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Request: Prawasia

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Nation in Eurth: Prawasia

Flag: Prawasia National Flag

Capital name: Manyar

Largest city name: Progo



Factbook link: Prawasia National Factbook

Newsroom link: Triple 'P' News

Culture: In real life Malay

Climate: Tropical (or Sub-Tropical)

History: The former eight kingdoms known as Waribang Kingdom, Merbau Kingdom, Irilia Kingdom, Asada Kingdom, Bayan Kingdom, Seremgon Kingdom and Malabar Kingdom were all unified under one country named as Prawasia in 1945. It was then strengthened in Constitution in 7 March 1945, abolishing the King as the Head-of-Government with the updated version to regulate government of the Kingdom of Prawasia to form legislative body - National Assembly with two houses: People's Representative Council (DPR) as lower house and State Representative Council (DPN) as upper house. The election of the monarch as well regulated under the updated version in Current Constitution in 25 February 1988, thus making the government type as federal parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy.  

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If we're going by the Keteks being a migratory group from northern Alharu, then I don't see what the issue is having Malay people there when we have Philippine Malay(?) north of it with Iverica and ethnic groups that are close to the Malay generally surrounding them like the Japonic in Esonice.

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Am I allowed to change spot? Because I am thinking to be more closer to Selayar and other than that closer to the equator and I would prefer tropical climate. 
I understand that I probably will not get the river down there. Just to consider. 

Edit: I understand that Selayar has been inactive, but this does not affect my decision as I am more solid with my current choice due to the fact closer to tropical climate and Prawasia is more suitable to have Peninsula!


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