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Today, the nation mourns the loss of former president Marie Boche. A visionary and a pragmatist, she led Fravina into a modern era of growth and prosperity.

Thousands lined the streets of Port de Sang today, and even more gathered in Fort d'Olivier, her home city, for the state funeral. Everyone in the city, it seems, fell upon Revolution Square to attend the funeral of the much beloved president. Politicians from all across Fravina also attended the ceremony. Every member of the People's Council, as well as all the presidents and vice presidents managed to attend.

Former president Pierre Blanchet, a close friend and confidante of the late president, delivered the first eulogy of the 3-hour service. Followed by former vice president Emile Couture, who delivered an emotional speech about the hope and majesty Bouche brought to Fravina. 

Next, close friend Rémi Moreau gave a lighter and less heavy reflection as he told an fun anecdote of the former president. Augustin Boche, her oldest child, spoke next. Delivering a short but sweet eulogy, he spoke about the love his mother had for Fravina and most especially the love she had for him.

The final eulogy of the service was given by Marie Boche's wife, Aveline Boche. Mrs. Boche delivered an emotionally devastating speech, reminding the whole nation of the figure we had just lost. Originally scheduled to speak for 35-minutes, she had to stop short after breaking down in tears on the podium, expressing the grief that all of Fravina is feeling right now.

All of Fravina is mounring to an extent unknown to the nation before. From her death a month ago to now, it seems that every waking minute is consumed by grief for the former president. Fravina only now realizes how great a leader President Boche was. From leading us out of the financial crisis of 1991 into an economic boom in the late 90s, she helped reform our nation to its greatest state. Boche helped reform the country's numerous issues. From the education system to the modern infrastructure, her impact as president can be felt on every part of Fravi daily life.

Marie Boche's socialist spirit will forever live on within us. And as the year's pass, she will always be remembered as one of Fravina's greatest leaders, greatest minds, and certainly one of our greatest reformers.

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On Sunday, it was announced that a glitch was discovered in the software running the Port de Sang rail system. Yesterday, it was announced that train service would temporarily stop in the city as they repaired the system. Earlier today, it was announced that it would take until at least Saturday for the vital transport to be fixed, but may take longer.

In a press conference this afternoon, Transport Minister Louis Rivière announced that the government will compensate workers who relied on the trains, whether train workers or commuters. This will include an extra ration ticket and regular wages provided to all those affected by the shutdown.

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    • By Mokhavia
      April 20th 2021 - Region of Palyashia
      Since the last two months a series of disapearences and a few murders of Apsan minorities within the city of Argashina and the surounding area of Palyashia have occured.
      This isn't the first time such a thing has occured, It's suspected that an ultra-nationalist Palyashi male is responcible for all the cases, Police aren't sure who that may be, but a few suspects are being put under investigation, if you are an Apsan in the Argashinä municipality of Palyashia, the authoroties suggest you arm yourself with a pocket knife when going out at late hours and/or going to self defence classes and if posible travle in gorups.
      A total of 30 people of Apsan decent have gone mising and at least 5 were found dead in the past 2 months, most victims seem to be females of age 20-30 and elderly people who live alone or in poor neighborhoods. Dead bodies where found in Maçar river neer the city, Police have been send on patrols a month ago, but only rebelious teenagers were found neer the river. From the information gathered by the authoroties, the Victims don't seem to be related to any crime organization or in any sort of blood feud, but all of them had at least one Apsan parent.
      4 other disapearences were reported in the neighboring municipality of Gëldere, the Ministar of Defence, Yuis Eşçince, has sent armed patrol squads from the military to help police in both municipalities, which may seem extreme to some, the parliament says they are trying to keep racial crimes to a minimum so their are acting almost imidietly.
      There is at least 1 person involved, though some eye-witnesses say they've seen a group of 3-4 men doing suspicious activities in areas of reported cases.
      Sadly the law enforcement within the municipality is weak compared to other regions, as was noted before, if you are of Apsan decent, get armed and/or go to self defence classes and try to travle in groups.
      It has been reported that some worried residents have taken matters within their own hands and have set up traps for the coulprits, and groups of people have been going out on hunts for them too.
      Police say the groups going out would be fined if seen, but they won't discourage it.

      There are still reports of mild genocide on the border between Mokhavia and the self proclaimed 'Republic of Apsana', the Government has sent armed forces convoys to support the law enforcment in the borderlands and prefent more crime. Currently the general situation with the 'Republic of Apsana'  is on a standby, anti-Apsan crimes have seen a major rise in the past month, the Prime Minister and President of Apsana are scheduling peace talks in the next months. Meanwhile the governers of the borderlands are ashamed of their people. Not much else has been released on the issue.

      You can help the anti Apsan segregation by donating to charity groups like "Save Apsaruli" and "Save the Apsa"!

    • By Ateenia
      The National Courier
      The Ministry of Finance suspected of corruption.
      The Royal Security Agency has has concluded in their latest report that they found links, linking some of the staff in Ministry of Finance, to bribes and corruption. Such suspicions became apparent when the government started noticing more and more of the actual revenue disappearing from the expected revenue. The Konráðið, under the guidance of the Divine Queen Ena Kalinka, have instructed the RSA to focus more resources on tracking down the corrupt officials in the ministry, noting that corruption and bribery is heavily condemned in the government and such criminals will be hunted down.
      The Minister of Finance Karl Jötunhöll, Deputy Minister Frida Sökölheim and Secretary of Revenue Brenda Björk, have all been arrested under the suspicion of corruption and incompetence. The RSA reports that the Deputy Minister Frida Sökölheim infact was part of the corruption conspiracy, after she made a clear confession, when being interrogated. The confession also gave light to new evidence suspecting to more people being part of the corruption, however the names are not yet revealed. It is however apparent that all three people arrested, are part of the corruption. The Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Finance and Secretary of Revenue have been relieved from the Ministry and are awaiting court trial which is planned next Tuesday.
      The Queen Ena Kalinka has openly announced that she regrets her failure to catch this sooner and that she will do everything in her power to catch and arrest each and every one, part of the corruption conspiracy. She quotes. "I apologize for my inability to track down the root of the weakening economy sooner and i regret that many fellow Ateenians had to suffer for my inability, but i promise, i will personaly see to it, that this problem is solved and that the corruption in our government shall be rooted out and eradicated. Corruption in the government is a crime that i cannot forgive, i cannot forgive the people that would abuse their office and instead of improving the life of all Ateenians, use their power to only improve their back pockets. May these conspirators seek forgivness from the gods, because they will get non from me. I promise you my dear sons and daughters, that i fight a battle every day to give you a better tomorrow, a better future, a better government. All i ask from you is patience."
      In recent days it has become apparent that the royal government has increased their focus on rooting out corruption from all government institutions, which has been becoming more and more corrupt since the death of Divine Queen Aslaug Kalinka, 7 years ago.
    • By Stedoria
      January 24th, 2018 | Yanul 24id, 2018
      Largentinöp, Alzi Autonomous Region
      On Monday, a silver mine located within the small town of Largentinöp in the Alzi Autonomous Region was the site of a devastating and deadly cave-in. 
      Shortly after the end of the mineworkers' lunch break at noon, as miners made their way back to new sections of the mine being dug out, the newly dug area of mine suddenly and without warning collapsed, leaving some trapped whilst others were feared to be dead. Immediately after the mine section's collapse, miners and local authorities were quick to launch a digging rescue operation in order to save the trapped miners. Despite their quick response to the collapse, it was unfortunately not enough for all miners. 6 miners were rescued owing to the town's hasty but organised response, though 12 deceased miners have so far been dug up, and 3 more are missing; it is presumed by local authorities that the 3 missing men are likely also dead.
      The town's mayor, Francua d'Alĉi, has officially declared a period of 3 days mourning in response to the catastrophe and the Alzi Autonomous Region's parliament has officially passed a motion declaring tomorrow to be a day of mourning for those lost in the collapse. Those confirmed dead so far in the collapse are predominantly young Alzi men. Families of those deceased highlight the enormous new financial burden that has been placed upon them, as miners within Largentinöp are the primary breadwinners within their families, as the town's women either do not work or paid too little to survive. So far, the local response to the government's response to the disaster have been generally unfavorable, with many claiming that the government has not guaranteed any support to affected workers, and that this disaster only highlight the poor living and working conditions of Alzi's miners.
      Opposition leaders and civil rights activists have slammed the government's response, declaring their response to be completely inadequate. Talvon Malsäg of the Veitacedikapartet has claimed that the government's failure to act show the real priorities of the NPLS.
      Alzi politicians have also cited that the disaster shows what they claim to be increasing neglect of the Alzi people by the federal government, which they claim has been increasing substantially in recent years.
      The Federal government and NPLS have pushed back against these claims though, citing that they have announced planned legislation for emergency cash payments to the families of deceased miners, and have promised to enact future legislation that would stipulate more stringent safety inspections of mines at more recent intervals.
      Stedoria's mines have long been criticized by safety activists and workers' rights activists for what they claim are poor working conditions and poor pay, and have long been fighting for improvements to made to Stedoria's mining industry. Although many are relieved with the government's promise to improve working and safety conditions, many are also critical with the government, stating their disappointment in the government for waiting until such a disaster would occur until making any significant changes to how Stedoria's mines are operated. Rumors of a miners' strike is quickly spreading across Stedoria's mining towns, cities, and villages, though experts state that the likelihood of such strikes occurring is low due to the general disorganisation of Stedoria's mining unions, though expert believe that many mines are planning to increase safety checks themselves in order to prevent localised strikes from forming.
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