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Diplomatic Office of Orioni

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Diplomatic Office
Council of Foreign Affairs
Orioni Empire

The Council of Foreign Affairs (COFA) of the Orioni Empire is a government office responsible for the country's foreign politics and diplomacy. Council of Foreign Affairs is one of the four offices that form the Hayili subcouncil (along with the councils of home affairs, justice and defence). The COFA advances Orinese objectives and interests on Eurth through its primary role in developing and implementing the Chairperson's foreign policy. It also provides important services to Orinese citizens and to foreigners seeking to visit Orioni.

Contact information

🏢 Merihowochi Building, Sinetsihufi Boulevard 180, Central O'polis, O'polis NCR, Orioni

📞 +314159265359

✉️ info@cofa.gov.io

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To: Conglomerate of Corporations, @Cashar
From: Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni
Subject: Water shortage offer of assistance

On Friday, February 5, we learned through the international media that a desert storm has knocked out the power to one of your desalination plants. Recognising the immediate danger of a potential water shortage, our country would like to offer its assistance. With your permission we will send a Sea Water Desalination Vessel (SDV) to supply fresh water while your engineers work on their repairs.


The ship can produce up to 50 million gallons per day (mgd) or 200,000 cubic meters (m³/d) of drinking water daily. Seawater is drawn through the intake system using low-velocity pumps, reducing the impact on sea life. The intake is equipped with a passive screen that minimises entrapment. Discharge water is diffused back into the ocean. For many years we have used this is environmentally friendly process to support populations on our smaller outlying islands, as an alternative solution for land-based desalination technologies. Our merchant navy also employs on-board desalination to generate the fresh water to satisfy the regular needs on board.

International solidarity is an important part of our foreign policy. Improving the bilateral relationship between Orioni and Cashar, beyond the existing framework, is part of this policy. Currently, most of the available desalination technology have been purchased by the 'richer' countries that turn very quickly to their internal needs. This Orinese offer is in line with our country's continued support for greater cooperation between Oriental countries.

Most Respectfully,

Councillor of Foreign Affairs Anna Hackney

OOC: This type of oceangoing desalination vessel was first proposed in 2008 and has been operational since 2010. That would be plenty of time to actually get the technology in production. The main constraints I see here would be getting the ship across the ocean. But that's something to figure if Cashar accepts the offer of assistance.

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To: Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni
From: Conglomerate of Corporations, Cashar
Subject: Re: Water shortage offer of assistance

Lovely, wonderful, absolutely opportune to have received your offer of assistance. The distance between our two countries is vast, but your offer has closed a different kind of distance between our two glorious countries. We are willing to allow you to pass peaceably through our waters in order to supply the country with the water it needs up until such time that our engineers can return one of our critical desalination plants back into working order. Our country's borders are, of course, also open to your people, aboard this vessel or otherwise, should they wish to spend some time on land. 

In addition, we're quite interested in this sea water desalination vessel and would be open to looking into purchasing options in order to utilize such technology in the future. We're also curious as to whether rolling out a new line of Orioni-themed merchandise for the Cashari public to enjoy and consume would be considered tasteful and respectful and a fair show of appreciation or offensive. Let us know. 

International solidarity is an important part of our foreign policy as well! A valued ally is a value worth its weight in gold. We'd look forward to discussing business with you at a later point after the water shortage crisis is over. 

Truly, sincerely,

Amset Gogol, CEO of Getgo, Inc.
Walhat Yednisvo, CEO of The Yednisvo Company
Suzinka Sketoviska, CEO of The Cashari Broadcasting Corporation (KBK)
Ramsim Nutravisk, CEO of Cashari Basic Industries, Corp.
Pezta Watravola, CEO of Nippok Chamber, Corp.
Jimbat Kridshar, CEO of KASHKAR 
Tukon Sambravo, CEO of Actus Extreme, Co. 


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