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Nation in Eurth: The Commonwealth of Delamaria

Flag: spacer.png

Capital name: Labrador

Capital location: See map.

Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Delamaria

Newsroom link:

Culture: Predominantly Anglish and Lysian, with small Variot, Cristinese and native Delamarian.

Climate: Oceanic, Similar to US east coast. Hot summers and cold but fairly wet winters.



I would also like to explore the possibility of a small overseas territory in the form of some very small islands, the result of some guano island type program, and will probably be used by the military.


Prior to European discovery, Delamaria was a sparsely populated land, with small agricultural settlements populated by a few distinct tribes. In the late 15th century Europans first gazed upon the shores of Delamaria, and over the next few decades colonies sprang up across the coast, the most notable being Lysian and Anglish. In the 18th century formal colonial governments formed in the form of Labradoria, Lysian Columbia, Yorker, Nassaua and Porta. In the late 1700s most of these colonies gained independence, with Labradoria and the Variot colonies having a fairly democratic form of government, and Lysian Columbia opting for a monarchy. After a few wars and treaties the Federations of Delamaria were formed, which eventually in 1825 became the Commonwealth of Delamaria. The first President was Albert Pritchett, of which Pritchett House, the residence of the President, was named. The 1800s was a golden age for the new nation, it became one of the dominant powers in Argis, both economically and militarily, with its then powerful navy. Since then Delamaria has become one of the most technologically advanced nations on Eurth, with a strong public and private sector. Over its history the nation’s government has had significant influence exerted over it by private corporations, and has loose laws surrounding lobbying and corruption. However Delamaria has a very good standard of living, healthcare and education systems and life expectancies.


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Hello there @Delamaria. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Your expectations of the climate should match with what's actually there. No surprises.
  • Cultural will likely include a majority of !English and !Germans. The other minority groups you mention can also be included somewhere. That history is up to you to decide.
  • The land is mixed hills and coastal flat. Do keep in mind you won't have +5000 m peaks for a super-secret mountain hide-away.
  • The area you drew measures approx. 135.000 km2, including that nearest island.
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      Moving Forward:
      As the Doom of Ceris RP begins to wind down, posts will be made in detail about the negotiations between the future Union members in order to solidify the RP for a treaty binding them together. Though it has been presumed over the course of the RP that these nations are obviously coordinating together, I do not want any questions up in the air as to how it all occurred.
      Comments and concerns friends.
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