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Request : San Castellino

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Name of the country : San Castellino

Flag: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/769238897547804763/795944555022909460/drapeau_Republique_de_San_Castellino_-_NationStates.png

Capital name: Gazallenoa

Capital location: By the sea, ideally towards the south of the country and far from the borders.

Culture: Mainly Iverican (therefore Spanish), a little French (this varies according to cities and regions) and very slightly Mayan.

Climate: Tropical or equatorial for the seaside, desert for the interior of the country (ideally between 50 and 60% of the territory is desert).

Factbooks : https://www.nationstates.net/nation=san_castellino/detail=factbook

Location : Ideally, I would like this place :


History: (Attention : this history will maybe change in the futur !)

The place was for a long time part of the Mayan civilization (I don't remember the equivalent), even though the different kingdoms of San Castellino were politically independent. Between 1500 and 1550, San Castellino was colonised by Ivérica. This was the beginning of the colonial era. In 1791, the San Castellinos obtained their independence and the Kingdom of San Castellinos was created. However, the kingdom was invaded by the French around 1830, which led to the death of the royal family and the great names of the nobility, as well as the flight of the nobles still alive in Ivérica and Eulycea. In 1848, San Castellino gained its independence for a second time and the Republic of San Castellino-Ferdinades was created. This collapsed following a nationalist coup d'état in 1936, followed by a terrible civil war for the next three years. The nationalists won and the Republic of San Castellino was created. Since then, the regime is still in place, but anger grows as high-ranking officials partied.

(Normally, I forgot nothing.)

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Have you been able to take a look at the Balance Sheet?

It'll help with ironing out your final stats for your nation, such as GDP, size and population, as well as giving the Cartography team a bit of a hand when it comes to settling the size of your nation.

I'd imagine that, from how you've described your nation in the past, you'd have less points in GDP and more in population and/or area.

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@San Castellino A couple of comments.

1. Area

The 4 area points get you an area of between 310,000-350,000 km2. I will try and match this as best as possible with the area you drew.

2. Landscape

Meanwhile, I did have a look at the factbook you linked to. It mentions:

"The Republic of San Castellino is a large archipelago made up of ten or so islands of varying size (ranging from 24,005 km2 with San Castellino Island, to 4.8 km2 with San-Miguel Island). Its climate is Mediterranean, even mountainous in the center of the large islands." (Source)

Since the map you drew above  includes mostly continental area in South-Allharu, I presume you changed your mind about the islands.

3. Climate

In your request you also mentioned this climate:

"Climate: Tropical or equatorial for the seaside, desert for the interior of the country (ideally between 50 and 60% of the territory is desert)."

This area is indeed tropical in the south and desert in the north. Do also keep in mind the high mountains. These will create 2 clearly distinct areas in your country and will also complicate transportation between north and south.


All of this information is available to everyone via the maps page: https://www.europans.com/map/

If you have no further objections to the above nuances, I will go ahead and add you in the next map update.

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I will answer point by point.

1. Area

Thank you !

2. Landscape

Yes, indeed. The archipelago model was not satisfying me. So I changed my mind and forgot to change the factbook.

Edit : I changed the factbook. So, normally, I fixed the non sense.

3. Climate

Yes, I did it on purpose. I really want to give the impression that the mountain range somehow separates the country in two between the South and the North: a kind of giant version of the reality of most of the country's cities. You could compare this to Brazil with the Amazonian forest.


I have no objection. Thanks Orioni !

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