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[Factbooks] RSC National Chronicle

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The RSC National Chronicle


The RSC (= República de San Castellino) National Chronicle is the official newspaper of the government and the only one authorized in San Castellino. Like all authorized media in the country, it is totally controlled by the Ministry of Information and Propaganda of San Castellino.

Name (in chronological order) :
- The Patriot (1936 - 1945)
- RSC National Chronicle (1945 - still current)

Media: Paper journal, digital journal (above the digital version), and TV journal.

Political tendencies: The political tendencies of the newspaper correspond to that of the government, therefore deeply nationalist, conservative, anti-communist, francophobic and rather anti-European.

Truthfulness of the information: It always tries to present the information in a way that values the government, even if it means distorting reality or even telling pure lies.

Popularity: Today, although almost all San Castellinos still read the RSC National Chronicle, most consider it a very unreliable newspaper.

History: The Patriot (the newspaper's former name) was created in 1936 by the national-capitalist Diego Baila shortly after the coup d'etat and the beginning of the revolution. His strong nationalism and dedication to government led to the newspaper's purchase in March 1940 by the newly created Ministry of Information and Propaganda. The newspaper, already popular in the army, was extended to civilians. In 1945, after much criticism from the monarchist-leaning newspaper Le Lys Blanc (now The Unchained Exile), The Patriot became the only newspaper authorized in San Castellino. Soon after, it became the official government newspaper and was renamed the RSC National Chronicle to give it more legitimacy. Beginning in the 1980s, the increasingly crude propaganda and the many lies pointed out by clandestine newspapers meant that the RSC National Chronicle lost almost all credibility in the eyes of the San Castellinos, even though they were not allowed to say so.

Edited by San Castellino (see edit history)
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