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The Holy Theocracy of Talthuda

Guest Talthuda

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Guest Talthuda

Hello, I am the Lizards of Truth’s Chosen Representative on this Eurth to lead the Theocracy of Talthuda. My name is James Summers, and I wish to introduce you to Talthuda.

In 1125 Anglish speaking ocean-fairers found our island. When they got there, they saw the Grace of the Lizards of Truth when the Captain went into a one-week rest and when he awoke, wrote our holy book, ”the Godly Words“ in 20 days and nights. From that day on, they would follow Their words to the letter. Our people have since been led by the Church’s handpicked leader, the High Priest, who lead them in the name of the Lizards.

Today we are a thriving nation with a Capitalist Economy at the will of our High Priest James Summers, or me. After a long period of isolation, I and the Lizards wish for us to explore diplomacy in this world. 

More information on what we have to offer in terms of trade for whomever wish it will come soon, but for now, have a good day/evening/night, and Lizards bless.

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