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The Trial of Ten

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The Trial of Ten

Judicial Palace | Moskovo | 27 January 2021 1105AST

Office of the Procurator


J- We here at this Office have decided to trial just these ten currently, the list with other offenders is long and there are several others to trial to ensure this era is placed behind us forever. However there is one person on this list we have yet to locate and I will be speaking to the Director of Intelligence about this person to ensure we find them as soon as possible and to take them in custody as they are and were the second head of the Ivanoff Government. Say his number one so to speak and we need to find then quickly before we lose them forever.

M- We do understand the importance of these trials but as of now due to Act No. 001 we must procced with caution and ensure we do not violate their rights, you may not think they have rights or deserve to have rights but the Constitution grants them rights as human beings even if they've killed so many people. Also remember this Procurator Jackson, when you talk to Director Core remember she was in that era and that Government but we do not know of what extent she was involved so pick your words carefully with her.

J- What are you imply Justice Maan, that she may have committed such acts under that government as well?

M- What I am saying Jackson is that, tread lightly here. The last person to trial a Ivanoff Era criminal was blacklisted due to the information they found out. Whatever you find out let no one know not even myself I do not wish to know anything you find out. When you go to the archives do not use your card key it'll be logged into the system, ask the secretary to be off the logs for an investigation and site your position in the government with this number: 01-33354-0A9. By that number they cannot log you nor petition you or your investigation till you cancel your request. Also do not cancel your request till after you are completely done.

J- What are you meaning by my request Justice Maan?

M- When you site that number your requesting access on behalf of the Office of the Monarchs which you are permitted to do so by your Office as the Procurator of the Kingdom, and when I say do not cancel your request I mean if you are not finished by the time the archive are to close and they ask if you wish to close the request tell them no that you will be back tomorrow at 0800AST.

J- Understood Justice Maan, I will inform your Office when I am ready to continue with the Court Proceedings of the Ten and we will go from there.


As Justice Maan walked out of the Procurators Office Jackson sat there in amazement due to the amount of fear in Justice Maan's eyes when Jackson told him he was going to talk to Core about locating a fugitive of the State. But why was he so fearful of the fact that he mention Core.....Jackson decided to go ahead and call Director Core to issue a Intelligence BOLO on the fugitive.

J- Madam Director, great to hear your voice again!

C- What can I do for Jackson, I assume this is not just a friendly phone call you have a favor to ask of me?

J- Ah straight to the point I see, well okay. I need the help of you and your agency to track down a fugitive for me that on the "List". I assume you know what list I'm rephrasing to ma'am?

C- Naturally yes I do know what list you speak of, I created this list when I was the Secretary General and President, so yes I do know. Which person on the list is lost or out of sight from the Judicial?

J- That would be Deputy and Undersecretary to the First Secretary General, Joseph Wash.

C- Ah yes, Mr. Wash. I've forgotten about him, I will get my agents onto this and I will let you know what we find out. Anything else you need Jackson?

J- No ma'am that would be all thank you.

The phone goes dead after he said no. Jackson thought to himself that if she was involved in anything the archives would know but the archives are under tight CCTV surveillance and the Directorate knows of any and all other cameras that are in there that others do not. If he was going to get any information just for the Trial of ten he needed to get started and whatever else he found out would just have to wait for a later time.


Federal Archives Building

Moskovo | 1140AST


As Jackson walked into the Archives Building he noticed several suited figures at the Secretary Desk already and noticed they were from the Directorate of Intelligence and started to worry that he may be denied access to the archives. He continued to walk to the desk and the group of three men finished their conversation with the secretary and walked out of the building, as they walked passed Jackson they nodded to him and one of the men said; "Good Afternoon Procurator Jackson." Jackson nodded back and continued to walk to the desk:

Welcome to the Federal Archives, are wanting to open a volt of specifics or something else?

J- Ah yes ma'am um I want to open a request under the authority of sequence number 01-33354-0A9.

Okay, do you wish to close this request when the archives closes today at 1800AST?

J- No I will deny the closure till a later date through that sequence number please.

Very well sir, do you know where you are going inside the archives or would you like me to look up the documents and bring them to you?

J- Oh no thank you I know the files I need, I also want to request that the archives be off limits while I occupy the volts per state secrets of course.

Very well sir, the vaults and archives will only be accessed by you while your sequence number remains active. Here is a Government Pass card per your sequence number to access all volts and records. Thank you and if you need anything call extension 00231 and I will ick up.

J- Thank you.

Jackson took the card and grabbed his briefcase and walked into the main volt entrance and turned left to head to the Ivanoff Files section which takes up five row shelves alone which is much compared to the other Eras. However for a short period of time that this era held it still has a lot of documents. As he got to the correct area he opened up the cage and shut the door behind him and set his case on the table and turned to the first shelf to began his search for information to convict the ten........


to be continued.....





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Trial of Ten

Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence HQ


Thank you for calling and letting me know about this, but for the time being he will have total access to all records in that Vault and the other Vaults if need be. All former Party documents that the Communist and Socialist Parties have deemed classified for another twelve years will be released to him during his investigation. If he wishes to leave the vaults with the documents ensure that all proper checkout procedures are followed but do not hinder his investigation and do not inform anyone else of this as well. As of now you will act as if you know nothing understood....good now have a good day.

Core placed the phone on the table after ending the call and turned towards the window in her office walking to it and looking out the window. She had this facial expression, one of satisfaction and relief. Deep down she was glad to know that someone was looking into those files which needed to happen. As the former Secretary General of the Socialist Federation and the Federation plus the Party Secretary of the Socialist and Communist Parties she knew what was in those files. She knew that finally the truth was going to come out and the wurld was going to know what truly went on during the revolution and the time period after that. However what she wasn't ready for was the blame game as why she did not do more stop what was happening during her term. Either way she was satisfied with this result and decided that she was going to aid this investigation as the Director of Intelligence and the National Police Commissioner.

She walked over to her desk and pushed a button that rang out to one of the secretaries down stairs.

Yes Director Core?

Yes I will be stepping out of the office for the rest of the day, I will be going to the Archival Building and I ask that I not be bothered unless the Monarchs, Federal Government or the Red Status is alerted understood?

Yes Director Core understood. The car will be waiting for you out front.

She grabbed her personal and government phone, as well as her briefcase and several other things. Before leaving her office she grabbed some files then shut the door and started walking down the Office Corridor. She walked down the front stair case and the automated doors opened and she got into the car. The driver looked at Core and she nodded and they were off. 

The drive was a short drive, say about three miles down the road and two turns away from the Intelligence Offices. The car stopped she thanked the driver and said she would text when she was ready to leave the archives. She shut the door after grabbing her items and walked up the the stairs into the Archive Building. It was a little after 1200AST so it was shift change for the Archival Guards, the new set were getting into place when they caught eye of the Director and quickly came to attention due to her status as Director, Former President, Secretary General and Military Commander. She waved them to ease and walked in through the doors, she flashed her Identification and walked straight into the Vault. The only good thing about being the Director of Intelligence and Federal Police Commissioner you don't have to do the tedious check in process in some buildings, you have the highest clearance and well everyone is terrified of you at that.

She turned the corner and could see the light on in the Ivanoff Vault, she knocked then entered to a alarmed Jackson:

Jackson, relax I am here to help you in this Investigation. I know what is in all of these files as I help gather them together and place them here during my term. Plus I was the one who allowed you access to these files bet you didn;t realize that. (Core lets out a little laugh as her joking is horrible). Well and plus I have a few things you also might want to read also.

Jesus Director Core, bout gave me a fright I thought you were going to kill me or something!

Really Jackson like really! I get everyone is scared shitless of me but I am the sole reason this trial has gotten this far and I want to ensure it gets through and a verdict is issued. I am tired of these people hiding and blaming me for the things that happened.

Well very well, I could use some help. You mentioned files could I take a read of them real quick if you don't mind?

Yeah here take them read them over I'm sure you'll be astounded at what you read.

Jackson took the three folders and opened the top one and started reading it, first thing he noticed was the cover page and its title:



Document No.093


To: Greggor Ivanoff

From: Socialist Military Commanders of the Revolution

Subject: New Orders from High Command


General Ivanoff,


We have come together as group as comrades and decided that as of midnight tonight we will begin the Operation known as Operation Black as Night. We, as the Command Authority of the Revolutionary Army that you are the Supreme Commander of believe the time has been pushed aside long enough to allow all civilians times to leave the warzone. If the innocent people have not left then as we see it they are sided with the Monarchist and deserve whatever comes to them either that be death, rape or whatever they brought it upon themselves.

As well as to Operation Black as Night we are starting the mass re-reeducating of all POWs and Enemies of the Revolution, they will be sent to Tatani in the prion there to do hard Labour as their "re-education". They will not return as you never return from that area as we all know. At this point we the consensus believe this is the way forward and it will happen even if you or anyone object to this.

Thirdly and lastly, the big push foreword must happen soon if it does not then we are afraid that the Monarchist will gain to much ground and the Revolution will end. To ensure this does not happen we have asked the Secret Police in the ranks to shoot any who try to flee the front lines, a deserter is as good as a monarchist in our eyes.


Signed by the Military High Command of the Revolution:

- Alexander Luka, Colonel of the Militia of Tatani

-Anastasia Victoria Pederson, Captain of the Secret Police Unit #302 Tatani Division

-Alica Lisa Hanson, Sub-Commander of the Secret Police Unit #004 Moskovo Division

-Lukas Nikioloavic Stephans, Lieutenant of the Secret Police Unit #098 Ahran Division

-Alexander Peterson, Action Commanding Officer of the Tata Rifle Infantry Unit

-Viktor Purshenko, General of the Death Squad of Peterburi

-Alexsander Mishia Lukshenko, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Special Policing Authority

-Natasha Alexsandra Henson, Master Sergeant of the Secret Police Unit #004 Moskovo Division

-Stephan Lukas Allum, Captain of the Militia Lockiee Division

-Scott Anker, Commander of the Peoples' Revolutionary Army Special Forces Division

Jackson stopped and closed the file and looked at Core with a questioning look on his face;

Director what is Operation Black as Night and these other things in this document?

That my dear Jackson is why I am feared today and why we try to forget the Revolution. Operation Black as Night is the period the Revolutionaries took a turn for tactics that made me leave the Revolution and aid the Monarchists where I could. The Revolutionary Army started killing children and innocent people. There is a line in there were they mentioned that they didn't care what the soldiers did and they were not going to stop the soldiers in any action they performed from that point forward. It was when I realized that Ivanoff promoted this behavior in order to achieve victory at all costs and he would stop at nothing, because the letter behind the one you just read is him praising their decision and saying he would join in the operation. Honestly Jackson, the things you are about to read into from this point foreword are going to either break you down or just crush your soul as they are terrible things. These people were monsters and I was not able to stop them and at the end of the day they killed almost all of the Royals to which i was supposed to protect and get out of the country alive but failed to do so. When the Revolutionaries talk about how the King was a Socialist , well that was a lie. He was a Labourist but no Socialist, he believed in Workers and rights and stuff like that but they made him out to be something he wasn't. Plus they're the ones who killed him that day, I was there when that rocket fired from the ground and the plane crashed I was there and I was supposed to smuggle the survivors out but not one was alive as the Revolutionaries shot each person point blank if they were found to be slightly alive......They even shot him. I failed His Majesty and the Imperial Throne and the People, I should've done more but I couldn't.

Director, you did what you could that is all that matters. As of now, I think the debt is being paid back in full with what you are doing and what we are going to do at this trial. So lets get to reading and take some notes and lets build this case what do you say?

Very well Jackson, lets get to work.


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