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[IDEA] Partnership of Island Nations?

Partnership of Island Nations?  

  1. 1. Would you like to see the GIN reformed into a trade agreement/trade bloc?

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These are my ideas for the Group of Island Nations, feel free to change, add on, criticise, or completely disavow elements of the idea or all of it!


Recently I’ve been thinking about the Group of Island Nations (GIN) and we could potentially make out of it on Eurth, and have a bigger impact on international affairs and RP as a whole. 

I was thinking about potentially transitioning the GIN into a trade bloc/trade agreement, which would give island nations, especially those smaller ones, in desperate need & poorer ones have some more say in international politics and trade, and also give them some backup when they need help. A much bigger step in helping island nations in the wurld. The new reformed GIN would resemble in some ways the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in real life which is a proposed trade agreement among 12 nations as of currently. 
(Search TPP on Wikipedia to get a clearer insight to some inspirations!)


The proposals I have thought of for the new reformed GIN are also developed from the original contents of the organisation, especially those relating to topics such economic development, trade, natural disasters and ecology. The new proposals that I thought could be added in too to help fellow island nations even more are technological cooperation, cultural exchange, intellectual property protections, funds and minimum standards. Below are the basic ideas of these proposals explained in more detail.


Economic development - 

Improving from discussing economic development and problems in member states, a committee could be created and be funded by fellow island nations that would be able to help members in their economic development to a much greater extent. The Committee would use the funds given by members to use and help those  that are in desperate need, have a big idea that they would need money for, or other causes relating to economic development, urban development etc of that nation. 


Trade - 

Trade could be greatly expanded in the GIN, with fellow island nations enjoying greater access to each other's consumer markets by lowering trade barriers, and reducing tariffs. This would help island nations that are less privileged on the international stage to have a place they would be able to trade their goods to, and not suffer massive tariffs by much more powerful land-based nations. A committee could also be formed to resolve any trade disputes among members if any happen to occur and require attention. 


Minimum standards -

Along with greater trade access, fellow island nations could adhere to minimum standards placed on products to reduce potential health hazards and create a safer environment for all island members. 


Technological cooperation & intellectual property protections -

Fellow island nations could help each other with their innovation and scientific findings with technological cooperation! This could greatly benefit everyone, especially the island nations that are much less well off from. A fund could be created to help exceptional individuals & groups in fellow island nations to help kickstart their ideas and projects that could potentially change the wurld! Intellectual property protections would also be put in place with all fellow island members having to adhere to them, and prevent intellectual theft that could cause unneeded disputes. 


Natural disasters -

Another committee could be created that would be able to help fellow island nations if they call for help because of a recent natural disaster such as tsunamis, earthquakes etc. They would receive funds to rebuild and help the local population of the affected area.  


Ecology/environment -

The environment is an important topic to all of us, especially when it comes to rising sea levels. Therefore it is necessary that we all do our part in improving our environments on our islands such as protecting endangered wildlife, regrowing forests, improving agricultural practices, making better and eco-friendly fishing methods, and try preventing preventable disasters from happening such as flooding. A committee could be formed to help all fellow member islands with their environmental struggles!


Cultural exchange programs and education -

Cultural exchange among fellow island nations could be made greater! With programs such as student exchange programs being put in place, where students from member nations could have easier access going to courses in other fellow members. An educational committee made up of teachers and professionals could also be created that would be able to help fellow member states with improving their educational methods and systems, and giving their children a brighter future!


I wanted to know if everyone would be onboard with the idea of changing the GIN into something more impactful on all of us! And if they would be interested in partaking and making this into a reality!

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