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Map Requests: Metztlitlaca Updates

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'Ello Sir @Orioni.

After the December Prompts and the plans to move Metztlitlaca westward to allow for Oyus' Fearannteth, I have a couple requests for some new Metztlitlaca Cities.


● Movement of Altepetl Tekaken westward to remain near the centre of the country (and still the capital city).
● Adding the city of Azcapoƶinco / Azcapotzinco. Either version works as well as adding "Altepetl"
● Adding the city of Pomodoria City
● Adding Seylosian Kaseka. The city is going to play a semi-major role in the current Metztlitlaca expansion and as such having it's location on the map properly shown will be beneficial.

Hopefully this is not too cumbersome/late. Thank you :). 

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Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos!

I was hoping for a small change to my reserved areas. I know the smallest one is also going to be incorporated into my territory as my nation shifts west to accommodate Fearannteth & Bexshaw. However I was wondering if my two reserves could have their names attached to their territories, as I do plan to use them within posts outside of my expansion thread (here) and to also aid my neighbours in any posts regarding Mesothalassa/Alharu as a whole.

unknown.png  The map isn't super high quality, sorry!


                    Sitallo's National Flag


    Triple Commonwealth's National Flag


Sorry for such a late response considering a map update is about to occur, hopefully this does not bring any unneeded stress!

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