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Perusahaan Penyiaran Prawasia (Triple 'P') News

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Electronic Ticketing Will Take Effect Nationwide, Starting March


Manyar: The spirit of the newest Prawasia National Police Chief, Police General Bima Muljana, to maximise technology in the police agency was immediately responded to by the Prawasia National Police Traffic Corps. This unit plans to impose an electronic traffic ticket or Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) nationwide.

Head of the Prawasia National Police Traffic Corps, Inspector General of Police Satria Anggriawan, created a national ETLE task force. This task force will prepare facilities to install ETLE nationally on roads.

"One of them is in the field of traffic and IT-based law enforcement, we are following up to create a law enforcement program that we call ETLE," said Anggriawan.

For the first phase, the Prawasia National Police Traffic Corps will launch a national ETLE in three Regional Police and four City Resort Police. A total of 83 CCTV cameras were installed to monitor the flow of traffic.

The launching of the national ETLE phase I will be chaired directly by the Prawasia National Police Chief on 7 March 2021 at the Prawasia National Traffic Police Corps building and attended by all Traffic Directors of the Regional Police of Prawasia. Later this national ETLE will be installed on all highways in the Prawasia region. The local government, said Anggriawan, will also support this step.

"Everything is gradual, the local government also supports us, we just need to synchronise it," he explained.

The National ETLE Task Force will be led by the Director of Law Enforcement of the Prawasia National Police Traffic Corps Brigadier General Koeswanto, with his deputy Brigadier General Hambali.

ETLE itself has actually been used in several regions. This electronic ticket relies on CCTV cameras installed on the highway to detect traffic violators automatically. Later, traffic offenders will be sent a ticket letter to the home address as stated in the vehicle data.

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Missing for three days, a fisherman in Pasir Putih is found dead


A fisherman named Aldi (52), a resident of Tembikar, was reported missing in the waters of Pasir Putih Beach, Tembikar, Pasir Putih District, last Friday (26/2/2021).

Earlier on Thursday (25/2/2021), at around 1700 hours local time, Aldi, a resident of Air Lintang Tembikar, went to look for fish in the waters of Pasir Putih Beach by using a boat together with his friend, Awi. They use their respective boats.

But the next day, Awi only saw Aldi’s boat swaying and Aldi was no longer on the boat. Suddenly Awi tried to find Aldi around the location but could not find him.

After not finding Aldi, at around 1005 hours local time, Awi immediately contacted Aldi’s family and reported it to the Ketapang SAR Office.

Receiving this information, the Head of Ketapang Class B Search and Rescue Office, Fazzli, opened the Joint SAR Operation and dispatched one rescue team to the location at 1115 hours local time.

After three days of searching, the Joint SAR Team finally found the victim dead on Sunday (28/2/2021) morning.

“It is true that the victim was found. The victim was named Aldi (52), around 0730 hours local time. Then the victim was evacuated to the Tembikar Public Health Centre for examination and continued to funeral home,” said Fazzli, Sunday (28/2/2021) afternoon.

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