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The Oil Crisis

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Republic of San Castellino,
2:02 p.m.


General Di Foxycionni reread his speech one last time. He was sitting in his office. It was a magnificent baroque-inspired Iverican-Colonial-style room at the top of the presidential palace. The architect had skillfully combined the beige stone of San Castellino, marble, exotic woods and gilding to create this huge building over 300 meters long. Di Foxycionni served himself a third glass of rum. His doctor always told him not to abuse the bottle so as not to aggravate his cirrhosis of the liver, but you don't make 40 years of alcoholism disappear with the snap of a finger. Behind his back, the Secretary of State of the National Capitalist Pact La Joie Divine N'Golo, the Minister of Information and Propaganda Carlos Garcia, the Minister of Defense Diego Fraffre and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ismael de la Plata were waiting for him on the balcony.After a dazzling coughing fit, Di Foxycionni painfully got up from his armchair and went out onto the balcony to the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd, itself closely watched by 5,000 soldiers and a good hundred heavy tanks very impressive despite their 30 years of backwardness on the world.  Several tens of thousands of San Castellinos had come to the Plaza de la Libertad, gathered at the foot of the presidential palace to hear the announcement of their Supreme Leader. From the presidential balcony, on the seventh floor, the last one, there was a magnificent view of all of Gazallenoa, from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Gazallenoa to the Ministry of Information and Propaganda, passing by Mount Montemount and Mount Montepecho. Underneath, cameramen were busy filming the famous reporter Elio dom Ursullo of RSC National Chronicle. Despite the noise of the crowd, it was still easy to hear what he was saying - it must be said that the Ministry of Information and Propaganda had ample means to invest in cameras and microphones of excellent quality.

"Our beloved almighty Supreme Leader sounded the informative alarm across the country: a sign that he has a decision of capital importance to communicate to us and to the plebeians, and that it is imperative to turn on your TV set or TFS device if you can't get to Freedom Square. Ah, wait, the President of the Republic, Guardian of Liberty, savior of all San Castellinos, without lying, has just gone out onto the balcony and is about to make his speech. »

Everyone is silent, their eyes united in one direction: the presidential balcony. A deadly silence reigned. It lasted only a moment, but it seemed like years for the general. Usually, he was never nervous: very sure of himself, a bit gruff on the edges. But this was different.He was about to question the Cascadia agreement between San Castellino and @Galahinda signed in 1963.  This agreement stipulated that San Castellino had to sell 95% of all its oil to Galahinda for 8% of the normal selling price. But this real "diktat" was to end for the good of the party and the nation. So he steps forward before the microphone, clears his voice and prays internally that it doesn't end in war, before beginning his speech.

"San Castellinos, San Castellinossa, my dear compatriots. I come to you today not as a politician, a military man or an elite member of society, but simply as an enlightened San Castellinos. You are living in misery today and, as I have told you many times before, it is the fault of the communists and anarchists! They rape your companions, they slaughter your children, and they pollute your lands. BUT! we have finally realized that there is another obstacle to development in San Castellino: the Cascadia Agreement. It is a commercial agreement that we were forced to sign with Galahinda in 1963. It stipulates that Galahinda's oil companies have the right to exploit 95% of all our precious oil against only 8% of the selling price ! This is why I have chosen, after a democratic and republican consultation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to denounce this toxic and dishonest diktat that prevents the San Castellino nation, our nation, your nation, from getting rid of misery, hunger and poverty. As of today, I am announcing that the Republic of San Castellino will only sell 45% of all its oil to @Galahinda , that the selling price of San Castellino oil in Galahinda will now be 32% of the normal selling price of oil, and that the Cascadia agreement is now broken ! »

Everyone listened attentively to the dictator's speech. Everyone, except his Foreign Minister who was yawning in his corner. He had spent the night listening to Di Foxycionni recite his speech in order to correct it, so that the general would not end by insulting Galahinda of " impious imperialist autocracy " and that a war would break out. Then, tired and knowing the speech by heart, he yawned discreetly. But it was absolutely necessary that he not be seen by the general or the secretary of state. If one of them saw him, he would surely receive some kind of sanction and, above all, a blame, which would surely block him from reaching the post of Minister of Information and Propaganda when the post would become vacant. Di Foxycionni concluded the speech.

"... and we hope that this conflict of interest can be resolved peacefully and diplomatically. Viva la República! Viva San Castellino !! Now, applaud and shout for joy or I'll have the crowd shot. »
Then the crowd starts to applaud enthusiastically and ridiculously energetically and the Supreme Leader contemplates it, visibly satisfied.

(OOC: You could summarize his reaction with this lmao: https://media1.tenor.com/images/5a7cb78f00f28932cf30c8a55ae2d42e/tenor.gif?itemid=17248464 )

Di Foxycionni entered the presidential office accompanied by his ministers and the Secretary of State. The crowd continues to applaud for a few more minutes as a precautionary measure and then disperses under the suspicious gaze of the soldiers. Meanwhile, Elio dom Ursullo commented in front of his five cameramen:

"It was a magnificent speech by General Sullivan Di Foxycionni, absolutely magnificent, ladies and gentlemen. His speech was so evident that we hadn't realized it! What he said was so brilliant and... »

And he continued to lick the general's boots for long minutes before returning to the RSC National Chronicle studios.

Now all the San Castellinos were keeping their fingers crossed that this would not degenerate into war. All of them? No.The French-speaking anarchists of San Castellino were rubbing their hands in the shadows of the dark alleys. A war would suit them well: "L'Anarchie triomphera", as they used to say.


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Had the general made his announcement a year ago, there would have been very little chance that the Megas Agios Basileia would really have cared. Certainly, there was the chance that the dictator of @San Castellino's actions would have drawn some attention from Tagmatika – maybe a finger being wagged and the parties concerned preached at about the benefits of turning to green energy, rather than continuing to maul God's creation with burning fossil fuels, but that was about it. If the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had seen fit to really care about the situation, it might have offered to send technicians and experts to help wean both economies away from using burning hydrocarbons. But neither would likely have taken the offer up and some crisis or event, perhaps even the latest utterings of the stylite that had taken to living atop a pillar in Agios Konstantinos' Square, opposite the Imperial Palace Complex, would have distracted Tagmatium.

After all, a spat between a minor New Wurld nation and a former coaling station that had a high opinion of its own relevancy wasn't something that would occupy the thoughts of God's Chosen Nation on Eurth for all that long. There were many, many more important things that would have to be dealt with by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator. The very future of civilisation was at stake, surrounded as it was by hordes of unwashed barbaroi.

But, instead, General Di Foxycionni had decided to throw off the shackles of the unfair treaty imposed upon his fair nation by the devious Galahindoi scant months after those same semi-civilised degenerates had insulted the dignity of the Leader of the Free Wurld, and therefore the entirety of Aroman civilisation. Although that term did imply that there was civilisation without being Aroman, which was a contradiction. Now, Arhomaneia felt that might be a way that it could apply pressure to @Galahinda, or at least try to make the jumped up hedonists look stupid. Really, it was just pettiness on the part of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. Pettiness and a desire to get even for the slight that it had felt had been done.

And to that end, a small group of people stood opposite the doors of a lift in the Grafeion Pittigaudeion, the main office building of the Logothesion ton Barbaron, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The foyer, like the rest of the building, was decorated in a light, airy and minimalist style, unlike the heavy ostentation that tended to feature in much of the architecture of Tagmatium. Pale marble and brushed steel featured heavily, along with understated religious imagery – the occasional cross or ikhthys, as well as the ancient flag of Arhomaneia.

Two of the group stood directly in front of the brushed steel doors, waiting in a frosty silence. They both held the rank of hyperlogothetai in the ministry, although in different departments in it – namely, those of Obscure Barbariki Nations and Barbariki Nations Not Yet Encountered. However, both departments could be construed as having interests in the events in San Castellino and so now both of them were waiting for a lift up to the office of the Megas Logothetes. Behind them, at a respectful distance, stood their chief aides. Neither of them wanted to get caught in the crossfire. The hyperlogothetai did everything but deign to notice the other and when the lift doors pinged open, both stood and made a play of expecting the other to show deference to them.

Instead, the doors started to close again before one of the aides slid forward and put a hand out to stop them closing. This action signified that the silent war was won by one minister and lost by the other, the action of the aide being that of a traitor who undermined their beloved homeland for their own gain. The aide shrivelled under the icy glare of the losing minister and slunk back behind them. The losing minister, Angelina Tzimerkhia, stood aside as the winner, Ioannina Vatatzkhina, stepped forward into the lift. Nothing was said and no expressions changed but there was an aura of smugness around the latter and an even colder one around the former. There was no conversation between the ministers or their minions as the lift rose through the building.

The two ministers were physically quite different, although both wore the dark, sober suit expected of members of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. Tzimerkhia was tall, blonde and athletic whilst Vatatzkhina was short, brunette and chubby. That could have been the basis of their dislike for each other but it was more likely the bureaucracy that dominated Tagmatium. The only ways to rise above the other ministers and become a possible candidate for the Megas Logothetes when they retired was to either outshine the other under-ministers or drag them down. Both avenues were used by both Tzimerkhia and Vatatzkhina, which fuelled the animosity between them. Now, they were both appearing before the Megas Logothetes and it gave little room to obviously make the other look foolish without breaking Arhomaiki social mores.

The lift slid to a halt and the doors pinged open. There was no replay of the scene on the ground floor, as Vatatzkhina strode purposefully out of the lift. Flavios Aristainetos, the Megas Logothetes' chief aide, stood waiting opposite the lift door. He bowed to the two Hyperlogothetai as they exited the lift.

Epifanai,” said the Protoasekretis, using the senatorial title for the ministers. It meant 'illustrious'. “If you can follow me.”

The walk to the Megas Logothetes' corner office was short and it was along corridors identical almost identical to the ground floor of the building. The question on both of the ministers' minds was why the pair of them had been called to a meeting at the same time. It would likely have been easier for them to come at different times and then Eugenios Goulielmos, the Megas Logothetes, would likely digest their proposals and come up with something to put before the Agios Basileos. That they were both together certainly discomfited both of the ministers.

Flavios stopped at the door to the ministerial office and gave a sharp knock. It was opened from within and he stepped back to allow the two junior ministers to go through. The door was wide” enough that they were both able to walk through at the same time, completely disarming any more bickering before it took place. Again, the office was in a minimalist style and had a good view of the skyline of the Tagmatine capital.

In a sharp contrast to the elaborate ritual of coming into the presence of the Aroman Emperor, which was choreographed to display the power of God's Representative on Eurth, meeting with the Foreign Minister was much more informal. A priest did step from the side of the room to perform a blessing and briefly lead them in prayer but that was perfectly normal. Eugenios himself offered them a smile and bid them to sit, after they had bowed before his desk. Once they had sat down, an aide came forward and placed cups of tea at their sides and a plate of biscuits between them.

“Thank you for coming, Epifanai,” Eugenios said, lifting his tea and taking a sip. “I shall get down to business. As you're undoubtedly aware, our nation and the Galahindoi are currently suffering a diplomatic rift that seems to have no hope of healing any time soon.”

The two other ministers nodded at the succinct summation of the recent spat between the island nation and Tagmatium. This was not something they were unfamiliar with. It had made the headlines of all of the major newspapers and caused international comment.

“It seems that, so far, any attempt to put pressure on them has fallen short,” Eugenios continued. “Although I will admit that we've not tried overly hard, other than asking for a public apology After all, the only really notable thing is that none of the rest of their government has distanced themselves from the Proedros' actions. There are also rumours that their apokrisiarios had offered her resignation over the matter, although I am unaware whether it was accepted or not. For the moment, Vyktoria Parker remains their representative to us.”

The loss of Apokrisiaria Parker would be felt in Tagmatika – the veteran diplomat was widely liked in diplomatic and governmental circles in Arhomaneia. The conservative manner of the ambassador was much more in tune with the country she was posted to and Eugenios was dreading any replacement. Amistacia would likely choose the most outrageous one and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would be forced to turn it down, likely sparking a further deterioration in relations.

“Well, they seemed worried enough to seemingly start a military,” said Ioannina with a snort of contempt. Despite their carefully crafted show of not being concerned about the reaction of the Megas Agios Basileia to their pantomime, the Galahindoi were worried enough to take that precaution.

Eugenios sighed and sat back in his chair. “To an extent, this could well have been a failure of diplomacy. We had not paid much attention to Galahindon in recent years. Perhaps the corporate regime was just so needy that they had to do something to gain our attention.”

Again, the question that floated across the minds of the three ministers, as it had those of everyone in the Tagmatine foreign ministry and diplomatic service in the last few months. Could they be that stupid?

Unfortunately, the answer seemed to be in the affirmative.

“But, I suppose, they have our attention again now, for whatever good that is worth,” Goulielmos said, sitting back up in his chair and looking at the two hyperlogothetai. “You will have seen that a small New Wurld nation has torn up a treaty that they had with them. It has been decided that it will be best that Arhomaneia uses that as a way to... needle the Eniaio Synkrotima.”

The last sentence was said in a carefully neutral tone. That would have been enough for Tzimerkhia and Vatatzkhina to guess as to what the Megas Logothetes thought of that policy decision.

Eugenios used his thumb to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose and he looked over towards Angelina. “Tell us about San Castellino, Epifanes.”

“The Republic of San Castellino isn't a country we have ever had much contact with,” said Tzimerkhia. Odd faraway nations were her area, after all. One of her aides stepped forwards and handed both Goulielmos and Vatatzkhina a dossier. She paused as the other two ministers opened them and leafed through. “Currently led by Strategos Sullivan Di Foxycionni, something of a run-of-the-mill strongman and dictator. An oil rich but cash poor nation, which meant that it was of interest to the Galahindoi when they were still little more than a refuelling stop. They signed a deal fifty-odd years ago that handed the old Galahindiki regime a ridiculously advantageous share of the oil. An unequal treaty if there ever was one.”

Eugenios frowned and flipped through the pages of the dossier. There didn't appear to be a mention of any conflict and insofar as he could remember, even then Galahinda didn't have much of a military. “How did they manage that?”

“As far as we can tell, the president of the time, Fidel Estupidel, wasn't bright enough to notice a very shit deal when he saw one.” Angelina shrugged. “He made numerous other questionable decisions. One was nationalising a failing car manufacturer because his wife liked the designs, not to save any jobs. Although there is certainly the possibility of bribery, blackmail or something similar, but either us or the AND have found any evidence of that. I'll also admit that at least we haven't tried all that hard. It hadn't seemed worthwhile until now.”

The Arhomaiki Diktyo Pliroforion was the unified intelligence service of Arhomaneia.

“Are there any guesses as to how Galahindon will react to this?” the Megas Logothetes asked, looking over at Ioannina. “They probably won't like having their deal thrown out of the window.”

“No, they probably won't,” replied Ioannina. “But, at the moment, we can't really see how they might react. Attempting a conflict to take the oilfields from San Castellino would be a damn stupid move and sink their standing even further. At the moment, their only allies are the Seilosioi (@Seylos) and they must be slowly realising they've got the shit end of the deal as well.”

Damn stupid... At the moment, that seemed to be the way the Galahindoi operated – identify the stupidest thing to do and pursue it. But would they be foolish enough to actually start something like that against San Castellino? And, perhaps more importantly for the ongoing strategic and diplomatic operations of Arhomaneia, what would Seiloseia do about it if they did?

“Although, in fairness to Strategos Di Foxycionni, he's still giving the Galahindoi a pretty good deal,” Angelina said whilst choosing a biscuit from the plate between the two Hyperlogothetai. “Much better than they probably have any right to. A harsh reaction will probably provoke something from one of the surrounding powers.”

“One of the New Wurld powers, Salbeia (@Salvia) got their back up over what Amistacia did.” Vatatzkhina was watching which biscuit her rival was selecting. “I imagine that if the Galahindoi decide to act in a heavy-handed manner, they'll try to swoop in to do something about it.”

It was Eugenios' turn to shrug. “His Aroman Majesty, may Christ guide him, has instructed me to issue a statement in support of the Strategos' actions. I think we shall have to wait and see what happens next.”






To: His Excellency, General Sullivan Di Foxycionni, Supreme Leader and President of the Republic of San Castellino

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellency,

It has come to the attention of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that you have taken a bold step to secure the future of your people and your nation. Breaking a long standing treaty is always a great shock to the nations involved, especially one that is so tightly bound to the economies of both of the nations. And more so, considering that it involves oil – despite the fact that the continued burning of fossil fuels is damaging God's Eurth, it remains perhaps one of the most important commodities on the planet. Therefore, the sundering of a treaty of such importance will cause ripples across the planet when it is broken.

But it should be less of a shock in the case of a breaking of an unequal treaty. These are often signed under duress, the threat of arms or otherwise forced upon one of the signatories, as you must undoubtedly be aware. They favour one signatory significantly over another, economically or otherwise. The Cascadia Agreement was certainly appears to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion as an unequal treaty, one that definitely favoured the Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda over the people of your honoured nation.

Therefore, throwing it off such a treaty is not so much a breaking of international law but setting an injury done against your people and your nation right. Indeed, that you are still offering the Galahindans favourable terms demonstrates that your excellency does not seek to upend the wurld's economy – it shows that the path that you are picking is cautious and well measured. If you had taken the decision to totally cast down the treaty and offer the Galahindans the same terms as you offer to other nations, even though you would have been justified in this, they would likely have protested significantly and attempted to bring to bear what might they have against you and your nation. But taking such a conciliatory path as you have shows nuance and a love of peace and stability. The Unified Conglomerate would be foolish to attempt to punish you for taking steps to secure the future of your nation and offering them more than they might otherwise expect.

Due to this, the government and people of Arhomaneia salute the action that you have taken, as it shows you to be a statesman of high calibre, one that values his own nation but also the prosperity of the rest of the wurld. The government and people of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion hope that this is marks the start of San Castellino's participation on the wurld stage and that it continues to be so ably steered.

May God continue to guide you,

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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Republic of San Castellino,
10:53 a.m.


The Supreme Leader was contemplating the capital from his balcony. The downtown area was crowded with old cars from the 50s that were releasing a horrible stench of smoke. In the distance, one could see the "barriadas", huge and colorful slums that stretched over the Montemount and Montepecho mountains, between the oil wells and the car factories. From here, El Presidente could smell the delicious smell of industry and exhaust fumes, which was synonymous with development and economic well-being, and therefore the well-being of the nation. Because, according to the great principles of national capitalism, if the economy is doing well, then the nation is doing well. He smelled the smell of Progress one last time, just for the pleasure of it. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

- "Come in."

Defense Minister Diego Fraffe and his homologue of Foreign Affairs Ismael de la Plata entered the presidential office. Di Foxycionni turned back and pointed to the two chairs in front of his office. The two ministers moved in. Despite their luxurious appearance, the two chairs were quite uncomfortable, which was done on purpose so that the guests would not get comfortable. El Presidente de la República finally broke his silence.

- "Ismael, tell him what you told me."

- "Diego, there is still no answer from the Galahinda. Not a single ambassador, not a letter, not even a few military ships near our territorial waters, nothing. Either they don't care, or they are preparing something, and surely something big."

- "Indeed, I see. I confirm that it is still quite worrying, Ismael. Supreme Leader, have we started to block GalOil from exploiting the 50% less oil wells?"

- "No. I wanted to wait for their answer, but it's getting late. Do you think we should take control of these oil wells, even if it is by force?"

General Fraffe scratches his head to think and answers.

- "The Galahinda probably doesn't take us seriously despite the magnificent and transcendent declaration you made. That is why, even if it is a risky measure, we must take control of these oil wells now. But only the 50% less. We may eventually do more if they still haven't answered in a month, but let's be careful."

- "That's what I was thinking..."

To tell the truth, General Fraffe didn't even know if he had told his true opinion or what the Supreme Leader wanted to hear. But it didn't really matter to him. If El Presidente agreed, then this decision was necessarily the best one. Ismael, for his part, had not commented on the decision but was convinced that they should have waited longer before using force. But that was no longer in his power and that saddened him. El Presidente dismissed them from his office.




Republic of San Castellino,
11:49 p.m.


Aaaah, the presidential banquets of San Castellino. Every Sunday, without exception, all the high-ranking members of the government would gather in the presidential palace to eat, drink, and dance in a relaxed atmosphere among all the guests, which was not so surprising if you knew that they were almost all close friends.
While General Di Foxycionni was swing dancing with General Diego Fraffe on "Ojalá estuviera en Castie" ("I wish I was in Castie", a patriotic San Castellinos song from the New Lyrian War of Independence), hurried steps could be heard in the corridors and Ismael de la Plata appeared in the festival hall.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs, not very sensitive to all these San Castellinos festivities, had preferred to be serious and do his job, "unlike the others". His greatness El Presidente turned to the young man, visibly very angry, and stared at him silently with a hard look. Ismael says finally, visibly excited and holding it with difficulty :

- "Uncle, we have just received a letter from Tagmantium, a major power! Can you imagine?! This means that, for them, we are not only a poor Alharune nation among others! It's unbelievable, isn't it Uncle? They care about us!!!"

General Di Foxycionni looks at him silently, before he says:

- "And you seriously come to disturb a presidential banquet just for that? You come to disturb ME just for that? Are you f*cking kidding me?!"

He blows for a moment to calm down, so that he doesn't strike Ismael, and continues.

- "I want you in my office tomorrow at 10 a.m. to answer the letter. Now get your ass out of here."

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To: The Logothesion ton Barbaron, Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules

From: The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Castellino



The President of the Republic, as a wise and prudent man, has indeed thought a lot about the impact his decision could generate. General Di Foxycionni was very hesitant to make this decision - afraid of provoking an excessive reaction from the Galahindians - but, as he likes to say, great responsibilities come with great decisions. That is why, after careful consideration, our Supreme Leader has decided to repair the prejudice to the honor of our nation that the Cascadia Agreement is.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the party and the President of the Republic deeply thank the Tagmatine government for its support, evidence that the Empire of Tagmatium knows how to recognize right causes.

Thanks to the authorization of the Supreme Leader and the party, we can assure that a prudent return of the Republic of San Castellino to the international diplomatic scene in a near future is being seriously considered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With such good perspectives, we present you our most distinguished greetings,

the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs

of the

Republic of San Castellino

with the support of the

National-Capitalist Pact

and of the

general, Supreme Leader and President of the Republic of San Castellino


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To: the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of @Salvia
From: the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Castellino

Distinguished greetings,

Salvia has probably heard about the disagreement between the glorious Republic of San Castellino and @Galahinda. Our glorious President of the Republic has recently reviewed the Cascadia Accord and, with the agreement of the glorious party and the glorious Supreme Leader, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - being informed of your interest in San Castellinos oil - has taken the initiative to propose the following contract to you:

- The Republic of San Castellino engages to extract 30% of its oil and to sell the 30% only to the Salvia.
- Salvia undertakes to buy the 30% for a price equal to 85% of the market price. 
- The present contract can only be ended or modified with the agreement of both parties.

Hoping that this contract will be acceptable to you, we once again send you our best regards,

the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs

of the

Republic of San Castellino

with the support of the

National-Capitalist Pact

and of the

general, Supreme Leader and President of the Republic of San Castellino

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Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Deopolis, the Tapinus Remporu dox Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

Recipient: Republic of San Castellino, Ministry of Foreign Affairs




I wish to express my gratitude that the Republic of San Castellino wishes to pursue Salvia as a future business partner. This deal shall perhaps be the first of many to come, one which benefits both of our nations and allows further economic growth and opportunity. 

I would also like to show my support for the Republic of San Castellino in its endeavor of throwing off the imperialistic influences of Galahinda. While not like the colonial powers of old, they still wielded influence over the people of San Castellino when they should not. The government of Salvia stands besides your people in pushing back Galahindan influence from the region. The rewriting of the Cascadia Accords to more favor the Republic of San Castellino is one step in the right direction.

Regarding the contract, the government of Salvia has decided it will accept the proposed deal. Salvia’s Ministry of Finances and Trade will see about ironing out the specifics of the contract with your respective government body. I hope that this is the beginning of a prosperous relationship.


May God bless you and your people,

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Alvon Russo

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Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Castellino

To : Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of @Salvia


The Republic of San Castellino is very pleased to be able to count Salvia among its trading partners. With the authorization of the National Capitalist Pact, we can assure you that this is just the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between our two great nations.

The Republic of San Castellino and the President of the Republic are also very grateful for your support to our cause.

We will immediately put our Ministry of Economy in contact with your Ministry of Finance and Trade so that they can, as you yourself have written, settle the details related to the contract.


May God continue to guide you,

the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs

of the

Republic of San Castellino

with the support of the

National-Capitalist Pact

and of the

general, Supreme Leader and President of the Republic of San Castellino

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