "political crackdown on democracy and rise in authoritarianism", and that Malsäg is innocent of all allegations. The whereabouts of Malsäg's family, his wife Elizabät and his two children, Aron and Madlen, are currently unknown, though the PVRJ's statement claimed that they have "gone into hiding to avoid arbitrary detention". The PVRJ's The party has vowed to fight for Malsäg's release and the dropping of allegations and charges, and has encouraged its supporters and "supporters of democracy" to voice their dissent to the arrest, both publicly and online.

The Committee of Public Safety, when contacted for questions on Malsäg's arrest, commented that it would not make any public comments regarding arrests this early into their investigation, and that more details regarding their investigation and findings would be released to the public at a later though unspecified date. When pressed for comment, the Chief Consul's office responded similarly to the Committee of Public Safety, claiming that the government "will not comment on an ongoing criminal investigation at the moment".

With the election a little over a month away, it appears that the PVRJ's campaign is currently in shambles; though the party has claimed that they are currently working on a replacement candidate and have pledged to continue to participate in March 16th's elections, Malsäg's arrest is highly likely to have a major effect on the PVRJ's results at the polls. It is believed that the PVRJ's vice-leader, Key Bloker, will take leadership of the now battered party, in an attempt to restore voters' confidence in the party.

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February 7, 2022

Provisional Opposition Alliance Formed

In a joint statement today, the leader of the United Development Party (DPB-PÛD), Hins Talan, along the the Liberal Party's (PVRJ) expected soon to-be leader, Key Bloker, announced the creation of a provisional electoral coalition between the two parties, known as the Democratic Alternative. The coalition's creation is an unprecedented move in Stedoria's politics, with this being the first of its kind since elections began approximately a decade ago.

With the arrest of the PVRJ's leader Talmät Malsäg on charges that are believed by many to be politically motivated in the face of next month's election, the PVRJ's chances at making gains are virtually destroyed, with the party's vice-leader Key Bloker practically unknown to non-PVRJ voters that the party is hoping to capture. Bloker stated that due to this, the PVRJ finds that its best interest would be unifying with other anti-gemotamist parties in an effort to create a united front against the National Party of the Stedorian Revolution (NPLS).

Also groundbreaking in the statement was the revelation of the fate of Malsäg's family, who had only yesterday had claimed to have gone into hiding to avoid further political persecution. According to the DPB-PÜD/PVRJ's joint statement, Malsäg's wife, Elizabät, along with the couple's two children, Aron and Madlen, have fled the country and gone into self-exile. It is currently unknown which country the family has fled to due to safety reasons, though it is believed that they are still located somewhere in Argis. 


The logo of the newly-formed AD

In the same joint statement, Talan and Bloker also announced that the coalition will be open to other parties who are opposed to the NPLS's rule. Henri Jelan of the Action Party already announced that that his party would not be joining the coalition, and would continue to seek votes and seats independently of the new coalition. The Communist Party and Freethinkers' Party also announced their refusal to join the coalition. It is presumed, however, that lesser known and extra-parliamentary parties will seek to join the coalition in an effort to potentially gain seats in the National Assembly through the coalition.


Dear citizens, with Talmät Malsäg's arrest and the creating of the coalition, we have reached a critical stage for our Republic; our democracy is slowly but surely being taken away from us, and we must do everything within our power to stop this. Voting for this new alliance, the Democratic Alternative, is not just a vote for the DA, it is a vote for democracy, it is a vote for freedom, it is a vote for the very survival of our Republic and everything that we hold dear to it.

- Final Paragraph from the DBP-PÛD/PVRJ's joint statement

The coalition's creation is likely to allow for large gains to be made by the anti-gemotamist opposition on March 16th's elections, with vote splitting between the DPB-PÛD and the PVRJ being eliminated now since the two parties have now come together. It is clear now that the NPLS's gamble to silence Stedoria's democracy and opposition to its rule has backfired, with this alliance being clear evidence that even in the face of rising authoritarianism, democracy and freedom can still prevail.

In keeping with the spirit of democracy and republicanism, which are of Küpedan's utmost importance, the editorial staff of Küpedan would like to announce its official endorsement and support of the newly-created AD. Should we return to authoritarianism and dictatorship, as had been the case only a decade ago, then it would put everything that Stedoria's people have fought for since then in jeopardy; all these achievements would be in vain. Be heard on March 16th.

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Since the outbreak of a civil war on the unstable nation of Baltica two weeks ago, the government of Stedoria has reacted variously regarding the situtation, along with the Stedorian government's plans in helping the people of the now conflict-striken Batlica. After a failed coup d'état attempting during a session by Baltica's government in deciding a new president after Baltica's now-former president, Algridas Banis, suffered a large stroke, various parts of the country declared their independence, and Baltica effectively ceased to exist save for small pockets of resistence by remnants of Baltica's former government, state forces, and state apparatuses. Today's article will highlight the actions taken by the Stedorian government, along with any statements that government officials have made concerning the situtation in Baltica.


"Stedoria's thoughts are with the people of Baltica in this time after the outbreak of hostilities. We urge the government entities of Baltica to fine a peaceful solution for this conflict. We have deoployed a small contingent of Defence Forces to Dokestva in order to ensure the safety of the Dolchic Balticans of the area—a brotherly people to the people of Stedoria."

Chief Consul Köseg shared his thoughts along regarding Baltica's civil war whilst also providing a brief, small amount of information regarding Stedoria's actions in response to the conflict. Köseg offered his, and the people of Stedoria's, thoughts to the people of Baltica, and urged all sides in the war to make attempts to work towards a peaceful solution to a conflict, rather than being forced to resort of violence. Köseg also revealed that a small contigent of Defence Forces personnel has been deployed to Baltica in order to aid in the protection of the local Dolchic population residing in Baltica; in Ras-occupied regions of Baltica, Ras extremists have been responsible for expulsions, murders, and war crimes against Dolchic minorities, something Köseg later referred to as a "crime against humanity" in a later post. In a soon-after released post, the Defence Forces revealed that Stedorian troops have been deployed to the Dolchic-led rebel-state of Dokestva, which at this time is also recieving significant military support and aid, both direct and indirect, from Stedoria's neighbour, Velaheria. It however is unknown where specifically Defence Forces personnel are deployed within Dokestva. It is also believed that as of now, Defence Forces troops will not fight in offensive battles, as Velaherian forces have, though it is possible that this could change.



Defence Forces official accounts also issued the following warning on social media to any Stedorian citizens who are considering, or are currently aiding non-Dokestvan forces through military means. The warning states that the Stedorian government will request the Dokestvan government and forces to repatriate any captured Stedorian citizens found to be aiding non-Dokestvan militarily to face a revolutionary tribunal, likely for charges such as fighting for an enemy army and terrorism. Punishments for these two charges range significantly, all the way from a year of jail time to capital punishment, depending on the circumstances of the crime. Notably, the Defence Forces warned that this can also indirectly include foreign citizens: those born outside of Stedoria to a parent who was born in Stedoria are automatically considered Stedorian citizens. Furthermore, as foreign citizenship is de jure forbidden, foreign citizenship will be disregarded, and such people will be considered as solely Stedorian citizens, thus making it extremely to recieve help from the country of their birth. It is likely that this warning is meant to discourage ethnic Stedorians outside of Stedoria from directly helping forces hostile to the Defence Forces. Whether or not this will be successful remains to be seen.

The war is currently still too early in order to determine which side has the advantage. However, the Velaherian government has stepped-up in its aid to Dokestva; Velaherian forces were recently involved in what was believed to be the conflict's largest battles yet around the cities of Kavkari and Janikis, fought between Dokesvta and Velaherian forces against the self-proclaimed neutral rebel-state of Kauni, supported by Delamaria, Ahrana, Seylos, Fina, and significant amounts of Rhodellian volunteers as of now. Though the battle ended in the retreat of Kauni forces, Dokestvan forces underpreformed, which could allow other rebel-states to take advantage of Dokestva's currently military weakness with it being revealed. Delamaria and Ahrana have recently stepped up their efforts and have prepared to start taking a more active role in the conflict, now rebranding their "peacekeepers" as "Intervening and Stabilising Forces", though what this means is unclear. Seylos and Fina as of now have not taken the same actions of Delamaria and Ahrana, though according to foreign policy experts, it should not be ruled out that they will eventually take the same course of action. Current casualty figures are unknown as of now, but its presumed to be in that thousands at least.

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(OOC: Originally meant to be released on the 18th)






With last night's March 18th general election finally over, it is now the following day, and Elections Stedoria have finally released the official results of last night's polls; the NPLS have once again one another astounding victory and absolute majority within the National Assembly of Popular Power, and Chief Consil Köseg has once again reaffirmed the Stedorian people's trust in him, allowing him to once again be elected. Despite this, however, the NPLS's margin is lower than last time, securing only 55.91% of the vote and 102 seats in the legislature as opposed to last election's 61.04% and 110 seats respectively. This slight and modest decrease has allowed other parties to also make gains in the elections, resulting in not only NPLS supporters being left somewhat satisfied.


Chief Consul Köseg speaking after his party's victory in last night's election.

In second place came the newly formed Democratic Alternative coalition, formed after the arrest of Liberal Party leader Talmät Malsäg on charges of money laundering, achieving 20.23% of the vote and winning 37 seats in the National Assembly. Despite the fact that this is only a 1 seat increase from the Liberal Party and United Development Party's seat count combined from last elections, Democratic Alternative leader Hins Talan has thanked all those who have voted for the new alliance, although has once again criticised the NPLS in its victory, accusing the NPLS of conducting an unfair and anti-democratic election campaign, though failing to provide proof of this. Malsäg claimed that the Democratic Alternative will act as a formidable opposition to the "authoritarian and tyrannical gemotamist ideology and agenda of the NPLS".

The Action Party under Henri Jalan has also seen his party achieve a modest increase in vote share, achieving 10.88% of the vote and 20 seats in the National Assembly as opposed to last election's 9.99% and 18 seats in the National Assembly respectively. Party leader Henri Jalan thanked his supporters in his home ciry of Nolka, and has pledge to take a pragmatic approach to its role in opposition, and has stated that should the NPLS introduce legislation favourable in the Action Party's view, it will support such legislation.

The far-right Freethinkers' Party also won big in yesterday's election, increasing their seats to 6 from last election's 2. Party leader Matyu Fovalt has thanked what he referred to as "patriotic Stedorians" who recognised the true partiotic deeds that the Freethinkers' Party was fighting for throughout Stedoria. Fovalt also congratulated the NPLS's victory in the election, saying that under the nationalist rule of the NPLS, Stedoria's glory would be further restored to the glorious times of Drejlär's military government of the 1970s.

The Alzi-oriented Popular Party of Alzi suffered minor setbacks in last night's elections, losing a single seat and being reduced to only 5 seats. Leader of the PPA, Djilles Marçon, in a post-election speech, recognised that the party has suffered a minor defeat, and had placed the blame on voters being swayed to newly-created Democratic Alternative. Despite this, however, Marçon has pledged that he, along with his party, will continue fighting for more recognition and rights of the Alzi community, which Marçon has stated was under threat by gemotamism.

The Communist Party, although achieving increased electoral success from last election, largely underpreformed. Many expected the party to win the same amount of seats as the Freethinkers' Party, though it appears that this did not happen. Party General-Secretary however was not discouraged by the election's results, and stated that the party will only work further to increase its appeal to the Stedorian people. Grifman also congratulated the NPLS and Köseg on his victory in the elections, and has stated that under the NPLS's rule, workers' rights have been greatly expanded, and that he hopes that under this new NPLS mandate, further expansions to workers' rights will be made.

With the election over peacefully, it appears that attempts to disrupt and interfere with the election by royalist terrorists and the unpatriotic, incarcerated Malsäg have failed. It also appears that a military offensive in Stedoria's mountains will be prepared soon: one of the NPLS's promise should it win the election, which last night happened, was to launch another military operation to annihilate the unpatriotic monarchist terrorist groups roaming throughout rural Stedorian causing chaos and harm to hard-working Stedorians.

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