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Khalji Academy Second Post

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Well I'm writing this post with some geographic details of my nation. I'm going to base it off of the world map here on Eurth and if possible I'd like my nation to actually be located in the place I described when I'm eligible so just don't claim it for anything else please..

Khalji is located a little south of Fulgistan next to Ghaznian Sea (currently unnamed on the map). The northern region is a burning hot desert while in the south a lush rainforest flourishes. It is across these two regions that most of the political, cultural, and economic divides occur.

The north is heavily Arab influenced. 100% of the region is Muslim according to official government stats. While foreign observers say that number is likely exaggerated, it's still a heavily dominated Muslim region.

The south is different. The south is split between Muslims, Hindus, and Christians. While the government acknowledges the existence of such groups they say their influence is minimal. Here outside observers beg to differ. Estimations put Muslims at 35%-45%, Hindus at 40%-50%, and Christians at 5%-15%. However, due to Khalji being an Islamic rooted government, other religious groups are prohibited.

Due to religious tensions between various groups in the south, the heavily authoritarian police state has ignored practicing of Hinduism in private so long as it doesn't infiltrate public society. However, the government is very aware of the faith of various citizens and it can impact career and welfare benefits.

Politically, the Sultanate of Khalji is an absolute monarchy with little tolerance for dissent. Everyone is expected to be patriotic. Recently news of foreign made films being banned in the country and the killings of actors and producers who left to other countries have been noted in all press outlets outside the borders of Khalji.

However, something the Sultanate is quite proud of is it's income equality. It's the ninth most equal in the world and is in the top 5%. This talking point is frequently discussed in Khaljian media, ignoring the fact that the average income is fairly low compared to other nations. Effectively, indicating the entire nation is poor together.

Despite it's relative poverty Khaljian's live fairly well. A big bureaucratic state looks after them. Crime is virtually non-existent due to preemptive detentions and the killing of anyone who would disturb public order. The country is very safe and with heavy government and religious intervention, the excesses of smoking and alcohol are prohibited and frowned upon. Delicious kebabs are encouraged instead.

Culturally, the north dominates as well. The government publishes propaganda pieces showcasing the virtues of Islam and how His Majesty Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed led the country to peace and prosperity. Every morning in schools kids stand up and give a pledge of allegiance to the Sultan.

I pledge allegiance
To the man
His Majesty Sultan Zakaria
And to the Palace
For which it stands
One nation
Under Allah
With liberty
And justice
For all

It is important to say the words "with Liberty and Justice for all" unironically for any laughter during reciting these pledges could get you thrown in jail. Often kids will notice other students disappearing after joking about the pledge and learn to keep their mouth shut.

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