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Seems like a good plan.

I'm surprised that you're not making it a union with Seylos as the leading partner, if not the actual leader. I doubt many Eurth nations, especially not the bigger ones, would bat an eyelid at Seylos taking them over and installing Aidan as their hegemon. That'll probably leave the Arhomaioi scratching their heads a bit, as they're much more used to an aggressive and dominating leadership style, both from their leaders and their nation.

But, ultimately, yours is the more tactful way of doing it and I imagine that Seylos will be the driving force, both in its founding and as things move into the future.

Obviously, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would welcome a stronger partner in the north Adlantic, and one that brings a stabilising influence in the far east of Ceris. And a counterbalance to the rising Communist meddling in the west of the island.

It will also likely be used as a way to strengthen ties with Secryae, as the Noble Republic worries about being subsumed by the North Adlantic Union.

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4 hours ago, Orioni said:

@Seylos — Do you already want to show this expansion on the map? Or not yet, and keep the label with "RP ongoing"?

Go ahead and show it. It'll just be easier that way

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    • By Ateenia
      Hi once again. I know its been only few weeks since my last request but i would like the honored cartographer @Metztlitlaca to add the following major cities and ports to Ateenia.

      The red dots are major cities and towns.
      The black dots are the major ports.

      The names of said ports, towns and cities are:
      1) Grundvik
      2) Mandahús
      3) Fjoldall
      4) Myrrdall
      5) Osarvik
      Thank you!
    • By Tagmatium Rules
      I'm completely changing Tagmatium's name and flag! Again!
      No, not really.
      Just a bit of a minor tweak.
      This is been something I've been meaning to ask for quite a long time. It is more window-dressing than anything that will have any meaningful impact on anything in terms of RP.
      Basically, the island with the city Glevokastron is a nominally independent protectorate of Tagmatium, although in reality it is all but an integral part of the Greater Holy Empire, lying as it does so close to both myself and @Haruspex. It's got a significant Tagmatine military presence in the form of military bases, and it plays a role as a lynchpin in the defensive plans of my nation.
      In line with other people's colonies and client states, could I have the name "Akwisia (Tag.)" added to it, as that's the name of the country. Ideally, the name "Brandhaefen" would be added in brackets under "Glevokastron", as the former is the native name for the city. I respect the fact that there might not be enough room for this without things being a bit squashed.
      As well as this, could the following flag be added? This flag would replace the Tagmatine one.
      Thanks a lot!
      No hurry on this, mind. It doesn't affect anything RP-wise.

    • By Ateenia
      Nation in Eurth: Ateenia (Kingdom of Ateenia)

      Capital name: Atha
      Capital location: On the coastline, on the smallest river.
      Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Ateenia
      Newsroom link:

      Culture: Ateenian (Based off of Norse culture with unique added features.)
      Climate: Subarctic or Boreal climate with freezing winters and warm summers.
      The black border if possible, red border if black is over the limit or not possible. black dot is capital Atha. (if there is a need to further discuss then DM me in discord (*cencored*#7122)
      History: The first tribesmen and hunters arrived to Ateenian lands from south, around 10,000 years ago and the first settlements began to grow along the rivers. Later on, settlers arrived to the northern coasts where they began settleing more intensivly and in matter of millenias, they made the northern coasts most populated in whole modern Ateenia. Ateenia as a kingdom itself was founded in 118. Before that, the Ateenian people were split into various clans, tribes, earldoms, jarldoms and lesser kingdoms. When Ateenia united it began using its first kings birth year as the start of Ateenian calender. Early Ateenians were renowned for their art of shipbuilding for being able to build strong ships that could sail both on rivers and oceans, thus giving them the ability to raid distant lands, which is the main reason Ateenian coastline is so populated, many people moved to the coastlines to be able to take part of raids.

      Statistics: Population - 0   GDP - 2    Land Area - 2
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