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[ACADEMY SUBMISSION] The Unchained Exile : New scandals and executions

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Scandal, once again.

Last Monday late at night, a raid in a brothel in Gazallenoa was carried out by the police force. All those present were arrested but, strangely enough, were released several hours later. Your favorite clandestine newspaper, quickly brought up to date on this case, then investigated on its side to be able to bring you the light on this affair.
According to our contacts (whose names we will not mention in order to preserve their anonymity and therefore their safety), Commander Carlos Carlos and several police lieutenants received a large amount of cash, which amounted to a total of between 21,000 and 35,000 pesetas, one hour after the arrest. Other contacts tell us that several important political figures were also present in the brothel during the raid, such as Father Antonio - Bishop of Gazallenoa and Minister of Religious Affairs - and Felippe Domano, Mayor of Gazallenoa.
This explains why you will never hear about this case in the RSC National Chronicle, the "only true voice in San Castellino". There are political personalities involved, not very clean stories of corruption, probably also a bit of pedophilia. In short, a lot of things that the government will try to hide under the carpet, but that, as always, we will make sure that the San Castellinos know the truth.

New executions of revolutionaries

Last night, at 2pm, the execution of the anarchists Julio and Dania Fracesco took place, as well as the famous pro-monarchist writer and poet Bastian de Nuchte. The charges, published in the RSC National Chronicle in increasing order of seriousness, are the encouragement of corruption, encouragement of immoral conduct, encouragement of prostitution, corruption, immoral conduct, prostitution, encouragement of blasphemy, blasphemy, attempt to spread communism, anarchy and dictatorship in the nation, attempt to undermine national security, attempt to undermine the government and attempt to undermine the nation. We ourselves have investigated this matter and we can affirm that all these charges are false, untrue and only intended to propagate the people's hate towards these people.
So let us all together commemorate these three revolutionaries who fought for freedom and justice. The government may have cut off three heads, but three thousand will grow back: San Castellino will be freed, we promise you.

The entire team of The Unchained Exile.

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