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Map Requests: Metztlitlaca Updates

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'Ello Sir @Orioni.

After the December Prompts and the plans to move Metztlitlaca westward to allow for Oyus' Fearannteth, I have a couple requests for some new Metztlitlaca Cities.


● Movement of Altepetl Tekaken westward to remain near the centre of the country (and still the capital city).
● Adding the city of Azcapoƶinco / Azcapotzinco. Either version works as well as adding "Altepetl"
● Adding the city of Pomodoria City
● Adding Seylosian Kaseka. The city is going to play a semi-major role in the current Metztlitlaca expansion and as such having it's location on the map properly shown will be beneficial.

Hopefully this is not too cumbersome/late. Thank you :). 

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  • Metztlitlaca changed the title to Map Requests: Metztlitlaca Updates

Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos!

I was hoping for a small change to my reserved areas. I know the smallest one is also going to be incorporated into my territory as my nation shifts west to accommodate Fearannteth & Bexshaw. However I was wondering if my two reserves could have their names attached to their territories, as I do plan to use them within posts outside of my expansion thread (here) and to also aid my neighbours in any posts regarding Mesothalassa/Alharu as a whole.

unknown.png  The map isn't super high quality, sorry!


                    Sitallo's National Flag


    Triple Commonwealth's National Flag


Sorry for such a late response considering a map update is about to occur, hopefully this does not bring any unneeded stress!

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    • By Anatea
      I hope this topic is in the right section .-.
      Aaaanyway, here i am again for asking to our beloved and powerful @Orioni if would be possible to add some cities to my nation on Eurth's map and, about the last update, add some NPC nations that i need for the lore of Anatea
      About the map for the city & the NPC nations here you go:

      If you need to read better the names of the cities here you go a detailed map of Anatea where you can read better the names in case of problems About the NPC nations here's the explanation for why they're here:
      Astarlia: this nation was part of Anatea in the Classical & Post-Classical Era, becoming indipendent after a civil war in 1014. From that year on the relations between the two nations were quite hostile, but after some time they began to become more friendly until they signed a defensive pact for themselves, helping each other in any possible way. The relation between them would be similiar to the one between UK and USA. Ex Ruthenian nations (New Ruthenia, Casma, Lybadev and Pyrr): once part of the Federal Republic of Ruthenia (really similiar to Yugoslavia), after the Dalstavian War they become indipendent, changing their type of government after years under a bloody dictatorship. They are an important part of Anatea's lore due to the fact that the ruthenian invasions in the Classical & Post-Classical Era conquered Ruthenia and the Dalstavia region (once part of Anatea in the same Age), also the Dalstavian War is an important part of the history of Anatea because it will begin the subplot of Anatea about who was really behind the entire conflict (hinted in "In the Shadow" chapter) and the beginning of Anatea being a not isolationist nation anymore. Azuria: once part of Anatea in the Classical & Post-Classical Era, it will become indipendent (WIP about why & when) and later on an hostile nation towards Anatea & Astarlia, triggering the defensive pact that the two nations have (WIP about why & when). Before the end of 2021, a war between Anatea & Astarlia VS Azuria will break out, resulting in the invasion of the nation and then in its splitting (showed in the map) and annexation (similiar to what happened to Germany after WW2). Illirea: even this nation was part of Anatea in the Classical & Post-Classical Era, but then it was conquered by Zastov in the 1600s. Later on will become indipendent by Zastov togheter with Yustov and it will be peacefully annexed by Anatea for protection with the upcoming tensions between Anatea and Zastov and for return to be one thing with Anatea. Zastov: a really important nation for the lore of Anatea. It's a far-right nation masked as a democracy. It will be involved in various part of Anatea's lore, beginning with a war in the 1600s which will take Illirea from Anatea, and then it will fight once again Anatea in the "Ruthenian War" in 1860 [Ruthenian War= Zastov, being landlocked, tried to attack and conquer Ruthenia (the weakest nation in the region) for have an outlet to the sea for commercial reasons, but a coalition composed by Anatea, Ruthenia, Astarlia and Erastia will prevent Zastov to reach the sea, protecting Ruthenia and winning the war (similiar to the Crimean War)]. In the modern age it will become a rival of Anatea after the fall of Azuria and there will be some tensions, just to create some interesting rps in the future. Erastia: a kingdom in the southern part of Aurelia. It will be involved in the "Ruthenian War" along with Anatea and will have some peaceful relations with Anatea. Yustov: once part of Zastov, it will become independent and then will be annexed peacefully by Anatea for protection against Zastov. Ostav: an island Union, it will become important in the modern age with the "Clear War" (1923-1925), the first war in which Anatea will use airplanes and will understand the importance of air superiority. This war is important because it's the first war in the South Aurelian region in which no civilians were harmed (because the conflict was fought primarily in the sea, and with the sole use of aircrafts and ships). Nostromm: Not important, just a name that would fit to the nation Taygene: important nation in the lore of Anatea because it had an alliance with it. It will be the main trigger for the "Clear War", without fighting in the war. The end!
      The blueish color on Anatea and in some nations is the maximum extension of Anatea in the future rps, just to warn how much i want to expand Anatea (i will post the expansion ideas in the future and after i contributed to the region of course) and which NPC nations will be involved (probably around 2025/2026 the expansion would be completed :O).
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Orioni
      Wendover Productions explains why cities are located where they are.
      Update: in June 2020 another video talked about where to put cities when worldbuilding. Five aspects to consider are:
      Trade Defense & Strategic Importance Industry Food & Water Religion & Culture  
    • By Heiheguo
      BIG EDIT : The topic's name has been changed from "Climate Map Rework" to "Eurth Map Rework", as this has become a much larger discussion on the map and changes that could be made.
      Hello everyone! I'm Creaturae / Gene, and I was told that it'd be a good idea to bring the conversation of a reworked climate map to the forums. So, here it goes!
      It's fairly obvious that the current climate map + ocean currents of Eurth are lacking when compared to other in-depth projects. Just compare the current climate map of Eurth to that of Earth. It's a fairly large gap in quality (though that is to be expected, as I don't believe anyone here is a professional cartographer nor has a team of scientists to back of the research of the climate map).

      So, what can be done to change this? That's where this forum comes in! I (until Orioni or any of the RP mentors tell me otherwise) will and have started work on a reworked climate map for Eurth. Now obviously, reworking the climate of the entire world can leave some nations in a difficult situation where their nation is suddenly in the middle of the desert or they have a climate akin to that of Siberia or Northern Canada. That's where this forum also comes in handy. If you have any problems with the climate that have been assigned, please let me know immediately so I can find some way around it, realistically or otherwise.
      To give an idea what this new climate map will look like, here is something I worked on before.
      Please note: this map is incorrect in multiple ways and I am in the process of remaking this again. Only use this map as a reference for the climate that you DO NOT want your nation to have. For what each color represents and what type of climate it is, please reference the Köppen climate classification Wikipedia page.
      And again, if you have any questions or general feedback about the climate map, please let me know! I'm not an expert on climates either and am getting all of my information from Artifexian videos and Wikipedia.
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