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[NEWS] L'Humanité

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L'Humanité (The Humanity) is the most popular newspaper and radio station in New Lyria. It is an extreme left-wing newspaper of anarcho-communist tendency known for its humanist and optimistic vision of the wurld. However, it does not hesitate to take a particularly critical tone when it disapproves of certain things, even when it comes to criticizing the government or society.

Media: Newspaper (print and digital), radio station

Political tendency : anarchism, anarcho-communism, libertarianism, deeply anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism, rather anti-liberal, anti-monarchism, deep atheism

History: L'Humanité was founded in Saint-Alphonse de la Victoire in 1846 by Nicolas Baïkouny, a Lysian immigrant recently arrived in New Lyria. The newspaper, initially Marxist in tendency, was soon influenced by the Anarchist Union for Liberation, an underground New Lyrian anarcho-communist party that worked for the independence of New Lyria. During the second San Castellinos War of Independence in the 1850s and the New Lyrian War of Independence in the 1870s, the newspaper served as a mouthpiece for the New Lyrian anarcho-communists and quickly became popular. During the creation of the New Lyrian Commune, just after independence, L'Humanité worked hard to create a democratic and multi-party system and to prevent the Commune from falling into dictatorship. The newspaper continued to grow in popularity over the years. It even came close to being bought by the neo-Lyrian government in the 1930s, which the newspaper's Editorial Comission refused to do in order to keep as unbiased a view as possible.

Reliability of information: The newspaper makes a point of telling the truth and being as unbiased as possible, although it tends to take sides when it comes to issues that particularly affect them. This makes it a generally very reliable newspaper, which contributes greatly to its popularity.

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Have you ever heard of Leon Belflora, aka the " Che "? If you follow the san castellinos news, there is a very big chance that you have. Leon Belflora, a true living legend, is a San Castellinos revolutionary and the leader of the anarcho-communist movement in his country. He was captured by the San Castellinos army a little less than a year ago and was incarcerated in the fortress of Chiqito while awaiting his "trial". Fortunately, just over a month ago, with the help of his lieutenants, the Che managed to escape and is now on the run. Since then, no one has been able to find him and/or has had any contact with him.

spacer.pngLeon "Che" Belflora at the Duvent conference

But, last Monday we were contacted by a mysterious person who said he wanted to send a message through our newspaper. This person gave us an appointment in a small hotel in Colon-Béchar and what was our surprise to discover that it was the Che himself! He gave us a letter to the san castellinos people with the instruction to publish it in our newspaper exactly five days after our appointment, here it is:

"Greetings, san castellinos comrades,

I know that we are all suffering from the current regime in our beautiful country, and especially for too long. That is why I have asked the editors of "L'Humanité" - knowing that the newspaper, although clandestine in San Castellino, is widely read there - to publish the following message to you, my comrades. Here I do not intend to denounce the too obvious dysfunctions of the national-capitalist dictatorship or to praise the merits of communism, but simply to give you a message of hope. Because hope is one of the most precious and indestructible things we have. Alone we are nothing, but together we are invincible. The masses are the true heroes. So I would ask only one thing of you: keep hope. I would also like to warn general Di Foxycionni that, at the time he reads this message, I will already be in San Castellino. Good luck in finding me, "Presidente". And above all, comrades, never forget: the International will be the human race."

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Fall of the dictator Francisquèz

Montemadia, a small mesothalassan republic under the san castellinos tutelage, has recently been in the grip of violent internal political unrest. President Carlos Francisquèz, in charge since his election in 1992, had indeed managed to change the constitution to extend his powers and have the possibility of being re-elected without limit. Already since November 2019, the general discontent had been heard, especially on November 24 with the demonstration of the students of the Polytechnic School of San-Juan-de-la-Cruz, which had led to the death of eight demonstrators and almost a hundred arrests. This brutal repression of the movement put an end to the protest, at least for the moment.

Last Monday, following a skirmish between soldiers and three workers, leading to the death of one of them, the people took to the streets to demonstrate their anger and their thirst for democracy. As the procession was approaching the presidential palace of Francisquèz, he ordered at 10:32 am to shoot on the crowd. The army refused and at 10:57 the crowd, with the help of the army, broke down the doors of the presidential palace. Francisquèz could not be found: he apparently fled through the San-Julian-el-Hospitaliero river and would currently be at San Castellino.

A provisional government has already been formed and is guiding the country towards democracy, and elections are already scheduled for next Monday. We can only salute the courage of the Montemadian people who had the audacity to revolt against tyranny. In the face of this ray of hope, we can only hope that it will serve as an example for all oppressed peoples throughout the wurld.


The Magnificent leaves us...

Alfonso Francisco, known as "the Magnificent", unfortunately left us this morning. While riding his motorcycle, he was violently hit by a heavy truck and died on the instant. New Lyria, still in shock, will have to do the painful mourning of its idol.

Alfonso Francisco in Beaumont, in 2018

Born on June 18, 1968 in Gazallenoa, he fled the san castellinos dictatorship at ten years old.
President Victoire Dahin has spoken publicly about this and has announced that she wants to decorate Francisco with the order of the Legion of Honor for service to the Commune. A national homage will be given next Sunday and will be broadcast live on television, followed by a minute of silence.
Alfonso Francisco, beautiful bird gone too soon, your name will remain forever engraved in our memories. Goodbye and farewell.

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