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The Cashar Association for Super Hot Continuous Auto Racing (KASHKAR) – This is a Cashari endurance auto racing sanctioning and operating company. The company was privately owned by Bilbat Kridshar in 1938 and his son, Jimbat Kridshar has since taken over the company. Each year, KASHKAR sanctions over 100 races on 10 tracks in Cashar. It also founded the Cashar Rally in 1987.


Pictured: The Cashari Desert Circuit in Golrum, Danir.

1. Cashari Desert Circuit - Known for its twisting, winding roads, the Cashari Desert Circuit was one of the first race tracks built in Cashar and came into use even before the establishment of KASHKAR in 1935. The popularity of the races in the Cashari Desert Circuit are what ultimately led to the formation of KASHKAR.

2. Dust Death Tracks - A sanctioned off-road area of the Cashari Desert for races. Due to the winds carrying sand and other hazards of the treacherous environment, it has been the cause of at least three deaths - one in 1944, one in 1953, and one in 1985. The driver in 1944, Samsin Harkidvisk, was given a statue in 1946 in Zafarid to commemorate his memory. The other two drivers were given commemorative plaques next to his statue. 

3. The Sandy Deep Speedway - This is a speedway that stretches from Pasadim to Rajan and is known for its endurance races through the Cashari Desert. 

4. Mesamanic Circuit - The Mesamanic Circuit is a race track in Pasadim which utilizes the natural mesa features just outside the city as obstacles during the race track. The entire race track often gives people the impression that whoever designed it might have been drunk. In actual fact, the designer of the race track, famed architect, Tekart Medranvo, was an alcoholic and may have been very drunk during the time.

5. Red Hills Raceway - This is a raceway that stretches from the states of Qadika to Bitit and is known for its endurance races through the Pasadim Mesas.

6. Cashar International Circuit - The second race track built in Cashar. It's generally a tamer and safer race track than most of the other tracks in Cashar due to it being a place to hold international races. It is located just outside of Pavat and was a starting point for the Cashar Rally in 1987. 

7. Marjan Mountain Madness Raceway - Another track designed by Tekart Medranvo near the Majar Mountains. It actually has a higher rate of accidents than the Dust Death Tracks and no less than ten drivers have died racing on this track. And yet, it hasn't achieved the same reputation as the Dust Death Tracks. Often, it's more known for some of the more ridiculous accidents and car stunts that have been attempted on this track.

8. Cashar Roads Course - A simple course outside the city of Hanami which is best used for beginning, amateur races. 

9. Gold Rush Course - One of the shorter, less winding tracks of Cashar where the fastest cars and racers (and not the most enduring) in Cashar take supreme. 

10. Majalir Speedway - A large speedway in Majalir that often draws the biggest crowds due to the city's size and tourist appeal. There is a miniature kid-friendly ride of this race track in the Majalir Mega Mall. 

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Top Drivers in KASHKAR

#1 Overall and #1 in Qadika
Marla Gogetvola

Nicknamed "Quicksilver," Marla has been in the races since she was sixteen. Now, the oldest driver on the KASHKAR tracks, she has made a comeback since the 2010s after a slump in the late 90s and 2000s. She is generally a fan favorite and living proof to the Cashari that the elderly can still be useful. 

#1 in Sanatvo
Grednod Roblamvisk


Nicknamed "The Dagger," he's mostly well-known for his hyper-competitiveness in the field of endurance racing. He's been known to thrown tantrums after losing a race and has caused a number of wrecks during a race as well. He enjoyed some popularity in the 90s but recently his popularity has been waning.

#1 in Satak

Helda Narvavola

Nicknamed "Wildfire," she is known for performing some wild stunts during her races. Despite this KASHKAR fans often complain of her unnecessary show-boating, and she's been known to have been in the most wrecks of any of the top drivers. Because of this, she is the least popular, but at this point in her career, she practically encourages the "boo"ing. 

#1 in Kalak
Balna Lotmedvola

Nicknamed "Steadystone," she's known for playing it safe during the races. She has never had a wreck in her entire career. This often makes her fall below other top drivers in the rankings, but she still manages to stay at the top compared to other drivers. She enjoys some level of popularity with KASHKAR fans who admire her safety-first attitude.

#1 in Maraka
Sango Roddunvo

Nicknamed "Hotrod," he's not particularly known for anything remarkable in the field of racing other than being able to earn a place in the top rankings. However, he is known for having a different woman or man on his arm practically every couple of weeks or so. His name became more familiar to KASHKAR fans after an incident involving an ex-girlfriend of his trying to wreck his car in the middle of the race. 

#1 in Dakimi
Tomgot Pargomvisk

Nicknamed "The Kid," he was known for being the youngest driver in the races when he entered into KASHKAR at twelve years old. He was immensely popular as a kid, but as an adult - he doesn't enjoy as much popularity as he used to. He still has his share of fans, however.

#1 in Rabal
Kellat Kelhatviska

Previously nicknamed "Lightspeed" for her easygoing demeanor and soft spot for her fans, she has recently gained the name "Death Puncher" after not only surviving a near fatal wreck in the late 80s, but also a four-year battle with cancer in the 2010s. She's started to become something of a legend among her fans. 

#1 in Shakal
Sambra Matrumvo

Nicknamed "The Whisper," he's known for pulling off a win at the last possible moment before any driver has noticed him. He's also known for being the "strong, quiet" type as during interviews he generally just nods or makes the occasional gesture to indicate "not caring" about the question asked of him. KASHKAR fans generally have mixed feelings about him or are just unsure of what to make of him.

#1 in Nakal
Lota Majalirvola

Nicknamed "The Viper," she is known for her sidewinding and small hit-and-runs during the races. Despite displaying similar behavior to "The Dagger" she enjoys a lot more popularity than he does and seems to only be gaining in popularity. It probably helps that she doesn't have temper tantrums like he does.

#1 in Karan
Walshar Kimlad

Nicknamed "The Wall," he's known for being able to block other drivers from racing past him once he gets into first place. On one occasion, he was rammed from behind by Grednod "The Dagger" Roblamvisk and managed to stay in the race while keeping Grednod firmly behind him. He enjoys a modest number of fans who always get excited when he makes first.

#1 in Danar
Argram Golrumvol

Nicknamed "Sandstorm," Argram is known for excelling in all races in the Cashari Desert. They seem to struggle when it comes to non-desert races, though, particularly on the Marjan Mountain Madness track. Nonetheless, they enjoy a steady stream of popularity with KASHKAR fans who often remark that Argram could probably drive through the desert blindfolded and still win.

#1 in Bitit
Qusam Kusnetvo

Nicknamed "Quantum Physics," he's mostly known for rambling about physics after winning a race. On one notable occasion, he even pulled out a presentation board to indicate his key to victory in that race. He is not particularly popular among KASHKAR fans; though, he enjoys some popularity as a physics professor.



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