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Serenissima Dissolved

Senator Gaius

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San Marco Times


Following a setback in the campaign against the Sons of Brabant, and calls for autonomy in West Brabant, Gaius Reman Valiani, (29) has formally dissolved the Serenissima, suspended all elections, and disbanded the Companion Council. He claims this is in the best interests of the citizens of Burgundy-Brabant, as is the banning of freedom of the press.

He does maintain that democracy remains in the country, as he is an 'elected leader'. Critics argue (quietly) that the San Marco parlamento elections of last month were to elect him to a temporary position. The question however, is academic. He is in charge.


Long live the Dictator!

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To all Allied governments and trading partners of Burgundy-Brabant

From Gaius Reman Valiani, Dictator of Burgundy-Brabant


My friends, no doubt you have heard of my actions today. The 'Republic' of Burgundy-Brabant has been a sham for many years, i am just removing the rubbish from our nation, a process that will naturally continue with the wiping out of the Imperialist scum in the mountains.

I can assure my allies, especially Tagmatium, that this will not effect Burgundy-Brabant's committment to the Allied forces in any way, it is business as usual. And to anyone who might accuse me of being no better than the Imperialists i fight, i maintain i am an elected official of Burgundy-Brabant. At any time the people no longer wish to follow me, i will step down.

I hope to continue our relationships.



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To: Gaius Reman Valiani, Dictator of Burgundy-Brabant

From: Commodus James, High Chancellor and Acting Emperor


We are thankful that your actions of removing the last vestiges of the old, worn systems and replacing them with a new and dynamic one will not affect the presence of your legions in the Holy Empire. Their presence helps to calm the areas they are in, and they have proved their worth several times in engagements with the traitors.

We know that the people of a country can't always be trusted to do the best for themselves, as shown in the rebellions. Taking power into your own hands and removing democracy means that you can do the best for your public, all time. If a few dissenters disappear so that their views won't upset the rest of the people, what harm is that? The removal of a free press means that the people won't hear any thing that will distress them, what harm is that?

Power to the people through a heavy-handed dictatorship!

Long may you rule.


Commodus James

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King Phil V commends Gaius Reman Valiani on his open mindedness of the situation. Many other men would have given in to pressure and forced a vote in parlement. We congratulate you on the developments in your country, and wish you many long and prosporous years in leadership of your nation.



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Amnalos wishes to express sorrow at the abject failure of democracy in Burgundy-Brabant and the unfortunate events that have forced Senator Valiani to accept the sole leadership of the country. We rejoice, however, that the new leader of Burgundy-Brabant is strong and may well rule for another five decades or more.

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