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1997, Solazok

As it would appear today, Premier Estralić has made his final executive decision before resigning immediately after. In a statement on national television he announced,

"Sarnarijans over the past year we have witnessed the decline of a nation. The treasury has gone dry, and outside pressure has isolated our means to outsource.

It is with great sadness that I today formally dissolve Sož'alistka Republići Sarnarija. 

The documents have been signed, the military has been dissolved, government officials have been laid off, and there is only one left to go. <

He then signed a final document, assumed to be his resignation, and the broadcast turned off. What this will mean for the future, only time can tell.

Thousands of youths have already taken to the streets in celebration of the end of an oppressive regime. Some commissars have refused to believe the dissolution of the Socialist Republic, and have pledged to resist any new, one may say illegitimate government to come out of Solazok.

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