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Toptic: Sanarijan Culture


Through all the hardships the people of Sanarijan have faced, from foreign invaders to homegrown tyrants, the only thing to remain steady is the spirit of resilience.

Through bombings and scorched earths, crops have managed to successfully grow for every recorded year since 1237 when the black death and a great famine swept through the countryside. Crops have since grown through such events as the Sayf invasion of 1507, and the violent revolution of 1909.

The Sanarijan people have taken a similar approach to what the crops have. They have managed to maintain their language and faith since 698 AD when christianity was introduced via a bloody crusade of the several pagan tribes. Not even communism could diminish religion. Through all the policies of state mandated atheism scattered from 1909 to 1989, all of them failed.

The civil war (1997-2003) was arguably one of the more brutal conflicts seen on Argis, but life peculiarly went on as normal in all but the worst of combat zones. A firefight could start in a market, only for it to resume fifteen minutes after shooting stopped.

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