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Expansion: Seylos

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Well it's time for the big expansion into Ceris. After the past year of war on the unfortunate island, things are finally coming to a head and there is a glimmer of hope for a Sentist defeat. In the coming posts I will explore beyond just the military military posts and begin the diplomatic process of the formation of a new supranational state that will encompass Seylos and eastern Ceris.



Name: North Adlantic Union

Government: Centralized Confederation (Supranational Union)

Head of Government: President of the North Adlantic Council (Elected amongst constituent nations)

Legislative Body: North Adlantic Council

Constituent Nations: Seylos, Cenia, Seskoaburg, Ashington, Astaria, Egris, Esnos, Atrya, Ostros

Total Constituent Population: 59,240,000 (Seylos is 34,000,000 making up 57% of the population)

Average GDP of Nations (Seylos excluded): 29.125 billion

Average GDP per Capita (Seylos excluded): 1,153 per capita

Average GDP with Seylos: 153 billion

Average GDP per Capita with Seylos: 2582 per capita

Predominant Cultures: Anglian, Alban, Cymrian, Eirieann, Ceriser, Germanic (still working on a good name for that)


It goes without saying in this expansion that the Kingdom of Seylos will not be directly annexed or integrating any of its neighbors. Each of these nations will exist as sovereign states (in NPC form) under the umbrella of the North Adlantic Union. As such, I will continue having Seylos as the nation that I will be playing as and will not be changing the country's name or any such thing. Of course however the North Adlantic Union will still be seen as an extension of myself while RPing just like any other expansion.

Reasons for Expansion:

Due to the events of Doom of Ceris, the nations that will make up the Union have been fighting side by side with each other against the Sentist onslaught, and have come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to work together in order to survive the crisis. On top of this, ICEB influence in the west, Tagmatine influence in the north, and the possibility of a surviving Sentist state none of the eastern Ceris nations see a possible situation where they can make their stand alone. Ostris and Egris have also bore the brunt of the Sentist assault, and look to Seylos and the wealthier coastal states as a means of recovery and economic development. All the states under the Union will have had common cultural backgrounds, and have had relatively peaceful contact with each other over the year, with minor exceptions. Seylos, for its part, sees this as a way to secure the territory close to it from further international encroachment, and as a massive economic opportunity for the future.


Moving Forward:

As the Doom of Ceris RP begins to wind down, posts will be made in detail about the negotiations between the future Union members in order to solidify the RP for a treaty binding them together. Though it has been presumed over the course of the RP that these nations are obviously coordinating together, I do not want any questions up in the air as to how it all occurred.


Comments and concerns friends.

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Seems like a good plan.

I'm surprised that you're not making it a union with Seylos as the leading partner, if not the actual leader. I doubt many Eurth nations, especially not the bigger ones, would bat an eyelid at Seylos taking them over and installing Aidan as their hegemon. That'll probably leave the Arhomaioi scratching their heads a bit, as they're much more used to an aggressive and dominating leadership style, both from their leaders and their nation.

But, ultimately, yours is the more tactful way of doing it and I imagine that Seylos will be the driving force, both in its founding and as things move into the future.

Obviously, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would welcome a stronger partner in the north Adlantic, and one that brings a stabilising influence in the far east of Ceris. And a counterbalance to the rising Communist meddling in the west of the island.

It will also likely be used as a way to strengthen ties with Secryae, as the Noble Republic worries about being subsumed by the North Adlantic Union.

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