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Hello everyone!

Guest New Aspen

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Guest New Aspen

I've recently re-established my nation, the Federal Republic of New Aspen, and while looking for a region to join I came across you guys and was so intrigued that I decided to join right away! I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself too.

My name is Rose (he/him) and I am a university student from Cental Europe. I first got into NationStates back in 2015 under an entirely different name. In 2018 I had become inactive due to real-life time constraints. Now, three years later, I am back and ready to rock!

I enjoy political RP and woldbuildnig, especially writing various "pseudo-legal" documents or fictional news articles and various graphic design jobs, from creating flags to producing short videos. While I mostly operate within modern "real-world-equivalent" settings, I also greatly enjoy science fiction and fantasy worlds. My hobbies include, among others, playing board games, reading (favourite genre is hard sci-fi), computer gaming and graphic design. I am also a passionate painter.

I am currently working on creating an IIWiki page for New Aspen, where I will flesh out all the national info, but for now, I provide you with this brief description:

"The Kingdom of Aspenia has existed for several decades, originally a union of several disparate noble clans, now a unitary state headed by the Perenian royal family. The monarchs have ruled with an iron fist, while the populace toiled in the fields and mines. Unbeknownst to the royals however, far in the south of the nation, a resistance was growing. Emanuel Carthaus was the leader of the resistance and trough his charm and wit managed to convince many peasants to join him. He even planted spies in the royal army! It was only a matter of time before the resistance reached a critical mass. Carthaus and his followers branded the ruling monarch Klaus Perenian IV. an illegitimate ruler and unilaterally established the Aspenian Polity as a new state. A bloody civil war ensued, with the loyalists to the north and the resistance to the south. Many died in the war including both Carthaus and Klaus IV. and after the dust settled the peasants found themselves without a ruler, as both factions have effectively eaten each other alive. After a brief period of anarchy, most of the nation was reduced to various city-states or polities. However, many of the people recognised the value in being united under one flag and thus, determined to do it right this time, each group has sent forth a representative to negotiate with the others. This was the pivotal step in the creation of New Aspen, a Federal Parliamentary Representative Republic, now a small and progressive democratic state."
[Exact details subject to change]

Culture: European, somewhat vaguely Nordic/Baltic
Climate: Cold, with coniferous forests in the south and tundras in the north
Capital: United Boreas
Prime Minister: Edward Lloyd

Flag of New Aspen

Hopefully I did this "introduction thing" correctly 😅

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