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[Academy Submission] Revolutionaries light dispersed.

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Gavrie Jankowski walked through the streets of Alker with his hand clenching his suitcase. His head was low so he can not grab any "Unwanted" attention. He had been running away from the Law and Military for it seemed ages. He was one of the Remnants that were still fighting to free the nation in which they now lived in. The pavement was cracked and the roads were deserted.

"This city sure saw better days." Gavrie thought to himself. His mind reminding him why he still keeps fighting even when the situation seems hopeless. He needed to reach his apartment complex before the curfew hits. He looked up into the buildings when he was outside the camera's field of view. The apartments and complexes all looked the same. Only distinguished by the decorations or dirtiness of the buildings. Gavrie continued to walk further until he found his apartment complex. The building was filled with garbage around it. Probably from the homeless or the sheer uncaringness the people had inside the building. He opened the door and a loud squeak echoed across the stairs. He walked upstairs into his room. Even the stairs were drenched in something unholy or disgusting. But it wasn't the time for him to argue about his surrounding as he had no other choice but to continue his path forward. 

When he eventually reached his door. He could smell something off on the other side of it. He grabbed his keys and opened the door. It was completely unkempt. Trash was around and some broken glass bottles were laying around the kitchen and the smell of cigarettes enveloped the room. 

"This is horrendous. What even happened here?" Gavrie thought to himself. He put down his small suitcase and began cleaning the room. Cleaning the dirty dishes and broken bottles. Making sure the room was at least liveable, but he couldn't remove the smell of the room. He looked at the clock and it was 11:00 pm. Curfew time it was then. Gavrie came into the kitchen and grabbed the first chair he saw that was comfortable and sat. His mind was drifting into his past experiences and the conclusion that lead him there. Into this corrupt state where he now resides without rights. 

"What happened in the process? What did we do wrong? Was there anything we could do to stop this machination?" These thoughts plagued Gavrie as his mind starts realizing the situation that he and his friends were in. He was a fugitive in the heart of the enemy. He can't escape due to the roads being closed and he had no mode of transportation. They would certainly suspect him if he left the city when the roads were closed. Is there anything he could do to save his skin and liberate the others? His situation looked direr as he scanned the situation more and more.

"I need to escape. Maybe past the border. I could sneak by and escape to other nations. Somewhere sunny and safe... No... The border is surely secure enough to not let any escapees." Gavrie contemplated his decisions.

"Maybe I can just sneak. Go somewhere remote. No... They would surely suspect something. Maybe I could just act like a normal civilian around the city... My days are numbered until they realize something is up..." Gavrie was scared. He doesn't want to be found out, but yet his days were numbered until they realize his facade. He didn't have any opportunities to survive this. He realized he can't go forward anymore. It was the end of the road for him.

"No no no no no... It can't be! Surely I can survive this! If i..." His mind was blank. He couldn't think anything else. His mind only focused on one thing. His eventual capture. He couldn't do anything, but only contemplate his decisions in life. His last brim of hope was lost in a sea of despair. Another revolutionary extinguished.

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