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L'Humanité (The Humanity) is the most popular newspaper and radio station in New Lyria. It is an extreme left-wing newspaper of anarcho-communist tendency known for its humanist and optimistic vision of the wurld. However, it does not hesitate to take a particularly critical tone when it disapproves of certain things, even when it comes to criticizing the government or society.

Media: Newspaper (print and digital), radio station

Political tendency : anarchism, anarcho-communism, libertarianism, deeply anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism, rather anti-liberal, anti-monarchism, deep atheism

History: L'Humanité was founded in Saint-Alphonse de la Victoire in 1846 by Nicolas Baïkouny, a Lysian immigrant recently arrived in New Lyria. The newspaper, initially Marxist in tendency, was soon influenced by the Anarchist Union for Liberation, an underground New Lyrian anarcho-communist party that worked for the independence of New Lyria. During the second San Castellinos War of Independence in the 1850s and the New Lyrian War of Independence in the 1870s, the newspaper served as a mouthpiece for the New Lyrian anarcho-communists and quickly became popular. During the creation of the New Lyrian Commune, just after independence, L'Humanité worked hard to create a democratic and multi-party system and to prevent the Commune from falling into dictatorship. The newspaper continued to grow in popularity over the years. It even came close to being bought by the neo-Lyrian government in the 1930s, which the newspaper's Editorial Comission refused to do in order to keep as unbiased a view as possible.

Reliability of information: The newspaper makes a point of telling the truth and being as unbiased as possible, although it tends to take sides when it comes to issues that particularly affect them. This makes it a generally very reliable newspaper, which contributes greatly to its popularity.

Edited by San Castellino (see edit history)

"La República se dobla, pero no se rompe."

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