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Vision Statement—Sanarija

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Sanarija is a country of ~1.5 million with a rather large and untamed amount of territory. The demographics are fairly hard to track due to limited access to rural villages. The capital of Solazok has a population of 152,000.

Many of the towns and villages aren't accessible by road or even rail in most cases. One either has to hike in by trail or fly in by plane if the town has a municipal airport (very rare). 

It is for this very reason that the population is just an estimate; it is a supreme logistical challenge to conduct a census regularly. And so the only completely certified figure in the country is that of Tenogoroč.

The language spoken in Sanarija is Sanarijan. It can be split up into several dialects usually based on the village.

The decentralization of the country has caused many issues, from total abyss of law and order in certain areas all the way up to a messy, complex, and violent civil war in 1997. 

It's intended that through the course of rp, Sanarija will attempt to build up its infrastructure and overcome its deep-seated plagues of violence and unrest.

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