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[Academy Submission] Swiss Nationalist Speech

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Rolf Henne’s Swiss Nationalism
Rolf Henne has made a great rise to the top of the Nationale Front, being the leading member after his recent ideologies fixing a unification problem of the party. He gives out this speech to the public. “My great people, Switzerland has always been a country of great strength, our ability to always stand together and strong despite our population’s differences and beliefs and throughout any difficult era that has been thrown at us, like the great war for example, it is proof that Swiss people aren’t just Italians or French Or Germans, but infact we are survivors of whatever this world has to throw at us and that unique ability is what brings us together, the ability to stand strong and independent with your fellow man is what defines being Swiss. Our country’s people should be and are proud to be Swiss and it is time that we show the world what it’s like to be Swiss! In the next election, I urge you all to vote for the Nationale Front, vote for unification of our economy, unification of our industries, unification of our army, but most importantly unification of our people. I love you all my fellow Swiss Brethren and if we stand together more united than ever, the future will look brighter than it ever has before for the Swiss people!” The speech brings alot more support to the Nationale front party, bringing the idea of unification and Swiss nationalism into the people’s minds and hearts. Rolf Henne is regarded a true god amongst men for the Swiss and with his help,
Switzerland will become strong!

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