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Diplomatic Office of Orioni

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Diplomatic Office
Council of Foreign Affairs
Orioni Empire

The Council of Foreign Affairs (COFA) of the Orioni Empire is a government office responsible for the country's foreign politics and diplomacy. The Council of Foreign Affairs is one of the four offices that form the Hayili subcouncil (along with the councils of home affairs, justice, and defence). The COFA advances Orinese objectives and interests on Eurth through its primary role in developing and implementing the Chairperson's foreign policy. It also provides important services to Orinese citizens and to foreigners seeking to visit Orioni.

Contact information

🏢 Merihowochi Building, Sinetsihufi Boulevard 180, Central O'polis, O'polis NCR, Orioni

📞 +314159265359

✉️ info@cofa.gov.io

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To: Conglomerate of Corporations, @Cashar
From: Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni
Subject: Water shortage offer of assistance

On Friday, 5February 2023, we learned through the international media that a desert storm has knocked out the power to one of your desalination plants. Recognising the immediate danger of a potential water shortage, our country would like to offer its assistance. With your permission, we will send a Seawater Desalination Vessel (SDV) to supply fresh water while your engineers work on their repairs.


The ship can produce up to 50 million gallons per day (mgd) or 200,000 cubic meters (m³/d) of drinking water daily. Seawater is drawn through the intake system using low-velocity pumps, reducing the impact on sea life. The intake is equipped with a passive screen that minimises entrapment. Discharge water is diffused back into the ocean. For many years we have used this is environmentally friendly process to support populations on our smaller outlying islands, as an alternative solution for land-based desalination technologies. Our merchant navy also employs on-board desalination to generate the fresh water to satisfy the regular needs on board.

International solidarity is an important part of our foreign policy. Improving the bilateral relationship between Orioni and Cashar, beyond the existing framework, is part of this policy. Currently, most of the available desalination technology have been purchased by the 'richer' countries that turn very quickly to their internal needs. This Orinese offer is in line with our country's continued support for greater cooperation between Oriental countries.

Most Respectfully,

Councillor of Foreign Affairs Anna Hackney

OOC: This type of ocean-going desalination vessel was first proposed in 2008 and has been operational since 2010. That would be plenty of time to actually get the technology in production. The main constraints I see here would be getting the ship across the ocean. But that's something to figure if Cashar accepts the offer of assistance.

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To: Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni
From: Conglomerate of Corporations, Cashar
Subject: Re: Water shortage offer of assistance

Lovely, wonderful, absolutely opportune to have received your offer of assistance. The distance between our two countries is vast, but your offer has closed a different kind of distance between our two glorious countries. We are willing to allow you to pass peaceably through our waters in order to supply the country with the water it needs, up until such time that our engineers can return one of our critical desalination plants back into working order. Our country's borders are, of course, also open to your people, aboard this vessel or otherwise, should they wish to spend some time on land. 

In addition, we're quite interested in this seawater desalination vessel and would be open to looking into purchasing options in order to utilize such technology in the future. We're also curious whether rolling out a new line of Orioni-themed merchandise for the Cashari public to enjoy and consume would be considered tasteful and respectful and a fair show of appreciation, or offensive. Let us know. 

International solidarity is an important part of our foreign policy as well! A valued ally is worth its weight in gold. We'd look forward to discussing business with you at a later point after the water shortage crisis is over. 

Truly, sincerely,

Amset Gogol, CEO of Getgo, Inc.
Walhat Yednisvo, CEO of The Yednisvo Company
Suzinka Sketoviska, CEO of The Cashari Broadcasting Corporation (KBK)
Ramsim Nutravisk, CEO of Cashari Basic Industries, Corp.
Pezta Watravola, CEO of Nippok Chamber, Corp.
Jimbat Kridshar, CEO of KASHKAR 
Tukon Sambravo, CEO of Actus Extreme, Co. 

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Foreign travel advice for Sunset Sea Islands (SSI)


The Diplomatic Office of the Council of Foreign Affairs advises against all but essential travel to SSI, based on recent political events.

As of 19 April 2021, the @Sunset Sea Islands military declared a state of emergency and assumed control. Politicians, members of civil society and some foreign nationals have been detained by the military. Political tension and unrest are widespread since the takeover, and levels of violence have risen. The military has ordered a nightly internet shutdown, various internet platforms have been blocked and reports of disruptions to wider internet and phone networks are widespread.

Access to money has become increasingly difficult, with banks shut and some ATMs not working. A nationwide curfew is in place, and we advise you keep yourself up to date in your local area. If you are not able to leave SSI at this time, you are advised to stay home and stay safe. If you need to leave home for essential reasons, you should do so quickly, avoiding crowds.

The Diplomatic Office advises Orinese diplomats in SSI to leave the country by as soon as possible. This change in the level of advice follows a significant decrease in political stability on 19 April. Some staff members and dependents in the Orinese Embassy have already been temporarily withdrawn. The Embassy will continue to carry out essential work, including providing 24/7 consular assistance and support to Orinese people in SSI.

If you’re planning to return to the Orioni from SSI, there are still commercial means available to return to the Home Island, but these may decrease further. Flight connections to Orioni can be affected at short notice by curfew restrictions being imposed. Further delay in leaving SSI could increase your risk of additional costs at your own expense.

Published: 19 April 2021
Updated: 25 April 2021

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To: the Council of Foreign Affairs of the Omorfoautokrateia ton Orhionion, the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellencies,

The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion rarely contacts your great nation, for better or worse. It seems that in recent years, our nations and governments have fallen into the habit of ignoring each other in the main, letting each other carry on our own affairs in our own respective parts of Europa.

However, the government of Orhioneia is likely aware of a conflict that appears to be spreading. The Regaseia tes Megas Angleias, the Kingdom of Great Anglia, has occupied the Sosialdemokratikí Synomospondeia, the Social Democratic Confederation, and is engaged in an armed conflict with the Demokrateia tou Kyptou, the Republic of Qubdi. This latter event is alongside the Megas Regaseia tes Souberinas, the Great Queendom of Suverina, as Megas Angleia has undertaken a military alliance with them. The armed conflict started as an invasion by Kypton of provinces that are disputed between them and Souberina.

At no point does it seem that any nation involved in this crisis attempted to resolve the situation peacefully. Several times, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has offered to mediate, in order to defuse the tension. The first time, the government of Megas Angleia ignored this offer and went ahead and conquered the Synomospondeia, driving out the legitimate government and installing a puppet regime in its place. It appears that my nation's offer will be ignored again, likely meaning that the war between the three nations will be fought until one side has been defeated militarily. This is not something that my nation can let slide, as it puts the stability of the Occident and Amutia under threat.

Because of this, as your government may have seen, the Megas Agios Basileia has put into place an embargo against the three nations involved – Megas Angleia, Souberina and Kypton. The embargo is aimed to damage the ability of those three nations to wage aggressive war against each other, in the hope that they will then all see sense and try to settle the matter peacefully. Arhomaneia's ally, the Exousiokrateia ton Gharon, the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex, has also recognised the severity of the crisis and instituted a similar embargo against the nations involved.

To this end, I would ask the Orhionioi to put into place an embargo as well. It is appreciated that the Omorfoautokrateia may not wish to be dragged into the affairs of the Occident. Equally, your government might not want to place sanctions against the Souberiniki government, as I know that your nation has good relations with them. However, in order for these embargoes to work as a tool to bring the nations to the table, they must be placed against all of them. Given time, as more nations place embargoes against them, they will realise the error of their ways and cooler heads will prevail.

As well as that, the Orhionioi are respected throughout the wurld, as a people and as a nation. If your nation takes a certain course, then there is a chance that others will follow. If the Omorfoautokrateia stands against a certain action, may also mean that the Angleioi, Souberinoi and Kyptoi will take note of the course of their action and rein themselves in.

Through prayer and action, peace will be returned to Europa.

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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To: Akios Vasileoniki Kataskevastís of Tegemeti 
(Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion)
CC: Mr Nikomedes Georgius Artemios, Orinese ambassador to Tegemeti

Your Excellency,

Similar to many Europan and Eurthican states, the government of Her Imperial and Royal Highness is outraged over these events occurring in Ingalizi (Anglia), SDC, Suwalina (Suverina) and Kupitiki (Qubdi). We strongly condemn this unprovoked attack by the Ingaliziye government. 

For many years now, the Occident has been a powder keg waiting to explode. From the assassination of the previous Suverin monarch, to the accidental death of @Adaptus's head of state, and the atrocities in Kashiya (Cussia). And now again in former Aroman areas. Would your government enlighten us with an explanation for this regular occurrence of misfortune?

News media appear to be fanning the flames. Reporting based on unconfirmed sources by a duo of hand-selected journalists will no doubt lead to much additional confusion. It is strongly advised that your government seek more direct control over the framing and narrative.

At the moment, it is the position of Orioni that we support the government-in-exile. This decision of support will include, amongst other measures, the immediate imposition of sanctions against the Anglian aggressor, its leadership and industrial capacity to wage war.

Recent actions by the current Suverin government are inconsistent with previous policy. Until such time as these actions can be explained, we will, however, refrain from placing similar sanctions on our long-time ally and partner @Suverina. It is the opinion of our government that we must support the Suverin people in freeing themselves from the Anglian yoke and this Qubdian attack.

Lastly, I can claim with a high degree of confidence that the Entente is prepared to take all measures and precautions necessary to preserve the Europan peace.

Mrs Anna Hackney
Cllr of Foreign Affairs

OOC: Yes to sanctions against Anglia. I want to see how this plays out before going any further with Suverina and Qubdi. Some secret source inside Suverina would be nice to create a second perspective.

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To: the Council of Foreign Affairs of the Omorfoautokrateia ton Orhionion, the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellencies,

Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is certainly disappointed that the Orhioniki government is not yet prepared to go to the lengths necessary to try to prevent the conflict from worsening, the reasons for doing so are understandable. Ordinarily, the Megas Agios Basileia does not feel the need to explain its actions to foreign powers, but it is felt by His Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Holy Emperor, Autocrat and Equal-to-the-Apostles, that it is necessary at this juncture. May the Orhionioi view this as a compliment, due to the standing of their nation.

It does indeed seem strange that the Souberinoi have apparently let themselves be so guided by the Angleioi, especially going as far as to sign a military alliance with them. As yet, there does not seem to be any very good answers to the questions that this poses. The most obvious answer is that they were intimidated into joining an alliance by the presence of the Angleioi on their western border, but that seems to be entirely at odds with the Souberiniki mindset. Otherwise, perhaps the new regime of the Megas Regaseia has other motives, beyond merely preventing themselves from being the next step in Angleiki aggression.

This matter is being investigated by my nation, in order to ascertain the intent behind this. It could well be just that the Angleioi were attempting to secure their new border and the Kyptoi attacked due to feeling threatened by this military alliance. Likely, with the ongoing conflict with the Ghallamvrioi meant that the Kyptoi could not afford to miss what they saw as an opportunity before this new alliance was cemented.

But – fundamentally – it was an aggressive act by Kypton, which is why Arhomaneia called for an embargo on them. Similarly, the previous actions by the Angleioi meant that an embargo against them was almost inevitable, unless they drastically reversed their course of action. Which they did not do. It is realised that your government questions the necessity for one against Souberina. It is because, whilst they are now involved in a defensive war with Kypton, it is seems that their government at least tacitly supports the actions of Megas Angleia. Otherwise, something such as a non-aggression pact could have been signed by them, if there was need for anything at all. Pressure on the Souberiniki government will weaken the Angleiki yoke and open the eyes of their people to the blind alley that they are being led down.

As a further note, please do not assume that the Arhomaiki government is so blinkered as to utilise a single foreign news source as the basis for its foreign policy. Whilst our attention has often been on situations beyond the Occident, we do monitor the events near our borders closely.

Similarly, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not have to explain to the Orhionioi the reasons for events beyond its control. Events like the deaths of foreign heads of state. The Megas Agios Basileia strives hard to maintain peace and stability in the Occident, and it is only in recent years that this peace has become fragile. Indeed, as an example, Arhomaneia was the first nation to take in the refugees from Koussoeia after they were ejected from their homeland and deployed units of the Tagmata to act as observers to try to rein in the Gharoi.

Pointed questions could be asked about the ongoing anti-piracy operations in the Orient that appears to have dragged on for almost four years with little sign of abating. However, it is clear that Orhioneia and the EOS are attempting to not just combat piracy but stop the problems that lead people towards piracy. This the same drive that the Arhomaioi have, one for peace.

God will see to it that peace is restored and the injuries are healed,

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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Foreign travel advice for the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria


The Diplomatic Office of the Council of Foreign Affairs has issued an urgent travel advisory for Velaheria. Due to the escalating tensions and the increasing likelihood of conflict in the region, we advise all Orioni citizens currently in Velaheria to leave the country immediately.

Recommendations for Departure:

  • Return to Orioni — If possible, arrange immediate travel back to Orioni. Contact the Orinese embassy in Velaheria for assistance with travel arrangements.
  • Relocate to neighbouring countries — If returning to Orioni is not feasible, consider relocating to peaceful neighbouring countries, such as Iwenland. Ensure you have valid travel documents for entry.
  • Contact the embassy — Immediately inform the Orinese embassy of your location and travel plans. The embassy can provide guidance and assistance.
  • Stay informed — Keep updated with local news and alerts. Pay attention to any updates from the Orioni government or the embassy.

Safety and Security:

  • Avoid conflict areas — Stay away from areas known for tensions or demonstrations. The situation can deteriorate rapidly, and even peaceful protests may turn violent.
  • Be vigilant — Exercise increased caution, particularly in public places and near government buildings.
  • Secure important documents — Ensure your passport, travel documents, and other essential items are secure and easily accessible.
  • Emergency contacts — Keep a list of emergency contacts, including the Orinese embassy, local emergency services, and family contacts.


  • Medical supplies — Ensure you have a sufficient supply of any required medications, as access to healthcare services may be limited.
  • Health insurance — Verify that your health insurance covers travel and potential medical evacuation.


  • Respect local laws — Be aware of and respect local laws and customs. Avoid engaging in political discussions or activities.
  • Consular assistance — Be aware that the ability of the Orioni government to provide consular assistance may be limited as the situation evolves.


  • Flight availability — Be aware that flights may be limited and subject to cancellation. Have alternative travel plans.
  • Local transportation — Public transportation may be disrupted. Have alternative means of transportation arranged.

This advisory remains in effect until further notice. Please check the Council of Foreign Affairs website and official channels regularly for updates. The safety and security of Orioni citizens are our utmost priority.


Contact Information:

Orinese embassy in Velaheria
Address: 23 Liberation Road, District 4, Bastaria, Velaheria
Phone: +91 1234 5678
Email: embassy.bastaria@gov.io
Emergency After-Hours Number: +91 1234 5679

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FROM: Office of the Prime Minister of Union Mariah Steube

TO: Councillor of Foreign Affairs, @Orioni Empire


The North Adlantic Union and her constituent states are deeply disturbed by the recent actions of the Orioni Empire within the nation of @DPR Velaheria. We would never, in our history of relations have expected the government of Orioni to have acted in such a distasteful and duplicitous manner in the realm of geopolitical affairs. Seylosian diplomatic staff and NAUDC military intelligence have been able to firmly confirm Orionese troops attacking and holding position across the Velaharian capital of Bastaria, confirming our worst fears. The North Adlantic Union will not tolerate Europan aggression on Argic soil and demand an immediate explanation as to the nature of this heinous act.

While our collective of nations does not support the Velaharian regime in place in Bastaria, the total lack of any warning and utter disregard for the safety and security of the Southeastern Argic region has left every NAU nation speechless. The geopolitical ramifications of this act could be felt for years. The North Adlantic Union has no choice but to completely condemn this action and bring this forth to the Assembled Nations Security Council.

Since the North Adlantic Union considers this an act of foreign aggression on Argic soil: the NAU immediately demands the disengagement of all Orionese military units and to surrender their forces immediately to NAU or Velaharia forces for subsequent transit back to Orioni where there safety and health will be guaranteed by the NAUDC. All shipping traffic to the east coast of Velaharia will be turned away to their ports of origin.

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To: the Council of Foreign Affairs of the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni

From: the Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Aromania


Your excellency,

The presence of Orinese forces in the Iwish Straits had not gone noticed by the Holy Imperial Government. Whilst it certainly raised eyebrows – with the possibility of it adding confusion at a time of conflict, albeit one that had ended – it was allowed to continue unmolested and unhindered. This was because Aromania was cautiously optimistic and hoped that the Beautiful Empire had peaceful intentions with regards to the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria (@DPR Velaheria). It is a nation that Aromania is also aiding, as there are Aroman humanitarian workers distributing aid to the benighted people of that benighted country. There are also personnel from the Imperial Navy present in Velaheria, embedded with units of the Velaherian People's Army, as the Imperial Navy was supporting the defence of Velaheria against the Dolch. The presence of neither was a secret, as the Holy Imperial Government wishes all to know that Aromania is at the forefront of the defence of Eurth against the threat of Great Anglia and its minions. It was felt by not only the Holy Imperial Government but the people of Aromania themselves that my nation could not stand apart as peace on Eurth was threatened.

It was a call that some, but not all, also answered.

It therefore comes as a shock that it appears that the Orinese did not have peaceful intentions when it came to Velaheria – instead, your nation acted in a manner that directly endangers the lives of Aroman citizens, and continues to do so. Although the Holy Imperial Government has no especial love for the government of Velaheria, it is shocking that your nation used such subterfuge to topple the government of a nation that it is not even in conflict with. Doubly so, since it was a nation whose people Aromania had been directly aiding. The Anglian War caused many strange confluences of effort, although it may be that the Orinese government did not notice such things.

Therefore, his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ, Holy Emperor and Autocrat of the Aromans and Equal-to-the-Apostles, requests and requires the presence of the Orinese Ambassador to the White Throne Room, his Excellency, Nikomedes Georgios Artemios. This is so that his Excellency can explain to his Aroman Majesty the actions and intentions of the Orinese government and forces, and how they might safeguard the lives of the Aroman citizens within Velaheria that their actions so imperil. If Aroman lives are lost, then it may be so that the Holy Imperial Government judges the actions of the Beautiful Empire to be a major, if not sole, factor.

May God see to it that our hard won peace is not shattered by thoughtless action.

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Grand Minister

for the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of the

Greater Holy Empire of Aromania

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Stedorian People's Republic

To: Councillor of Foreign Affairs of the Orioni Empire

From: Ernö Bartok, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Stedorian People's Republic


Very rarely in the civilised history of Eurth has a nation exhibited the degree of treachery, impudence, and depravity that Orioni and its leadership has exhibited in the past forty-eight hours. Your nation, under the guise of goodwill, peaceful intentions, and the desire to foster the development of relations with the DPR Velaheria, has used these aforementioned motives to infiltrate Velaheria's sovereign territory, whereupon your opportunistic nation then seized on the immoral opportunity to make an illegal attempt to overthrow the government of a sovereign state. Instead of viewing a nation in need of assistance and help, your government instead saw a nation ripe for the plundering. Orioni's actions cannot be condemned in any reasonable words, for the illegality and depravity of Orioni's actions surpasses this. This attack is not just an attack on Velaheria, but an attack on all of Argis and its sovereignty.

It is the intention of the Stedorian government to inform your government of the following actions in response to your illegal actions. All known Orinese government personnel within the territory of the Stedorian People's Republic are to be immediately detained and deported to a third country; all of their property within Stedoria is to be immediately and permanently confiscated. All Orinese government-owned buildings are to be immediately expropriated without compensation. Any and all Orinese government assets in Stedoria are to be immediately and permanently seized. All non-government affiliated Orinese citizens with Stedorian territory are to register themselves with local authorities or face deportation. Visa applications by Orinese citizens to the Stedorian People's Republic are to be permanently suspended. Orinese flagged aircraft and ships are prohibited from utilising Stedoria's airspace and EEZ respectively. All known individuals associated with your government will henceforth be subject to sanctions.

Your government's explanation for its actions at the Assembled Nations through its draft proposal is unacceptable. This is no way justifies your hostile actions against a sovereign nation. It should be noted that in no conceivable way will the Stedorian government support Orioni's proposals. The Stedorian government demands with immediate effect that your government withdraws its troops from Velaheria and pay reparations for any and all physical damage. If your government fails to honour this demand, our nation will not rule out military action in Velaheria against Orinese occupiers. 

The wurld will not be fooled by Orioni's perfidious tricks; your nation shall, in due time, be held accountable for its actions.

Ernö Bartok,
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Stedorian People's Republic,
19 December 2023

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Diplomatic Office of Orioni


TO: Office of the Prime Minister of Union Mariah Steube (@Seylos), Grand Minister Eugenios Goulielmos of @Tagmatium Rules, Minister Ernö Bartok of @Stedoria

From: Anna Hackney, Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni Empire

Subject: RE: (no subject)

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Thank you for your messages and the concerns you have raised regarding the recent developments in Velaheria. We understand the gravity of the situation and appreciate the need for clarity and dialogue in such matters.

Please be assured that the actions undertaken by Orioni in Velaheria were driven by a commitment to support the aspirations of the Velaherian people towards a peaceful and democratic future. Our involvement aims to facilitate a stable transition, respecting the sovereignty and dignity of the Velaherian people.

Our forces have been instructed to adhere strictly to international laws and norms regarding the protection of civilians and non-combatants in conflict zones. We are committed to ensuring that all foreign nationals, irrespective of their country of origin, are treated with the utmost respect and care. Furthermore, we are willing to facilitate communication and coordination with your representatives to ensure the continued safety of Aroman citizens and to provide any necessary assistance.

Regarding the North Adlantic Union's demands for the disengagement of the forces in Velaheria, we believe that a unilateral withdrawal at this stage could lead to a power vacuum and further destabilize the region. We are, however, open to discussions with NAU representatives to find a peaceful and constructive solution.

To the Stedorian People's Republic, we extend our assurances that the actions taken were not intended to infringe upon the sovereignty of Velaheria or disrupt regional stability. We understand your decision to take protective measures for your citizens and respect your stance. We hope to engage in diplomatic dialogue to address and alleviate your concerns.

We encourage further diplomatic discussions on this matter through the appropriate channels. Not only that, but we attempted to inform your respective embassies; however, we found that some positions have been vacant for quite some time. For detailed responses and in-depth discussions, we kindly direct you to involve your ambassadors in Orioni.

Additionally, direct communication with the Foreign Councillor is typically not the standard procedure in diplomatic relations. We recommend that such communications be channelled through the aforementioned diplomatic protocols.

We also invite you to review our draft resolution submitted to the Assembled Nations, which outlines our intentions and proposed actions for a peaceful transition in Velaheria. Your constructive feedback and support for this resolution would be greatly valued as we seek to ensure stability and progress in the region.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Mrs Anna Hackney
Cllr of Foreign Affairs

OOC. Thought I'd poke some fun at that empty column on my foreign relations page. No harm intended. I do hope you weren't expecting a more compliant reply. That would be way too quickly, wouldn't it? I'd like to continue the story a bit longer before handing things over to the Peace Legion of the Assembled Nations.

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Diplomatic Office of Orioni


To: Ambassador of the Stedorian People's Republic to Orioni

From: Anna Hackney, Councillor of Foreign Affairs

Subject: Summon for Diplomatic Discussion on Recent Developments in Velaheria


In light of the recent actions taken by the Stedorian government and the subsequent reporting by Radion Televid Stedoriän, I formally summon you to a meeting.

The recent diplomatic and media response from @Stedoria, including the temporary detention and planned expulsion of our diplomatic staff, the expropriation of Orioni government assets, and the imposition of punitive measures on Orinese citizens, represent a significant breach of diplomatic protocol and international relations norms.

It is our intention to discuss these matters in detail, to clarify the nature and intentions of our actions in Velaheria, and to address the concerns and allegations raised by the Stedorian government and media. We aim to resolve any misunderstandings and work towards maintaining the integrity of our bilateral relations.

Furthermore, it is imperative to underline that diplomacy is the preferred channel for resolving international disputes and misunderstandings. The recent measures taken by Stedoria have unfortunately escalated tensions, and it is in our mutual interest to seek a diplomatic resolution.

I look forward to an open and constructive dialogue on these matters. Please confirm your availability at the earliest convenience.


Anna Hackney
Councillor of Foreign Affairs

OOC. We'll just pretend this meeting takes place, without actually doing the back-and-forth. Because I suspect more players would want to do this, while I don't have time for it in the run-up to Christmas.

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