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Ten Thousand Turn up for Spontaneous Pride Demonstration



A crowd in front of the stage where Night of Firsts was set to preform live.


Over ten thousand party-goers gathered in the historic Terrace Plaza for an impromptu concert by the indie band Night of Firsts. Crowds flooded the plaza garbed in white outfits and carrying flags and signs depicting the 1943 Terrace Plaza Riots. This spontaneous and unplanned demonstration was news to both city administration and local residents who suddenly found their streets flooded with activists. By 13:45 the crowd had grown to over an estimated one thousand people and festivities were in full swing. The original call to action appeared to be a headed by both the Night of Firsts Nu-Board page along with the popular "cyberactivist" Bnd3. Both parties pinning a similar post on their boards.

The Nu-Board post by Bnd3 approximately 3 hours before the festival's start at 13:34.


The festivities included speeches from well known community activists such as Gauthier Thibault, Ilonna Rigal, and the aforementioned Bnd3 as well as a surprise appearance by famed actress and LGBT advocate Nadia Devereux. Poetry reading along sharing personal stories was also highlighted during the festival with members of the LGBT community, many of whom were young Theacans, coming to share their stories of adversity and triumph in the recent years. Many of the interviewed attendees stated they were called to the Terrace Plaza in remembrance of the events that occurred in the Terrace Plaza Riots and to celebrate the progress in LGBT rights.

By 23:40 the strange pop-up festival had died down and the last of the party-goers dispersed. The last forty minutes were dedicated to cleaning up the mess left behind by the earlier celebratory actions. When interviewed one attendee said "(they) were sticking around to make sure everything was cleaned up. We want to make sure this is a positive experience for everyone, including the people who live here." Residents in the area have confirmed that the gathering was peaceful and that after the festival volunteers had finished with tidying up one might never even know that a massive party had concluded mere minutes ago.

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New Telescope Promises a Stunning View


The final segment of the first RNT Project telescopes.

The final segment of the first ELT in the Roku National Telescope Project has been completed. After two months of delays to ensure proper calibration in the system the final component was produced and is scheduled to be fitted into the the completed ELT as of January of 2021. The Roku National Telescope Project, abbreviated RNTP, has long been a promise of the government to create a new telescope that would not only give scientists across the wurld a much bigger and clearer picture than ever thought possible but also provide eager Theacean stargazers and astronomers the chance to observe planetary bodies in detail that has never before been seen. With the completion of the fist telescope: Roku I, on the horizon production for Roku II is scheduled to begin in mid April. Roku I is the first of a chain of six telescopes that will compose the entire RNTP. Once all six are functional they can be used simultaneously to take a picture of unparalleled resolution.

With the new year just around the corner and Roku I ready for its final tests before operation the wurld's eyes fall upon Theaca to see what the first images that the Roku I produces will display and what new insights such a tool can give humanity. Alceste Camille, chief director of the RNTP, had this to say on the project: "The project is unfolding smoothly and within four weeks the final piece should be installed and the telescope will be operational. The RNTP has already chosen the stellar coordinates of the first image captures based on promising radiation reading captured by other space agencies around the wurld. We are proud that everyone could come together for such a large project and we hope to show the wurld what Theaca can offer."

The Roku I telescope is currently one of the most advanced telescopes in the wurld with a stuffing 2.5 meter diameter adaptive optical unit and over 6000 actuators to help get the clearest image possible. The final segment (pictured right) ins one of nearly 800 identical 40 meter segments that make up the entire array of the Roku I telescope. With a total cost of 1.6 billion sceats, the Roku I is also one of the most expensive pieces of modern technology. From the sensitive optical instruments to the large amounts of computers dedicated to image process. Even the floor of the facility has been designed, no pun intended, from the ground up. The foundation has been built specifically to be earthquake resistant due to the sensitivity of the equipment within the telescope's interior. With both the extreme cost and amount of technology invested into a single telescope the RNTP has taken great care to ensure each part is delivered in the safest and most efficient manner possible as even the slightest error in transport could have devastating effects for the equipment.

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Luxury Flying and What It's Really Like

LINK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This Article is part of a paid promotion.

The discovery of flight has fulfilled one of humankind's most ancient dreams: to soar amongst the clouds. Through careful innovation and an eye for detail Blue Orchid Airlines has brought the premium in luxury flights to the forefront of the market. Blue Orchid offers one of a kind luxury and speed for the most discerning of customers. The Blue Orchid fleet is comprised of ZH-23 supersonic passenger planes that make the often too long and too cramped travel on traditional planes a thing of the past. Each Blue Orchid plane has been thoroughly detailed for the most luxurious experience possible with no expense spared to ensure an experience that is unmatched by any other airline service available.

Blue Orchid was founded in 1954 by noted businesswoman and billionaire Sandra Deniau. She saw the advancements in military technology in the field of aeronautics and wanted to take the cutting edge technology and apply it to the growing field of commercial flight. In 1965 she completed the first porotype of the ZH-20, the wurld's leading and first supersonic jet made for passenger flight. Over the decades Blue Orchid grew and Sandra Deniau knew that the market was evolving. While other airlines focused on cheaply made planes that crammed as many possible passengers inside and charged the customer for every conceivable extra dime Sandra Deniau envisioned something different. She saw a state of the art luxury airline service that provided unparalleled speed, efficiency, and most of all comfort to all its valued members. Blue Orchid doubled down on its super sonic jet research and created the incredible ZH-23, the fastest and most luxurious supersonic passenger plane in production

The premium service is the most affordable option for getting from one part of the globe to another. With the supersonic capabilities of the ZH-23 Blue Orchid can take members anywhere in the wurld in a fraction of the time. Traditional airplane services are compact and can fit upwards of 360 people inside. However, Blue Orchid promises that no more than 40 passengers will be flown at any one time, allowing others to enjoy the freedom and space that comes with a reduced load. The premium service ZH-23s feature a comfortable seats with large amounts of leg room, built in seat heaters and massagers, as well as the ability to recline. The premium service also includes an in-flight snack prepared by gourmet chefs and an in-flight accessible bar for relaxation of members.


The executive service is the best way to travel in complete privacy with Blue Orchid. Each of member will be given their own private room and the ability to enjoy the flight in peace and comfort. Each room comes equipped with entertainment services, a bed, a desk, charging ports, a table, and a rotating massage chair that offers a full 360 degree range of freedom. The executive service, during mealtimes, also offers a full menu with a range of specially prepared options for the discerning pallet. The executive service is a the choice of businesspeople and celebrities all over the wurld as the only way to travel in today's busy times.


The royal service is available as a charter option for members who truly wish to fly the way of the future. With a completely private plane featuring a full lounge, an entertainment system, fully stocked and complementary bar, a private bedroom, showers, and a full 3 course meal, catered to your specific tastes; The royal service is truly the option for anyone who desires to have the finest flying experiance. The royal service will be available to charter anywhere on the globe that a member could desire. No matter the distance or the location the royal service can be there at any time! The royal service prides itself on a policy of "members first" and Blue Orchid guarantees full satisfaction with the service and no questions asked.



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Blomsuke Festival Soars in Attendance




The Blomsuke Festival is a venerable celebration of Theacan culture and how far the country has come. It originally began sometime in the year of 2305 BCE. The event was recorded after a particularly harsh winter when a young empress saw the poor condition her people were in and opened the imperial reserves to save her people from starvation. The people rejoiced at the sudden influx of food and the festival was held in the subsequent years as an act of good faith and kindness during the harsh winter months. While harsh winters and low amounts of food are a thing of the past the festival has persisted throughout the years and the different iterations of Theacan society. It is frequently considered to be the largest and most culturally significant festival in all of Theaca and has since spread from only Eynam to the rest of the country and even other countries that have populations of Theacans.

This week long festival traditionally consists of consuming large amounts of food, offering friendship to your neighbors, small handcrafted gifts, and dancing. In more recent years the festival has also spawned a day devoted to Theacean independent films and music as small scale concerts and film festivals are set up. Surprisingly larger bands, movies, and performers only take part as spectators or judges. For larger creators and those with international acclaim it is seen as a faux pas and as a day to let more unknown artists and talented individuals to have the stage. Each year the submissions for films to be screened and art pieces to be displayed has a certain theme to tie it all together. This year the theme was "The Young Getting Older." The number of both films and art pieces by groups and independent creators has risen by nearly three times as Theacans, young and old, express how their lives have changed in recent years and how they feel the progression of time.

The largest of the festivities was held in the old palace courtyard. Dozens of tents, displays, and stages were set up for performances, art displays, carnival games and distractions, and the wurld class food. Nearly 3.81 million people have visited the palace and Eynam this years, smashing the previous record held in 2008. The festival was also notably graced by the Empress herself. During the third night of the festivities the young Empress Adela made a public appearance and speech regarding the state of Theaca. It was short, sweet, and completely unannounced, leaving most news teams covering the event to scramble in an attempt to catch a picture of her or her speech. According to eyewitness statements the Empress was seen in the company of a strapping young man, although no news on what their identity was has been uncovered.

This year did mark a rather interesting departure from the norm: A massive amount of tourists have been reported to attended the Blomsuke Festival this year. The people of Theaca have been all to happy to invite others to share the festivities and experience the culture. The tourism brought in by visitors to Theaca has not only helped the local businesses grow from the festival but has also hopefully highlighted Theacan culture on the wurld stage and helped our neighbors get to know us as a nation. Documentary film crews were also reportedly seen taking footage of the festivities but as of yet there has been no further developments on the film crew or their exact purpose.






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The Lost Tomb of Empress Nonaka Found







Yesterday archeologists delivered shocking news: The lost tomb of Empress Nonaka has been found. After an exhaustive three decade search the temple was found carved into the mountainside and overgrown by dense foliage. Dr. Ariane Landry, the head archeologist of the expedition, has released a statement regarding the discovery of this near mythical tomb: "This discovery could change everything we know about who Empress Nonaka really was! Despite the growth on the surface of the tomb we are certain that the lower levels are still sealed and left intact." Full interview here.

The top layer of the tomb consists of a grand courtyard flanked by all sides with large watchtowers. Ancient burial posts just from the ground at steady intervals, marking areas for trusted servants who died before their empress or agreed to be sacrificed to make the journey into the afterlife with her. Other areas served as repositories for goods and treasures, sealed inside great clay urns and remained remarkably preserved. One of the most notable finds was one urn filled with coins estimated to be around 30,000,000 in total value, adjusted for today's inflation.

Empress Nonaka was a rather divisive empress, ruling from 731 to 785 CE, totaling 54 years. The empress ruled during the terrible period of the Keton Wars, a time when dozens of different heirs of the previous empress fought over the country. Empress Nonaka was know to be exceptionally blood in trying to enforce order back in Theaca. Certain historical accounts have recorded that the empress put over ten thousand Theacans to death and committed massive purges until the people rose up against her in her own palace. After a short battle and supposedly mortal wound Empress Nonaka fled with her treasure into the countryside, leaving the palace guard in a state of confusion and loss. However the confusion was put to rest when the soon-to-be Empress Lene invaded Eynam with her army and restored order. While it is unknown how long Empress Nonaka survived after the battle the archeologists have confirmed that loyalists stayed to ensure the proper rites were observed when burying the Empress.

The archeologists have kept the lower levels sealed in order to preserve the likely untouched areas until the teams are ready to catalogue what is found within. Further activity is expected to occur around February 2021 with the first teams opening the deeper recesses of the tomb in March 2021. This discovery promises to not only light a fire in the archeological community but also to shed light on one of Theaca's most mysterious and infamous empresses. After careful study archeologists and historians will finally be able to settle the debate on if the accounts of the Empress's life were accurate and if The so-called "Bloodiest Empress" truly deserved that title.



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New Art Exhibit Shocks wurld



The unveiling of a new art exhibit at the Aadny Art Museum has shocked onlookers with a new plethora of new statues. The statues, created by the transhumanist artist Svalfi Ludr, displayed a remarkable fusion between well known sculptures of antiquity and futuristic elements, blending the two into a unique mixture. The sculptures were unveiled at 10 am UTC and by noon they had achieved international fame as the hashtag #cyberResnisance and #MachineLife trended on social media sites. Mr. Ludr was gracious enough to, on exceptionally short notice, grant the TBN new crew a chance to interview him regarding his work. The full interview can be found here.

 The main purpose of these sculptures in Mr. Ludr's "Renaissance of the Machine" collection was to take well known studies and pieces of human anatomy and to reimagine them in a futuristic lens. The aim of the exhibit is to challenge the perceptions of humankind and to ask the question "what does it mean to be truly human?" While the statues contain the purity of form and an exceptionally life-like appearance they also feature clear joints, vents, mechanism, and the like that mark them clearly as mechanical in nature; begging the viewer to ask whether it is form, function, or something ephemeral that makes a human being different from others. In later interviews Mr. Ludr has made it clear that he envisions a future where all of humanity would be like his sculptures: "...augmented, statuesque, and perfect in form. A future where hardship and disease are no longer blights, a future where the pursuit of aesthetics, art, and knowledge have risen above everything else." His goals are certainly lofty, however, Mr. Ludr words have caught on with many of the nation's citizens and the echo his calls for a cybernetic life. Time will tell whether such a thing is possible and how Theaca might look that far into the future.


Photographs of two art pieces.

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