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oop its history of MRAAIIR time

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31.10.1946 - Mraii raids on Yugoslav Forts

"Into the forts boys!"

100s of men march into the fort at Grgurović Sea, they grab all they can find, kill all they can kill. Some might call it an atrcoity, a war crime, perhaps, but to us, is a great birth of our great nation.

Our boys in purple & black seize the fort, starting the Great Halloween Revolution, and marching swiftly through Serbia and only 2 months later to Dalmatia, where the few Yugoslavs that were left surrenderred.

Of course, hopes of liberty will inevitably continue, but shall always be stopped, by the great MRAAIIR Caplitalist Fascist Monarchist Islam Party (MCFMIP) (yes, we were a democracy {yes, that is disgusting}), where our great Sultan Đoko Brkić rose to power in 1.1.1947, a great new years gift to the Mraiis, and the greatest Sultan that MRAAIIR will ever see.

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