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List of the main san castellinos industries

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Major industries

Oil :

The sector, although mainly controlled by foreign companies (especially GalOil), represents one of the first sources of revenue for the country. However, there are still a few San Castellino companies to exploit it.

National Society of the Oil Extraction : It is the national oil extraction company of San Castellino. However, contrary to what one might think, the company is privately owned because of the country's predominantly ultra-liberal economic system.

Tabacco :

Alharu Tabacco Company : It is the national tobacco growing company in San Castellino. As this business is particularly juicy and important, it is the government itself that takes care of tobacco production. However, the company also owns many tobacco fields in other Alharu countries, therefore the name.

Montefrusto National Cigar Manufactures : It is the national cigar manufacturing company in San Castellino. Montefrusto cigars are wurld renowned luxury cigars and even one of the symbols of San Castellino.

Agriculture :

Agriculture in San Castellino occupies a very important place. Indeed, tobacco and bananas represent an important source of income for the country. However, even though tobacco and bananas are in the majority, many other exotic crops such as sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, avocado, pineapple and cotton can be found in San Castellino. Intensive cattle breeding is also a widespread practice in San Castellino, which is a secondary beef exporter.

United Fruit Company : It is the largest fruit harvesting company in San Castellino. It focuses mainly on the production of bananas, but also grows pineapples, coffee and cocoa. However, the United Fruit Company is currently getting into the juicy avocado business with the purchase of plots of land to raze the rainforest and replace it with avocado fields, all with government support.

United Sugar Cane Company of San Castellino : It is the national sugar cane production company and also the only one that has the right to proscribe sugar cane in San Castellino. In fact, almost all of the country's sugar cane production is destined to be used to make San Castellino's famous luxury rum.

Middle-growth industries

Automotive :

Tosca Fast Motors : It is a luxury car brand aimed at a wealthy clientele. This is why, although the cars are produced in San Castellino, almost all of them are exported to rich countries. Although Tosca was long considered the car brand of celebrities, politicians, etc. (especially between 1957 and 1970), today the brand no longer has this notoriety and has become a minor franchise on the international scene.

Tourisme :

San Castellino, with its heavenly beaches and tropical climate, is an ideal destination for resort tourism. This is one of the reasons why 80% of the country's beaches are reserved for tourists (and party members) and why the government encourages the construction of luxury casinos, chic bars and high class hotels.

New Lux Resorts : It is a chain of luxury hotels that also offers many beach tourism activities, such as volleyball, jet ski rides, access to private beaches and more. The company is owned by the Sea, Sex and Sun Corporation.

Entertainment :

Las Cajas Entertainments : It is the main casino chain in San Castellino. It has casinos all over the Alharu and northern Aurelia. In addition, Las Cajas Entertainements is also active in prostitution. Even though this business is officially illegal, the San Castellino government tolerates it against 40% of the company's shares and vip access to casinos and brothels. The company is owned by the Sea, Sex and Sun Corporation.

Gaza TV Arts : These are the main studios after those of RSC National Chronicle. Gaza TV Arts specialises in television series and TV films, and more particularly in telenovelas. It is also one of the main exporters of telenovelas in the wurld.

Media :

RSC National Chronicle: This is the media that deals with information in San Castellino, from newspapers to television. Of course, the RSC National Chronicle is owned by the government and is directly controlled by the Ministry of Information and Propaganda.

Drugs :

Drugs, although highly illegal, are tolerated by the government in exchange for a large amount of money from the cartels. Thus, it is not uncommon to find fields of cannabis, cocaine or opium in San Castellino. Finally, San Castellino is an important exporter of drugs, even if it is not one of the main ones.

Minor industries

Mining :

Despite a soil rich in lithium (used for the batteries of mobile phones and electric cars, for example) and chromium (used in many metallurgical alloys, for example) in the Mariachi desert, the mining industry is surprisingly underdeveloped in San Castellino, since the government largely favours the oil and agriculture sectors.

BHP Belladon: This is the main mining company in San Castellino. It owns most of the mining exploitations in the Mariachi desert and has specialised for some years in the extraction of lithium.

Airlines :

Bella Aires Air Company: It is the only san castellinos airline company. The airline sector in San Castellino is largely occupied by foreign companies and Bella Aires is therefore the only one which still stands up to the big foreign companies.

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