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RP ACADEMY NEWS POST: Theacan Broadcasting Network: Ten Thousand Turn up for Historic Pride

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Ten Thousand Turn up for Historic Pride Parade





Over ten thousand party-goers gathered in the historic Terrace Plaza for an impromptu concert by the indie band Night of Firsts. Crowds flooded the plaza garbed in white outfits and carrying flags and signs depicting the 1943 Terrace Plaza Riots. This spontaneous and unplanned demonstrate was news to both city administration and local residents who suddenly found their streets flooded with activists. By 13:45 the crowd had grown to over an estimated one thousand people and festivities were in full swing. The original call to action appeared to be a headed by both the Night of Firsts Nu-Board page along with the popular "cyberactivist" Bnd3. Both parties pinning a similar post on their boards.

The Nu-Board post by Bnd3 approximately 3 hours before the festival's start at 13:34.

The festivities included speeches from well known community activists such as Brent Kylon, Tiffany Drake, and the aforementioned Bnd3 as well as a surprise appearance by famed actress and LGBT advocate Edda Atkins. Poetry reading along sharing personal stories was also highlighted during the festival with members of the LGBT community, many of whom were young Theacans, coming to share their stories of adversity and triumph in the recent years. Many of the interviewed attendees stated they were called to the Terrace Plaza in remembrance of the events that occurred in the Terrace Plaza Riots and to celebrate the progress in LGBT rights.

By 23:40 the strange pop-up festival had died down and the last of the party-goers dispersed. The last forty minutes were dedicated to cleaning up the mess left behind by the earlier celebratory actions. When interviewed one attendee said "(they) were sticking around to make sure everything was cleaned up. We want to make sure this is a positive experience for everyone, including the people who live here." Residents in the area have confirmed that the gathering was peaceful and that after the festival volunteers had finished with tidying up one might never even know that a massive party had concluded mere minutes ago.

A crowd in front of the stage where Night of Firsts was set to preform live.

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