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Update: Confirmed Removals

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Just putting this down here so it doesn't get lost on Discord. Basis: IP Audit Sheet

On the next round of updates, I'd like to put forth a list of nations (appearing red on the sheet) to be removed from the map.

  • Procedure  (See Amendment 3) was followed.
  • Allowance time (more than necessary) was given for a response
  • Floor was open for comments among the staff on what to do with the concerned nations.
  • No objections were heard.

From what I can see, there are no reasons to keep the following nations around:

  • Lusotropia
  • Stalgora
  • Valacia
  • Theodoria
  • Aluxia
  • Saale
  • Pyemcgowan
  • Pallamara
  • Rihan
  • Cavunia
  • Sylvet
  • Fjallshima
  • Great Burlington (They have chosen to delete their account)
  • Little Flau
  • Beleareas
  • Limonaia (replace with Sayf)
  • Alenveil
  • Eurofuhrer
  • Astriedan
  • Kaitaine
  • Selayar
  • Acadia(?)

Further more the following nations have been contacted and have been given more than enough time to respond. They differ because of amount of contributions/posts/relevance to some RP--therefore, I put their names forward for a reduction of their land area (to area around capital). Enough so that they do not take up too valuable a real estate.

  • Asgeirria (perhaps moved to a tiny island nearby)
  • Dniester

If anyone has any objections at all and you have a concrete plan on what to do with them, last chance to speak. Otherwise please avoid speculating or spitballing! I think enough formality has been followed and time spent on this matter.


Updated: Nation names that are not on the audit list were added here due to sustained inactivity and lack of response on regular channels.

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Rihan should be apart of this list as it was determined by Team Aurelia's continent meeting that there is no further purpose for their continuation. All lore has been or is slated to be reconciled. Fjallshima is also on this list as they took up Kipan (a Rihan puppet that otherwise would have been wiped) only to conclude they didn't have the drive to participate in our community. No one on Aurelia had any real ties to either iteration, thus erasure would be ideal. Limonaia will likely be removed based off discussions had with those most affected by it via history self reconciliation (Anatea & Shffahkia). Shffahkia has stated they would *prefer* Limonaia is left alone but will not formally object to their erasure should it come to pass. Limonaia has left and stated that they have no desire to continue on here.

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Added an important detail in regards to Limonaia. (see edit history)
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10 hours ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

With regards to Beleareas, they came back briefly and made a few posts in the summer of 2020.

Does that mean they still fit the criteria for their nation being reduced in size?

I'd say so. He proposed a RP idea then dipped. Great Burlington style - make a post then leave for another year. My personal opinion is that we don't count this. 

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I would like to add another to this list that somehow has slipped through the cracks: Selayar. It has been over a year since they have been spotted on the forums if you see their account last login, and even longer since their last post (1year and 2 months give or take). At the very least their reservation ought to be wiped from Aurelia and potentially even their original claim on their home isle outright.

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