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Khalji Academy First Post

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(Well here’s my first post. We’re pretty totalitarian.)


Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed (the first Sultan of the Sultanate of Khalji) stood over his citizens with pride. It was National Day, January 3rd, which not by coincidence was also his birthday.

On this day all transportation in and out of the country was prohibited because citizens wishing to party in other countries were considered unpatriotic citizens and this traitors to the Sultan. The natural punishment for anyone who insulted his Majesty was lifetime imprisonment or decapitation depending on the Sultan’s mood.

This year it would probably just be lifetime imprisonment since the Sultan was in a good mood and felt that he should be benevolent this year.

Since alcohol, smoking and all other substances were prohibited. The way that citizens celebrated was by watching their local football (soccer) teams play each other. The stadiums and teams were run by the government and thus admission on National Day was free.

This year His Majesty Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed’s favorite team, Alauddin, had been doing quite well and he sat down cheerfully as he watched them begin their match against Umar.

The whistle blew and the game began. As many football games go there was no scoring for much of the beginning of the game. In fact, by half time it was still 0-0. But in the second half things began to get interesting. Alauddin scored two goals quite close to each other and so the score was 2-0.

Very happy His Majesty Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed cheered loudly along with all his fellow citizens who knew that when the Sultan cheered then you cheered too.

With about fifteen minutes on the clock and Alauddin still up 2-1, his Majesty got up to use the restroom. Overall, his Majesty had a very good National Day. After he finished his business he returned to the stadium with two minutes left on the clock.

Then when his eyes saw the score anger filled his heart. His team was tied 2-2. He looked down as saw the captain of Umar named Ibrahim bin Karim score another goal. Now Alauddin was down 2-3.

The game ended and His Majesty was filled with rage. He called his Viziers and instructed them to arrest Ibrahim and have him beheaded publicly. He also resolved to undo his orders that unpatriotic citizens be mercifully imprisoned for life. Now they would all face the death penalty.

It was his birthday and yet so many people especially that awful Ibrahim bin Karim had conspired to make him unhappy. Now he would show them what happened when they acted like traitors.

As the dawn began to set His Majesty Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed watched and a number of traitors were lined up and shot. He smiled happy that justice was served. Then Ibrahim bin Karim and his entire family were brought out. “Have the family killed in front of Ibrahim and let him grieve before his beheading,” the Sultan announced. Satisfied with his decree he turned around and marched out leaving a trembling man and his family awaiting a just death for betraying his country.

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