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The Republic of Total Liberal

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Greetings Europeans.


Let me introduce this country and apologise, in advance, for all the quite possible english errors, as it isn't our mother tongue.


The Republic of Total Liberal is inspired by thinkers from the English and, probably even more, by the Scotish Enlightment. Mainly David Hume.


That is to say, in the very first place, that we defend above all a strict separation between the Public and the Private spheres. This is not to say that we see Capitalism as our ideology. In fact we do not have an ideology. The social society has trends, wills and different levels of confidence, so, it has the freedom to move wherever it wishes.


Freedom doesn't mean equality. It doen't mean fairness or justice. Means freedom. An individual from Total Liberal is given by the State all the negative freedoms. This is to say the freedom not to be forced to do anything against his/hers beliefs and wills. This freedom cannot however be used in a way that limits the freedom of others. An individual may have any religion he/she wishes or not to have one at all. An individual has the freedom not to work (although he/she can't expect any subvention from the State). An individual has the freedom to choose any social, sexual, religious, cultural orientation.


Our State defends the principle of the non-start of agression, the respect for contracts and of private property as long as it is honestly acquired, inhearited, developed or produced.


The international cooperation is a very dear value to us. That's indeed why we choose Europe. We believe in the difference and in the right to be different. And there is no best place to raise a country like ours.


Thank you very much for your attention, I will soon add more of our (not new in fact) thought and about what are our wishes for our country.


Warmest regards

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Wellcome to Europa cool.gif


Your concepts are very interesting...! salute.gif


Although quite differ from our view, but not too much differ.

Basically in Kingdom of Koku, we care for wealth and happiness of the people.

Political freedom and human rights are regard differently by the Leaders of various Nations. However, as long as we are open minded, future discussions would be exciting! Looking forward to your ideas... laugh.gif


Be prosper in Europa!

Koku, the king and the elephant-sitter. biggrin.gif

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Greetings dear Orioni, thank you so much for your kind words. I understand that from my presentation people could think that I (and Hume) are rather difficult persons. smile.gif Not indeed. Only I?m not at the level that can explain his ideals in the proper way.


Anyway, in a brief resume, our aim is to have the greatest number possible of happy individuals. And with the greatest happiness possible. However we don?t believe that the State should provide this happiness but only the means to achieve it. By insuring, for example, that there is no discrimination of any kind. But not only this of course.


As for Hume, I believe he really isn?t that difficult. The English Enlightment is far less rigid than the French one, for example, in which they defended the abolition of religion. A good example for the English one is the thoughts on trade from David Ricardo that you brilliantly explain in your ECA introduction about the absolute and relative advantages.


To finish, of course I am also a critic of the Liberalism. It is not our Bible.


Enough boring metaphysics. Let?s move on.


Koku, thank you for your greetings. I?m sure our nations will have the better relations.


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Greetings to Total Liberal from me, King Phil V.


Although our ideals may be differentm, i hope we can learn to live together and forge a good frindship in these troubled times.


On behalf o my nation, may i present you with my nations traditional welcoming present, a Pie baked by my own hands, today, Chicken and mushroom

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Thank you all for your kind welcome messages.

Chicken and mushroom is a perfect combo. In fact i'm quite starving right now. The sun won't be a problem here as it is clear skies with 15?C here in Lisbon, Portugal. It's not German the primary tongue (unfortunately not even the fifth or sixth).


I'm looking forward to grow between you, i've liked, in general, the structure of the ECA, and i'm applying right now to join in some RP years, as soon as i've got the propper dimension and your permission to join. But those are conversations for somewhere else.


Warmest Regards


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