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[Factbooks] RSC National Chronicle

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The RSC National Chronicle


The RSC (= República de San Castellino) National Chronicle is the official newspaper of the government and the only one authorized in San Castellino. Like all authorized media in the country, it is totally controlled by the Ministry of Information and Propaganda of San Castellino.

Name (in chronological order) :
- The Patriot (1936 - 1945)
- RSC National Chronicle (1945 - still current)

Media: Paper journal, digital journal (above the digital version), and TV journal.

Political tendencies: The political tendencies of the newspaper correspond to that of the government, therefore deeply nationalist, conservative, anti-communist, francophobic and rather anti-European.

Truthfulness of the information: It always tries to present the information in a way that values the government, even if it means distorting reality or even telling pure lies.

Popularity: Today, although almost all San Castellinos still read the RSC National Chronicle, most consider it a very unreliable newspaper.

History: The Patriot (the newspaper's former name) was created in 1936 by the national-capitalist Diego Baila shortly after the coup d'etat and the beginning of the revolution. His strong nationalism and dedication to government led to the newspaper's purchase in March 1940 by the newly created Ministry of Information and Propaganda. The newspaper, already popular in the army, was extended to civilians. In 1945, after much criticism from the monarchist-leaning newspaper Le Lys Blanc (now The Unchained Exile), The Patriot became the only newspaper authorized in San Castellino. Soon after, it became the official government newspaper and was renamed the RSC National Chronicle to give it more legitimacy. Beginning in the 1980s, the increasingly crude propaganda and the many lies pointed out by clandestine newspapers meant that the RSC National Chronicle lost almost all credibility in the eyes of the San Castellinos, even though they were not allowed to say so.

Edited by San Castellino (see edit history)
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    • By San Castellino
      San Castellino,
      Hotel Juenèz - seat of the Council of the Republic,
      March 1, 1878,
      11 h 49
      Manuel Velledito, the Prime Minister, storms into the office of the President of the Council.
      "Presidente, we have a problem. "
      The President of the Council Ninio Picion - a small, thin man with a constantly despaired expression - stands up from his chair. His stunted physique contrasted with the slender, shapely appearance of the Prime Minister. The latter, visibly extremely worried, was pacing the office.
      - It's terrible, Presidente. Terrible! "
      - What's going on? I beg you, speak! "
      - "We just received this from the Neo-Lyrian anarchist party. "
      Velledito holds out a letter to the President of the Council. It is addressed to the San Castellinos government in general, proclaims the independence of New Lyria as well as the establishment of a provisional New Lyrian government. Picion almost fainted when he read it. The poor man had been overworked since the beginning of his mandate. The country had been in crisis ever since it gained independence from Lysia and annexed the colony of New Lyria. Picion had to deal with the demands of the socialists, the ambitions of the monteplutillas - the private army of general Monteplutos - and the tensions with the New Lyrians. And the latter now wanted their independence!
      - "President, we're not going to let them have it, are we? "
      Picion had propped himself up on his desk so as not to fall to the floor and was thinking intensely. From the beginning, he had been strongly criticized by his opponents, and even by the Christian Democrats, his brothers, for his decisions, which were always considered too weak. The President of the Council had always wanted to play the card of appeasement and moderation. But this time, Picion had decided to really take things in hand. From now on, he wanted to prove to those b#stards that he was a strong man, and the Neo-Lyrian revolution was the perfect opportunity. So, as if suddenly won by an unsatiable energy, he stood up and said in a firm tone.
      - Repress them. Send the army and have all the independentists arrested. "
      - But, Presidente, that will be difficult. The majority of the army is still disloyal to us, under the control of the socialists. And they are not likely to want to help us. "
      - "Sweet Jesus! "
      Picion sat down in his chair but immediately stood up, obviously having found a solution.
      - "Send a telegraph to General Monteplutos, I want it in my office as soon as possible. We don't have an army anymore, so we might as well get one. "
      "Even if it means making a pact with the devil," he added in his mind. Velledito, although surprised, approved the decision with a nod and left the office.

      A few hours later, a fat and coarse man with as much military distinction as arrogance entered the office.  General Monteplutos, because it was him, sits down heavily on a chair, in front of Picion. Then he takes a cigar from the mahogany box placed on the desk like if it belonged to him and starts to smoke.
      - "Monteplutos, what an hon-"
      Monteplutos cuts Picion off.
      - "General Monteplutos. "
      - "Yes, my apologies, General Monteplutos. It is truly an honor to receive you, General Monteplutos. I have humbly asked you to come O great General Monteplutos in order to amiably ask you if your so great person-"
      Monteplutos interrupts the President of the Council a second time.
      - "Come to the facts. "
      - "Yes, of course, General Monteplutos. How about making a deal? "
      - "What do you mean? "
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      The general nods.
      - "So here's the deal. You'll have to take care of suppressing the neo-lyrian independence fighters with your monteplutillas. In exchange, I promise you a place in Parliament. "
      - "More. I want more. "
      Picion looks down, both sheepish and intimidated by the general. Still, he raises his head after a brief moment and proposes.
      - "A seat on the Council of the Republic and state-supplied equipment for the monteplutillas. "
      - "It sould be enough, for the moment. "
      - "Perfect! I'll let you take your departure from me then. "
      Monteplutos crushed his cigar in the middle of the President of the Council's desk, got up and left the office. Picion took a deep breath and began to pray inwardly to God that this so-called revolution would be nothing more than a passing rebellion.
    • By San Castellino
      The RSC National Chronicle (or "Republica de San Castellino National Chronicle" of its full name) is the official newspaper (both print and television) of the government and the party. It is also the only authorized media in San Castellino. It is of nationalist tendency, deeply Catholic, anti-communist, anti-anarchist, quite francophobic and slightly anti-European. The newspaper, which is a widely used propaganda tool, is often untrustworthy and gives a very subjective opinion.
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