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Would be interesting to have a neighbor, but I think @Metztlitlaca might freak out at the cultural implications of Malaysian in Western Alharu 😅

The Holy State of Heihe (黑河圣国)

Motto: "为人间天堂做准备着"

🌟 Nation of the month: November 2019 🌟
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On 2/23/2021 at 12:02 AM, Heiheguo said:

Would be interesting to have a neighbor, but I think @Metztlitlaca might freak out at the cultural implications of Malaysian in Western Alharu 😅

Might be interesting to consider how @Selayar planned a similar culture on the western coast.

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Am I allowed to change spot? Because I am thinking to be more closer to Selayar and other than that closer to the equator and I would prefer tropical climate. 
I understand that I probably will not get the river down there. Just to consider. 

Edit: I understand that Selayar has been inactive, but this does not affect my decision as I am more solid with my current choice due to the fact closer to tropical climate and Prawasia is more suitable to have Peninsula!


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