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(RP ACADEMY POST) Politics: Interesting Times

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“Good morning everyone I trust you have all slept well.” A thin man with half moon glasses stood atop a small podium and addressed a room. All over the oval shaped room politicians shuffled through their papers to the current legislation. The man adjusted his tie and then continued, “Now then the matter of proposition 243. I do believe that we are ready to discuss it a little further, no?”  A few people in the room coughed or checked their watches, it was clear not many of them wanted to continue a discussion that had been ongoing for nearly three days, especially this early in the morning.

Cyrille gently tapped Representative Calvet and pressed a small mug of tea into the drowsy woman’s hands, receiving a grateful not in return. Cyrille’s job as a political aid had so far been a rather dull affair. It was not like the political dramas that swept the web: full of intrigue, passionate speeches, and dramatic victories of legislation. Instead, it was mostly remembering to compile Representative Calvet’s notes, bring her tea, and listen to her complains. In all honesty though Cyrille enjoyed the job and Sara Calvet was a kind and understanding boss. The two got along well enough and in the moments of respite between the recent hearings Ms. Calvet had quite a sense of humor although the most recent hours had taken a toll on them both.

Cyrille snapped out of her musing when she realized the room that had been full of shuffling papers and soft whispers had now gone completely silent. The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the room before being swiftly joined by two more sets. The gathered representatives stared at the queen as she entered. The queen was young, almost painfully so. Her mother had passed recently and instead the young woman was left to rule in her place. The queen’s thick blonde hair was pinned into a messy bun with two hairpins. Murmurs filled the room and Cyrille soon saw why as the queen passed by: She was dressed in a rather tight sheathe dress whose blue fabric seemed almost painfully colorful against the blacks and greys of the gathered representative’s formal wear.

“My queen, what a pleasant surprise. To what do we owe the honor.” The man at the podium had stepped out from behind the metal object and now stood between the queen and stand. His face and tone were friendly enough, but his interdiction sent a clear enough message. The two people that accompanied the queen stared down at the smaller man. They were the royal guard, infamously protective and held no loyalty to the state or anyone besides the royal family.

“I’m simply going to take my seat. It is about time the monarchy rejoined these discussions. Will that be a problem, Representative Raoult?” The queen nodded towards an elevated seat that stood slightly to left of the podium. It was an expensive mahogany throne with plush cushions and a small desk for paperwork.  The rest of the representatives waited silently, watching the moment and the clash of will. Raoult glanced between the royal guards, the queen, and then to the blank faces of his peers before stepping aside.

“My my, now this will be interesting.” Representative Calvet murmured with an amused look. Cyrille turned to her with a confused expression, not entirely sure what was so humorous about the interaction. “The monarchy hasn’t been involved for quite some time,” Representative Calvet continued patiently, “It appears our new queen has decided to change that. I, for one, am hoping that means no more early sessions and I will actually get to sleep for once. Either way these will be interesting times.” Cyrille chuckled softly in response to the representative’s joke. Her declaration of ‘interesting times’ echoed slightly in the back of Cyrille’s mind as the room settled and discussions once again resumed.

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