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National Elections Delayed a month, and are Incumbents escaping?

Today President Goldschmeding announced that the National Elections would be delayed until the 20th of April. The elections, which would determine the future president, were expected to take place on the 19th of March, the same day as the legislative elections, however due to recent threats against polling places, the National Election Commission has decided that they will be delayed until voting booths can be considered safe.

This comes only days after Presidential candidate Henri Kafi, the first black Westzeelander to run with popular voter support, said that the “colonists must pay”. This has lead to confusion and panic among the Europan minority, who fear that violence against them may increase if Kafi wins. The real estate market in majority white cities such as Retoria and Charlestown has crashed after mass sales of houses, belonging to people known as “escapees”. 

President Goldschmeding has said that he will not allow violence against the white minority under any circumstance, and is confident that his party will continue its rule, though since it was stated that the majority would be able to vote without restriction, the Democratic Nationalist Party has only 17.9% of support from newly registered voters. Goldschmeding himself has sold his private residence, and is supposedly looking for a home in Argis. 

In other news the immigration rate has dropped 54% since last year, leading to economic problems across the nation, with less capital arriving in the country, and many rich citizens leaving, government revenue on a national and local level is decreasing, leading to the government cutting parks and educational programs.

Also Yesterday the national natural survey announced that they have detected lithium deposits in the northern regions, though no one has yet to show interest in this, it is sure to creat thousands of jobs in the future should adequate investment be applied. This happens only weeks after offshore oil deposits were found to be much larger than before anticipated.

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Protests following gold and lithium control handover to foreign companies

Today protests in the communities of Newood and Hayward took place after several mines in the gold and lithium industry were sold to foreign companies. A majority of which are based in Delamaria.

The corporations have expressed interest in large layoffs in favor of automation to boost profits. Westzeeland has some of the wurlds largest deposits of Lithium and gold, though most of the revenues aren’t invested in the nation.

The leader of the protest, Richard Minawe, said “These people have suffered enough, and now we sell their jobs to rich countries who do not car for them, when will this stop?”. The President hasn’t commented yet, but the Prime Minister is set to make a statement later today.

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