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[ACADEMY SUBMISSION] Happy Revolution Day!

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The smell of fresh food waft through the streets. The loud sound of music rung through the air, and red flags hung high over buildings and homes. The chatter of people filled the air, and so did the soft laughs of children running around in the streets. Today was great day of celebration all across Fravina. Today is Revolution Day!

My favorite day of the whole year. Once a year, all of Fravina celebrates the anniversary of the Revolution. A democratic and socialist revolution which changed and improved Fravina forever. This year, it just so happens that it is the 100th Anniversary, so the government is throwing an even bigger celebration and festival than usual.

Later today, the government will throw its annual fireworks and lights display, followed by a speech from the president. Bernard Beaumont has always been particularly good at rousing spirits across the nation, but it'll be hard for him this year as government scandals have mounted significantly since last year.

But for now, it's still early in the day and the streets are filled with vendors. This is always my favorite part of the day. Some people don't like this part of the celebration and only like the glitz and glamor of the fireworks, but the vendors and filled streets always rise my spirits. It's always nice to see so many people get together for the festival, that, despite our differences as a nation, we can all unite for one day.

The vendors are always selling something good. My favorite has always been the sauce-filled bread. I have zero idea what it is, but the sauce makes the bread infinitely better. Sometimes its sweet, sometimes salty or sour. Each vendor has their own recipe, but it always tastes great. Another favorite are the traditional Fravi noodles. Coming over during colonization, and mixing with Indigenous flavors, the Fravi noodles are stunningly savory. Never eat it with the sauce nread though. They do not mix. Trust me, I've tried it, nearly puked myself to death. Still was a  fun day though - filled with great conversations with strangers, great games, and some fun dancing.

However, sometimes the festivities aren't so fun. Arguments and fights almost always break out in some part of the city, and vendors always end up yelling at each other over space and sales. And hecklers always come out during the president's annual speech. It's been worse recently as the Free National Party, or as I like to call them, facists, has been gaining traction, and as their supporters have begun actively seeking fights with Socialists and Liberals at the festivals.

But what do I care? A festival's a festival, and food's food, and I know some vendors are out there waiting for me. Today's a day for fun and a day to celebrate. I'll avoid those nutjobs and everything will turn out fine, right? Happy Revolution Day folks!

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