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Request [NPC] : The Commune of New-Lyria

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Name of the country : New Lyria

Full name of the country : the New-Lyrian Commune

Flag :


Location of the Capitale : North-East (see the map)

Culture : Mainly Lysian (so French), a little Iverican (so Spanish, it varies according to the cities and regions), a little Mauridavian (at the border with Mauridaviah).

Climate: Semi-arid on the coasts, arid in the interior of the country.

Location :spacer.png

History : New-Lyria would have been colonized in the XVe centery by Fleur de Lys and added to the colony of San Castellino after the conquest from the latest. After the Second Independance War from San Castellino (the one from Fleur de Lys), New Lyria became a semi-autonomous province. New Lyria, largely influenced by anarcho-communist movements, declared its independence in the 1870s and won it largely because of its much more developed industry than San Castellino (to give an order of comparison, New Lyria and San Castellino were a bit like the Union and the CSA during the American Civil War) The New-Lyrian Commune was proclaimed in the end of the 1870’s and, since this date, San Castellino and New Lyria was kind of "best enemies" (they have even declared war on each other four times between the independence of New Lyria and today).


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While our cartographer is on hiatus, different staff members will be answering threads while one of the admins handles the actual make-map-look-pretty-with-new-nation part.

Good evening @San Castellino. This NPC request has been open for quite some time. Right now, it's marked as "awaiting RP".

Two questions:

1. Could you please elaborate on the story that will lead to the creation of this NPC?

2. Do you want this area marked on the map as "reserved"?

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1. Yes, I could, but that means that I will spoil the story. But I can still tell you a summary. At this moment, I am more occupied by the RP "The Traitor, the Bad and the Puppet" because it takes place today and I'm late.

2. No, I don't want this area marked on the map as reserved. Indeed, even if I want the creation of this NPC, I don't want New Lyria to be annexed or integrated to San Castellino. New Lyria will act as a constant opponent, a kind of brake pedal to temper castellinos ambitions.

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