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[Academy Submission] Stedorian Broadcasting Corporation Report, Vol. 1

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January 24th, 2018 | Yanul 24id, 2018


Largentinöp, Alzi Autonomous Region

On Monday, a silver mine located within the small town of Largentinöp in the Alzi Autonomous Region was the site of a devastating and deadly cave-in. 

Shortly after the end of the mineworkers' lunch break at noon, as miners made their way back to new sections of the mine being dug out, the newly dug area of mine suddenly and without warning collapsed, leaving some trapped whilst others were feared to be dead. Immediately after the mine section's collapse, miners and local authorities were quick to launch a digging rescue operation in order to save the trapped miners. Despite their quick response to the collapse, it was unfortunately not enough for all miners. 6 miners were rescued owing to the town's hasty but organised response, though 12 deceased miners have so far been dug up, and 3 more are missing; it is presumed by local authorities that the 3 missing men are likely also dead.

The town's mayor, Francua d'Alĉi, has officially declared a period of 3 days mourning in response to the catastrophe and the Alzi Autonomous Region's parliament has officially passed a motion declaring tomorrow to be a day of mourning for those lost in the collapse. Those confirmed dead so far in the collapse are predominantly young Alzi men. Families of those deceased highlight the enormous new financial burden that has been placed upon them, as miners within Largentinöp are the primary breadwinners within their families, as the town's women either do not work or paid too little to survive. So far, the local response to the government's response to the disaster have been generally unfavorable, with many claiming that the government has not guaranteed any support to affected workers, and that this disaster only highlight the poor living and working conditions of Alzi's miners.


My husband made all the money for my family. I don't know what I'm going to do without him now, not only am I and my family devastated, but now we've got bills to worry about too. I don't have anybody in my family that can support us. The government hasn't given us any reassurance that they'll help us or provide us with any sort of support.

- Marie Hilberto, widow of one of the deceased miners.

Opposition leaders and civil rights activists have slammed the government's response, declaring their response to be completely inadequate. Talvon Malsäg of the Veitacedikapartet has claimed that the government's failure to act show the real priorities of the NPLS.


The government's response to this disaster is absolutely disgraceful. This whole disaster could've been prevented if the NPLS bothered to pay any attention to Stedoria's industries and workers instead of searching every nook and cranny for former monarchists. nobles, and counterrevolutionaries. We've taken care of them all for God's sake, let's focus on real priorities.

- Talvön Malsäg, Deputy in the National Dail for the Veitacedikapartet.

Alzi politicians have also cited that the disaster shows what they claim to be increasing neglect of the Alzi people by the federal government, which they claim has been increasing substantially in recent years.


If anything, what this disaster has shown us, is that the government has failed to respond adequately to the poor working conditions of Alzi silver miners. Our party has been lobbying since its creation for increased working conditions and funding legislation for Alzi's silver mines, but the government keeps waving its hand in dismissal at us.

- Maximilieno Lafaiete, leader of the Partido Popola d'Alzujo.

The Federal government and NPLS have pushed back against these claims though, citing that they have announced planned legislation for emergency cash payments to the families of deceased miners, and have promised to enact future legislation that would stipulate more stringent safety inspections of mines at more recent intervals.


First of all, I'd like to express my deepest condolences to the families of workers affected by this terrible incident. I and my administration can make assurance that we will soon be passing legislation to ensure that the families of those affected won't go hungry and won't need to worry about bills. The NPLS is also planning to plan a future bill that would expand workers' rights and ensure that more thorough safety checks are being made on Stedoria's mines.

- Tamäj Köseg, Chief Consul and leader of the NPLS.

Stedoria's mines have long been criticized by safety activists and workers' rights activists for what they claim are poor working conditions and poor pay, and have long been fighting for improvements to made to Stedoria's mining industry. Although many are relieved with the government's promise to improve working and safety conditions, many are also critical with the government, stating their disappointment in the government for waiting until such a disaster would occur until making any significant changes to how Stedoria's mines are operated. Rumors of a miners' strike is quickly spreading across Stedoria's mining towns, cities, and villages, though experts state that the likelihood of such strikes occurring is low due to the general disorganisation of Stedoria's mining unions, though expert believe that many mines are planning to increase safety checks themselves in order to prevent localised strikes from forming.

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