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UML (Unión Montedosa Libre) Pictures

UML Pictures is a san castellinos film studio created in 1921 at Montedoux by Ninio Santana. The film studio quickly gained popularity in the country with films of recognised quality and became the main san castellinos film studio. However, with the opening in 1950 of Gone with the Wind - a cult film recounting the Second War of Independence from the point of view of the Loyalists - the san castellinos government banned the studio and it was forced to flee the country. UML Pictures will therefore move to Theaca. Today, ULM Pictures is a mid-sized studio known for its many classics and run by Esteban Santana, the great-grandson of Ninio Santana.

Lo que el viento se llevó (Gone with the wind) :

This romance, directed in 1950 by Ernesto Flamingo, is one of the most successful box-office films in the wurld. "Gone with the Wind" is almost always considered a true cinematic masterpiece. It takes place during a major event in the history of San Castellino: the Second War of Independence. For several years it pitted the Libertadores against the Loyalists and the Lysian colonial troops.
Synopsis: In New-Lyria, in the 1870s, Scarlett de Rênal is a proud and determined young woman from the Loyalist high society. Courted by all the good parties in the region, she only has eyes for Ashley Beaumont despite her engagement to her sweet and shy cousin, Marie Weniraux. Scarlett is determined to change his mind, but at the reception of the Douze Chênes, it is the cynical Roy Laundo that catches her attention...

Fight Club :

Fight Club is a theaco-san castellinos film by Erik Jørgensen and Luiz Vidal, released in 1999 and adapted from the eponymous novel by Herald Irsen published in 1996. The film is a commercial failure at Theaca but achieves better international box-office takings. It received mixed reviews from the press, which was torn apart by the many different interpretations that could be made of it, and remains one of the most controversial films of the 1990s. However, commercial success came when the film was released on DVD. It has since been considered a cult film.
Synopsis: The narrator, without a precise identity, lives alone, works alone, sleeps alone, eats alone his meal trays for a person like many other lonely people who know human, moral and sexual misery. This is why he will become a member of the " Fight club ", a clandestine place where he will be able to regain his virility, exchange and communication. This club is run by Karl Dürtzman, a kind of anarchist between guru and philosopher who preaches love of one's neighbour.

Mariachi Dream :

Mariachi Dream is a san castellinos film directed by David Mantano and released in 2019. The film was very well received by the critics and even received a few awards.
Synopsis: After the tragic death of her parents in a car accident, Lis Oscurmar has turned her back on her past. Three years later, settled in Gazallenoa, he has found his stability and works for the Ministry of Fishing and Hunting. But his uncle Elio calls him back to his hometown, in Mariachi. There, Lis is going to become the toy of the dreams of two women who have lived through a terrible past, his uncle's and perhaps his own?

San Castellino :

San Castellino is a san castellinos dystopian science fiction film directed by Miguel Caramenos, written by him with Hans Wilhem and Leo Jimenez and released in 1984.
The story is about the peregrinations of Sam Lonsny, a man who is looking for the woman who appears in his dreams, who has a boring job and lives in a small appartment in a dystopian, bureaucratic and totalitarian wurld which reminds us of the one described by Georgio Oviedi in his novel 1984. The title of this work refers to the song Acuarela de San Castellino, whose musical theme floods the film. The plot takes shape over a butterfly effect: an insect falls into the printer of the central computer of the Crosschecking Service at the moment when the name Archibald Puttle is to be printed, the P becoming a D. It is a perfectly innocent Archibald Duttle who is brutally arrested at his home. Sam Lonsny must then deal with this administrative error.

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