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Foreign Affairs Incorporated of Cashar

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Foreign Affairs, Inc. of Cashar

Cashar's center for conducting foreign affairs exists in the capital city of Pavat and is known as Foreign Affairs, Inc. of Cashar. It is headed by the Managerial Ambassador General, currently Kajak Safanvo. The Cashari have a variety of opinions on other countries. They generally view tourists and other visitors to their country with fondness, but a good portion of Cashari are not too keen on actual immigration in their country. In addition, there tends to be some protest about whether or not Cashar should provide international aid to needy countries, and the current stance and census seems to be that no, no they should not. Nonetheless, they view those they have trade agreements with positively and will generally do what it takes to keep those trade agreements.

Galahinda - Close Ally
Iverica - Close Ally
San Castellino - Cordial
Fulgistan - Unsympathetic
Orioni - Ally
Esonice - Ally


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Official Channel for the release of statements by the Corporate Embassy of Cashar.

Core Policies

1. Safeguard the economic rights of Cashari citizens abroad.
2. Encourage tourism and safeguard the economic rights of foreign citizens within the borders of Cashar.
2. Promote trade with mutually beneficial or advantageous exchanges.
3. Abstain from advancing or promoting the ideals of communism or socialism.
4. Advance the ideals of capitalism and the free market economy.
5. Engage in diplomatic and economic action before militaristic action in the event of potential hostility.

The Corporate Embassy of Cashar is open to new diplomatic and economic relations if they prove mutually beneficial or advantageous.

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