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[Factbooks] Sullivan Di Foxycionni, leader of San Castellino

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(Attention : this post will be probably completed in the future.)


Name : Sullivan Di Foxycionni

Title: General, President of the Republic and Supreme Leader of San Castellino.

Country: The Republic of San Castellino

Capital: Gazallenoa, the capital of San Castellino.

History: Sullivan Di Foxycionni was born on February 05, 1963 in Gazallenoa. He is the son of the famous politician and military Juan Di Foxycionni. Sullivan had a religious education until he was ten years old. From then on, he was raised by his father according to party principles. At the beginning of the 1990s, he was appointed Secretary of State of the National Capitalist Pact thanks to his loyalty to the party and a few bills slipped into the pockets of the main party members. In 1996, he was appointed President of the Republic for the first time.

Important events: his accession to the post of Secretary of State of the National-Capitalist Pact, his seven consecutive elections and the French-speaking revolt of spring 2014.

Quotes: "Power is to say that two and two make five, and that people believe you."
"The Republic of San Castellino is an example of democracy where justice and human rights take on their true meaning. Now, applaud and shout for joy or I'll have the crowd shot."
"Ah ah, you're a funny kid! Wanna go to the guillotine?"
"Felippe, I know where you're hiding! Come here so I can kill you, you anarchist motherf#cker!"

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